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Peace of mind sachin matode 2016-10-29

In the world of fast data and rapid installation and uninstalling apps .we are prone to malware and lots of on net threats so it is an application we can rely on .I personally believe that we can trust on jio than any third party non indian security

Need some more security options. Ajit Pathak 2016-09-25

Well jio security is a simple user friendly app to use and to secure your phone but i think as a antivirus jio security and its users deserve some more option in phone security perspective, also some graphic development will make app look good.

Great app come with great responsibility Humbert Dkhar 2016-10-31

It really helps to identify the risky app and medium risky app which also keeps my fone intact and the more better the greater it becomes popular.thankyou would look forward when updating the app it wil help more better

Good parm shukla 2016-09-25

I also used k7 mobile security but now I try different like Jio security who associate d with Norton and I use Norton in my PC and his performance is very good so I decide to try jiosecurity

Basically it is norton Anand.h. lokapur 2016-09-22

It is nothing but norton antivirus partnered with Jio. And norton is one of the best antivirus which Jio is providing for free. So protecting my phone from malware ...way to go JIO

Clean Layout sadiqe ahmed 2016-09-19

The app has a nice layout and other features are cool. If you are looking for an app which can also lock your other apps for privacy ,this is not what you are looking for.

Not able to share/receive data using any data sharing app sujeet vishwakarma 2016-10-13

Not able to connect to other devices using any data sharing apps (like share it), The apps (share it) have been added in trusted apps in jio security but still no success.

Gr8 app Atul Kumar Singh 2016-09-21

Norton powered awesome app. Just app scanner in play store is little intrusive. Every time I scroll up from apps review section it starts scanning same app again n again.

Useful Ajay Singh 2016-09-22

The position point of this app is that this app shows which app is harmful for phone and why it us harmful. Thats the reason this app is still installed in my phone...

Nice and need improve sundar raj 2016-10-18

All is fine. And we the mobile theft security with full safety and also need to scan all phone files apps full and neetly. Thank you Jio

Amazing security 2016-10-20

It is west for use and secure also any device my devices is safe when I install this app so it is important for me you and everyone.

Mukesh chavda Mukesh Chavda 2016-10-11

A good app secure all app and good and fast optimization viruses and totally phone app security is good I Happy to use a Jio security

Grv77 Gaurav Silan 2016-10-14

Really doing working app i must say. Its tells u about the risk factor of the app before downloafing. Which is good. Keep going jio

Working fine... BUT... dharmaveer kothapalli 2016-09-10

Working fine... BUT... Auto Scan is running very frequently. Observed 4 times a day... Original setup is to run scan on weekly

I like it sagar singh 2016-09-23

I like this app because it works perfect and scan well.So I rate this app and also tell download and secure your cell phones

Been using it for a few hours only piyush Sharma 2016-11-03

And this showed me a list of all high security risk apps.. I uninstalled some and reduced granted accesses of a few.

Its good through Legulus Oukenshield 2016-10-24

Dunno much 'bout it, but i guess it works pretty well 'coz i've found no neex of 360 security when having this...

Its very nice appp Vatsal Malik 2016-10-19

I would hv given it 5 stars but i found that sometimes its some featutes in anti theft does not work properly....

Nice one Dhiraj Kumar 2016-10-25

All the features r good .. introduce something that can reduce the battery consumption and can cool the screen..

S AMIT BEHERA 2016-10-13

It shows high ,medium risk apps and easy to uninstall but without doing uninstall can we clean virus from apps

Awesome aditya kumar 2016-09-20

Great Security by this you can manage easily who's risky and who's safe app for you at Play Store..

Hey developer I'm facing one minor error Akhilesh Gupta 2016-10-20

After click skip sign in button return json sucess : failure error : access forbidden. Otherwise app good

Very Nice Malware/virus ditector and Remover Ashik Patel 2016-10-23

Really like this app. This app can protect your phone full on. 24*7 it's working on background. Thnx jio

GOOD APP TO HAVE Clash With Sreenu 2016-10-14

A real time protection presented to us in the simplest form.. Like it hoping to see further imporvements

Great security with Jio sponsored Norton! Utkarsh Sharma 2016-10-21

But, the services of Jio fall very low as speed of internet is very slow. Please do something for this.

Good app Ankush Kulashri 2016-09-26

This is good app, have many advantages over other security apps. But it's only limited to Jio users.

Excellent Rahul Tiwari 2016-11-01

Runs smoothly...and has a simple UI...liked it...though it needs some more features like app lock.

Good Security Ritesh Kumar Soni 2016-10-22

Nice app for android devices. Make safe and secure the device. Associated with Norton AntiVirus.

Need more options S Dinesh 2016-10-17

App Update option, custom scan option, Browser extension are not available. Kindly try to enable

Good one Cullen Dude 2016-09-25

Working good , but live Update stuck at 75 and thn error, resolve it i am using LYF Flame 1


my brother IBRAR AHMAD recomonded so i install this app ..this app is fabulous. .thanks bhai

Nice app Satyam Sinha 2016-09-23

Antivirus is great,provides all the protective features required in today's antivirus app.

Good Sumit Patel 2016-10-26

As a new player in IT industry Jio hit very good, keep it up to improve performance...

Act as alarming bell Sandeep Pandey 2016-09-21

It informs regularly about the status of an app...I.e whether it is dangerous or safe

Jio security Pradip Pillai 2016-10-10

It is good but it declared Kindle had medium risk also app takes more time to install

I LIKE sharad sharma 2016-10-27

this is very useful security apps ....thanks jio team but do not speedly reinstall .

Good App Ravi Saini 2016-10-12

Good way of scanning Apps. Different App from other security apps. Great job by Jio

Very good security application for mobile sunil gopi 2016-10-26

Quality of this app is low power consumption, after scanned results are believable

Good scanning system for apps rudra sonkusare 2016-10-16

I used it just a while and it told me which apps are essentials very usefull !!

Nice Avinash Kumar 2016-09-21

Hlo everyone it's app is so nice & simpal to use ... In our android fone .

like an apl teacher jagath kumar 2016-09-25

detects whether the app is ok or good and autoworking app.....


For security that's a great app. If you want to use this app then no problem

Smartest jio 2016-09-19

Jio is the comfortable for my Samsung galaxy j7. It is amazing security app.

Security Prashant Puri 2016-10-22

It's an awesome app by using this app we can secure our all important data.

Nice security app Akash Yadav 2016-11-02

Contains Anti theft service which always please to the High cost phones..

Very good applications shanu shukla 2016-10-30

No need other antivirus app it's helpful for protect and safe your mobile

All is well Bikash Jaiswal 2016-10-12

This app is good for any android mobile .it's scanning measure are true.

Good a paul 2016-09-23

It is good for me and functioning properly for the day with all threads

Superb Pranit Tawsalkar 2016-10-30

Nice Security. Superb scanning and Best function available for users...

Excellent Harish S N 2016-10-13

Very... nice.. security app.. created by.. jio.. hats off. ... jio team

Dependable.. Kaito Sema 2016-10-18

So far this app is quiet alright.. no need to surf for another app...

Good app Swarnav Nandy 2016-10-28

Did not test the limits of the app. But liked the feels & looks.

Powerful Akash Gopalakrishnan 2016-10-15

Working good beyond expectation!!! Good work and kudos to the team..

Not sacn mobile files and mobile software bugs Rumit Patel 2016-10-13

It has to scan our software bugs and also remove bugs and viruses...

Great Jose Jacob 2016-09-22

Does the work perfectly.Bit strict on certain apps.but gud security

Like it.. karan s' duddi 2016-09-22

Through some minor changes it will be the greatest security app...

Work well Pritam Lodh 2016-10-30

App is working fine,inapp scanning is the best feature of this app

Best security Mukesh Ree 2016-10-18

Awesome this app is very good I like it best app and best security

Jio security Nudurupati V L Narasimha Murthy 2016-10-12

Found good, because giving detailed information & suggestions

Good 2016-09-11

A good security app but some bugs must be fixed for 5star rating

Doing well sanjiv bhanot 2016-09-23

Jio security is doing well and that is the best of its category.

Best security app 2016-09-22

Its is easy to use .. And best security function are there in it

Mainak Talukdar 2016-09-10

It tells the right thing and as always Norton has done it again

Good apps but suck netwrk Reedom Chak 2016-10-23

Jio change da whole telcom bt he suck da netwrk ....its to slow

Avarage Nawab Ali 2016-09-19

I dont feel it is working or sometime my phone hangs

SUPER Subash Chandra 2016-10-15

Activity and network saver by removing high usage applications

Scurity 2016-10-12

It having a wonderful idea that you scan app before install it

Jio vimal jha 2016-10-27

बहुत अच्छा काम करती है।

Nice vardan vats 2016-10-26

May be it will not be expensive after promotional offer ends.

Best security app Chandan Kumar 2016-10-24

It's really good aap remove all defected files and malwares.


amazing work by jio team. u put all other brands to rest ..

Awesome .... 2016-10-23

Thanx jio for giving ur best while protecting our cell phs.

Like it Ashok Adarsh 2016-10-11

This Jio app is so easy to use and secure thanks for Jio...

Useful Tony Stark 2016-10-25

It's very helpful and useful information about your phone.

super and good app Sudheer kadla 2016-10-23

I like this app because super use and super fast antivirus

Its perfact app for security bt one point disappoint me. shripal desai 2016-10-14

App adviser for google play doesn't run in my redmi note 3

Jio security Ritik Bagora 2016-10-19

Really protect my phone in heavy virus and malware issues

Like Laxmidhar Jena 2016-10-19

Its not allowing me to use pattern lock in my home screen

Aman Kumar 2016-10-18

Can you make delete malware without uninstalling the app.

Very good app Ujjini Bellary 2016-10-16

It find out malware immediately and neutralize. Good app

Useful Selva Balaji 2016-10-13

This app really protect my phone....... best security app

Totally secure Sarfraz Alam 2016-10-12

I like it's going to be the first time buyers and sellers

Rajkishor Shah 2016-09-20

liked it but I would like to experience and performance.

pritam singh 2016-10-14

Its so simple and safe aall our mobile data and security

Aman Malpani 2016-10-23

Its really interesting. It's good for security reasons.

It's very useful app Akhil singh 2016-10-13

All in one it scan every time when I started the mobile

suprb Rupesh Kumar 2016-10-12

nice functions are in this app ...nd wrking suprbly ...

Good Vijay Kumawat 2016-09-12

Working proper ..clean every time junk files virus etc


It is a very good antivirus compared to another device

Jeo security rajesh prasad 2016-09-21

Better than other Antiviruses available in the market.

Anil Kundra 2016-10-22

Really helpful in running device smooth. Great help

Good app 2016-10-19

"it is good app ,fast and easy to this app,i like it".

Nice app Mukesh Kumar 2016-09-11

I like it. It's very useful to kip our personal data.

Good antivirus & anti-theft software 2016-09-22

It's one of the good application available out there.

Very Good Sanjiv Kumar Balyan 2016-09-21

I start to use now so i have no experience about this

Good varun r 2016-11-03

Turn on auto start to allow this app to work properly

Prince prince Urs Abhi 2016-10-18

warm gratitude to jio team for creating such nice app

Impressive features Mehul Sinha 2016-09-21

But unfortunately only jio sim user can use this app

Nyc app Sushil Sky 2016-09-22

Awsm in this there's lots of protection 4 us....Thnx

Shashank mishra shashank mishra 2016-11-01

Its better security app campare other security apps.

Best free security app Balaram Dutta 2016-10-20

It is best free security app available on play store

Liked it Pramod Kumar 2016-09-24

It is a useful & good app. for mobile security.

Nice app 2016-09-25

A lovely choice for the security of your smartphone

dayashankar ojha 2016-09-20

A very good and essential app for mobile security.

Nice 2016-10-31

This is very nice app and useful app for every one

preetha ambuj 2016-10-30

Very nice & believe able soft. Thanks for jio

Himanshu Tivari 2016-10-30

Nice app Jio services are more than awesome

Suresh Dubey 2016-10-25

Jio security is good heathy apps for all mobiles.

Gautam Sharma 2016-10-17

So far so good, please don't monopolize the apps.

Nice App.. but need Junk cleaner Shyam Dethe 2016-09-19

App lock or Junk cleaner option not available...

It's Awesome but 2016-09-22

It shows all the app at risk even updated my jio

Good work Munna Sonar 2016-11-01

Mere hisab se jio sim ke liye ye app perfect hai

vinod arjun 2016-10-25

Very good performance. Gives better information.

Very good apps PARDEEP SAGAR 2016-11-01

It is so good it is deduct all defacted file...

Total freedom yogesh kavishwar 2016-10-29

Can delete data online after phone got theft...

Bodhisatta Mukherjee 2016-10-28

Jio security is very useful and safe, I like it

Syedayub Syed 2016-09-24

Awesome excellent speed thanks my Jio digital.

Secure saket kr 2016-10-31

Nice app. Works on back and doesn't slow phone

Balakrishnaiah Peta 2016-10-22

Iam using this app it's very good.thank u jio.

Good Vic Jha 2016-10-27

It good till now. Will update more after use.

Best 2016-10-24

I like this app it helps me to secure my apps

Nice security app Mukul Pal 2016-10-18

Good antivirus and ready to protect my mobile

Pradiptha Halder 2016-10-12

OK but fully copied of Norton Mobile security

Use lots of battery Sunil Dhiman 2016-09-20

Battery down very fast if I use jio security

its secured your mobile Vishwajeet Kumar 2016-09-23

it realy works and keep safe our smart phone

Nice 2016-11-02

Bahut achha hai ye apps for mobile security.


Solid security apps ..i love this app.thanks

Good Jaajvel E.P 2016-10-28

Good but need's to cut down on notifications

Very useful app. 2016-10-24

Very useful and good app in mobile security.

Good but.. Rohit Khandelwal 2016-10-18

It has still the attitude of apps eating RAM

Good app joel desmond 2016-10-12

Gives me a good review of all applications.

Super app Kapu Manjunatha 2016-10-11

This one is very fast app security very nice

Good to use 2016-10-10

I downloaded all jio apps it is working well

Excellent Aditya Mishra 2016-09-10

Good but still not much security is there..

Woonderful 2016-10-29

I m like.. It is very simple and useful aap

Good Manish Kumar Singh 2016-10-28

Only problem is it show asphalt 8 high risk

Good Nand Kishore Nag 2016-10-13

The app's performance is quite satisfactory

Good SIVA DURGAPRASAD 2016-10-11

It secures always our mobile like a friend.

Amit kumar 2016-09-21

Good but not so much need more improvement

Great Arun k Bhati 2016-09-22

I am using this app. Grt app for security.

fabulous app Mani Dhiman 2016-10-30

its very nice appp & working very good

Good Amartya A. Ghosh 2016-10-28

Sometimes it doesn't trusts the app i like


Nice app ....essential for mobile security

Amazing Akbar Basha 2016-10-18

It's very useful hat's off to ambani group

Easy to use rajesh Gupt 2016-10-13

Software provide by Norton so trust in it.

Very useful Abhijeet Shukla 2016-09-23

U can protect ur data and device easily..

An effective n vigilant service RAJU CHARANIYA 2016-10-28

Found good as used with jio preview offer

Suraj nanda suraj nanda 2016-10-15

This apps are very helpful I am so happy

Good app 2016-10-10

New application so needs more improvement

Nice aap 2017-01-11

Jio security aap is a very nice and super

luvd it. mani kanta 2016-09-10

best security but it can b more useful..

sampath ganesh 2016-09-20

It very useful app and it is good to use

It's jio Gajendra Sharma 2016-09-21

Awesome highly protect online malicious.

It is awesome Nayaz Mohammed 2016-09-21

Superb working app I like it install now

Be Protected 2016-09-26

Really useful & trustworthy, Nice !!

Very good app Ravi Ingole 2016-11-02

Always helpful..shows how to manage apps

Nice App 2016-10-21

I personally liked the app. Very useful.

Security Jagdish Mahato 2016-10-13

This is nice security aap and virus scan

good! 2016-09-20

its very nice app and protact my device

Perfect 2016-10-28

It is perfect as supported by Norton so

Very good 2016-10-21

Scans the apps continuously and informs

Manoj Gupta 2016-10-19

Not so good but works properly. Thanks.

Superrb app i used it.. Amol Koprekar 2016-10-16

Happy wid it.. use it once vl b like it

Best security app 2016-10-12

"It protect my phone from many viruses"

Asm Shubham Singh 2016-10-10

It's aam app thanks jio.....jug jug jio

Very good Mohammed hamoudhi 2016-09-19

It works good and the phone is secured

Good security app Raghavendra Raghavedra 2016-09-24

Easy to use more secured with this app

Kushal Hazarika 2016-11-02

It's a Good Security App For Android..

बहुत सुन्दर 2016-10-31

This is a new change in india #respect

Good 2016-10-29

Yet to be work on it, not fully secure

Loved it !! Sushant Sonawane 2016-10-28

Very good app to use, Thank you Jio !!

Good but Mr_ Nabakumar 2016-10-27

All unknown call block is not working.

Ramachandran Mannargudi Srinivasan 2016-10-27

An experience In have not had earlier!

Avinash Chandra 2016-10-27

Nice ..and Happy user of jio security.

AKASH BORADE 2016-10-21

according to me you can do Mach better

Pranjalya Anami 2016-10-19

Good app pertaining to phone security!

Himanshukumar Kukkar 2016-10-18

Perfect app for perfect protection !!!

Jio security Mahesh D 2016-10-15

It's good applications it saves device

Maintain it 2016-10-11

As good as possible for better service

Very good apps Amresh Dwivedi 2016-09-19

Amazing application for android phone

Best Surya Jami 2016-09-21

Best Free antivirus service available

Crabbe Shalu Crabbe english 2016-09-24

It's nice nd vry helpful for my phone

Love it Bipin barnwal 2016-10-19

Use ful app.. everyone should try it.

Best security app ARVIND YADAV 2016-10-14

This is very useful app.So I like it.

Good Raghu Raman 2016-09-23

It's very easy to use and useful app

Sanjeev Kumar 2016-10-31

Protected ,good and much use ful app

Atul Kumar 2016-10-26

Now..started only...i wanna see more

Better to have 2016-10-23

Jio security is very good and trusty

Wow superb thulasi ram 2016-10-16

Nice working....gud app tq jio......

Nice app 2016-10-29

I am using this app , very good app

Atul Singh 2016-10-18

Nice app and good for android users

Thanks Rocking baghel 2016-10-16

Im youging this application is good

Quick Security Shakir Sayed 2016-10-16

The app is easy to use and trusted.

Not able to installing in my Sony C4 gireesh kumar 2016-09-23

Downloaded but installing failed..

darshan achar 2016-11-03

Better than any other security app

Security Suryakant Sharma 2016-10-29

Excellent app for security reasons

Safe sandip bachar 2016-10-26

Nice trustful nortan n safe mobile

Liked it Manju Vani 2016-10-25

Rest assured all our apps are safe

Useful app Jyotiprakash Nayak 2016-10-25

It is very useful app in its field

Nice app Reyaz Ali 2016-10-22

Instantaneously catches of threats

How to download and install JioSecurity on Android/PC

To enjoy JioSecurity app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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