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Product as a antivirus Manish Tripathi 2016-09-20

I dont have much of intel about jio securities as a major in antivirus but i am giving it 3 stars coz it figures out the apps with ads and all and defines them in the level of security threads . If they are actually working hard as the competitors like quickheal for mobile, norton....then it can be a huge app thus and later will become chargeable maybe

Good, but annoying D Lalfingvara 2016-09-20

Every time you install any app, it scan and shows that it safe or not. Why not shows only that is dangerous, its annoying. Beside,I deliberately entered the site that is marked not safe by Mc Afee, this app dont give any warning. I wonder if it scan our browsing safety or not.

Please update new features Anil Rahangdale 2016-10-17

Its awesome to use in high security,... but its time to need add some features.. like, junk cleaner and battery saving and cooling mode. ____ my request to all jio team its made it immediately in new update.

Not upto mark ninad phaltankar 2016-10-18

It's malware detection has some flaws... Especially while reading small files... But that's not the issue... What i do like about it is it's constant monitoring of apps

Only antivirus!! No Battery Saver? King Pratibha Kumar Kashapogu 2016-10-12

No Battery saver and Junk Cleaning facility otherwise I would hv given 5 Star rating.. Good App for free. Give this feature, I will give 5star

Jio security 2016-09-25

This apps is really very good nice working is fast antivirus and malware removal tool is so good im like is jio security apps thanks for jio

Do you really need it. Santhosh Nair 2016-09-23

Showed me that Ola app is malicious some time back. Have not got any issue with apps ever since I'm using Android over the years.

App error Kunal Kishore 2016-10-27

I have deactivated sim change alert still it is sending msgs on changing sim. Had to uninstall and reinstall.

Pintu Das 2016-10-21

I don't know that it works exactly. In my uc browser a malware was found, but it doesn't recognise that.

Good but not 100% Kri Shan 2016-10-28

At this time its working great but future is uncertain ......means no idea after jio preview is over

Jio net speed Amit Hernakiya 2016-10-21

Jio offer 4 g speed up to 10 Mbps but I m using it for last 20 days and it has only 2 Mbps speed

I don't get any notifications. rajasekhar somaraju 2016-10-23

Since from one month I'm using this app but I don't get any good/ bad there is no notifcations.

Security... Is awsom 2016-10-21

I m satisfied with this app.... User's cane.. Also download this app and secure their device...

Jio security aditya adi 2016-10-13

Its good app for android latest updating....this app is cool catch the unsupprtd files.....

uttam ghosh 2016-09-12

OK..... But I could not able to open & use features for log in I'd........and others..

Jio security service issue Janareddy Mandadi 2016-09-11

Jio security service in accessibility disabled after closing the app. Please fix the issue

It's ok AJAY KUMAR 2016-10-25

It slows down the mobile and even hangs the mobile sometimes.need bit more improvement's.

Jio security nimisha prakash 2016-10-13

It's OK. Useful but need further improvement. It doesn't fix the bug. Otherwise it's OK.

A nice security app Sai Prakash King 2016-10-24

It worked good but in my phone I saw after few days it didn't open.NICE APP FOR PHONE

Just ok ok type 2016-10-30

Needs some improvement in interface as well as features. Its okies but not great.

I like it..... Pavan Bhosale 2016-10-25

Jio security is so much better than any securities.......thanks for jio team

Sameer Bajpai 2016-09-23

It is not update more than i had not got any software update till now

Little bit useful Tushar Singh 2016-11-03

It ensures that u don't have any virus otherwise i didn't found a single one

Beeter apps SAIF Al. 2016-11-03

There is need a junk cleaner function beside the antivirus mechanism...

Somnath samanta Somnath Samanta 2016-10-24

It's don't clearly scan memory card& cannot boosted phone

Nice try Md Abuzar 2016-10-18

It's consumes battery fastly.but it's good antivirus software.

Good raj vishal 2016-09-19

It needs more development. Can't able to clean virus n junk

Nice app Edson Samuel 2016-10-19

But accessibility turn off automatically pls fix it...

Good.. improove more features... jaggu mrd 2016-10-14

This app need to be develope like multi functional app

It's good 2016-09-12

One of the best security app for Android smartphones.

Every time giving errors Vignesh Vicky 2016-10-27

When I opening this app start scanning giving errors

Cool vishal malge 2016-10-25

It works cool than other providers...its just wow..

What is new in this Ritesh Kumar Singh 2016-10-11

This is just another app, what is new or different.

Ok naveen kumar 2016-09-26

It will mention the problems in your device

Ajay Patil 2016-10-16

Should be include junk cleaner, RAM booster

Reena Reena Dwivedi 2016-10-12

This is a good aap but it hsa some probems

Good Yadavendra Singh Yadavendra Singh 2016-10-25

Good in city but very poor in village.

Shivesh Pandey 2016-09-20

Promising but still needs improvement

Good Raj Sinha 2016-09-23

It is good but uses too much battery.

johnson tripura 2016-10-27

It helps me really to protect device!

mansoor ahmed .B .K 2016-10-14

Is it required? I don't need this app

kousik venkat 2016-10-29

It taking time for setting the time


Best app by jeo for mobile security

Nice 2016-09-24

The jio is very nice and usful app

Kselvam Kselvam 2016-10-12

Always show network not available

Okay okay app Vivek Samrat 2016-09-20

Neither very useful nor useless.

Subin Benny 2016-09-20

Just okay, not good not bad....

Nice Anoop Kumar Singh 2016-09-20

Good app but needs improvement.

Sanjay Dhameliya 2016-09-24

It's the best app which I liked

Very poor speed Nagendra Kumar Gupta 2016-10-23

Please improve network service.

Can not clean the junk Sanjay Kapri 2016-10-19

IT has No options to clean junk

Sekhar Ch 2016-10-24

No Service at NTPC BARH Bihar

Jionet Ram Kishore Jangid 2016-09-21

This Time Jionet Slow Speed

Ok ok Sanjeev Kandhol 2016-10-19

Not that type what I expect

Great service Aditya Phatale 2016-10-23

Good job......go ahead....

biswa prakash behera 2016-10-22

Good but need more develop

Fantastic Gobind Kumar 2016-10-20

Its a well of storage apps

Use full App SNEHASIS GANTAIT 2016-10-18

It's work very attractive.

Plz add apps lock facility 2016-10-14

Plz add apps lock facility

it's Ok amit acharya 2016-09-25

bt not a special security

Amit pal Amit Pal 2016-11-01

Nice but it can be better

It is OK tejram pal 2016-11-01

It can protect our divice

A Jio User 2016-10-22

Yeah, it's a bit good app

Rohit Hansda 2016-10-20

It's used to provide feel

sam kd 2016-10-31

Nice but not very good

Suggestionsss 2016-10-23

Add startup app removal.

Good Anoop Yadav 2016-09-23

Working takes much time


It don't work properly

Good Sagar Raturi 2016-09-24

Effective but not best

App is good charan kumar 2016-10-19

It is a doing very job

Hard sefaty Jyoti Tatkar 2016-09-24

Bharose wala security

Very good sampat loth 2016-11-01

Yes it's good working

Nice sujeet tyagi 2016-10-27

That's good and best

Jio TV Nitish Shrivastava 2016-10-21

Not working properly


I love it . Nice app

RAJEEV Raj Sharma 2016-10-13


Awsome Vishnu Gupta 2016-09-19

Reliance revolution

Pk 2016-09-19

Pankaj @ gmail. Com

raaghu chandan 2016-11-02

One of the best app

it's OK Shivani Singh 2016-10-11

it can be better ..

Good Indra Pal Singh Chauhan 2016-09-21

High seed scanner.

HTC One E9+ Naren Chandra Sarkar 2016-10-20

Let's use n see...

deepak mandrai 2016-10-18

Too Much Good Yaar

Good. Deepak Chandani 2016-10-16

Needs improvement.

Superb prasanta sarkar 2016-09-22

Awesome antivirus

Gionee 2016-10-26

Good 4 my android

It's good performance 2016-10-25

Good working apps

naresh kashyap 2016-10-24

Overall its OK...

amol dhadiwal 2016-10-20

needs improvement


Good app not best

sameer sarkar 2016-10-12

Good security app

Awesome Abdul Karim Khan H 2016-09-21

Verry usefull...


I Like These App

It's. Ok mahender kumar 2016-10-19

I am use the jio

Kamlesh Leel 2016-09-10

I like this app

Jio Security abdul samad 2016-09-24

Its good. Freee

Vikas Pandey 2016-10-31

Very useful app

Jio security use to easy. SURESH SABNANI 2016-10-28

Safe and smooth


Good app.......

Good app chandra Kiran 2016-10-13

Want to improve


Parmanand kumar

Nic Yogendra Shrivas 2016-10-12

Its easy to use

RAVI CHANDRA 2016-09-25

Really awesome

Cdffggh Er Trilok Kumrawat 2016-11-02

Happy a review

it's very good habib habibulla sk 2016-10-26

Use full apps

Nice app Bodke Narayana 2016-10-18

Good working

Rakshith Np 2016-10-16

Good security

Ok kishore francis 2016-10-12

Can do better

Ramchiary Swmdwn Ramchiary 2016-11-02

It's awesome

Happy birthday 2016-10-22

Jio security

Nice 2016-09-23

May be used


Doing well.

Prem dora 2016-11-01

It's better

Good app Digamber bhengra 2016-10-28

Helpful app

Rameshh .K 2016-10-24


I Love You 2016-10-22

All Freinds

Good varghese sunil 2016-10-20

Very useful

Gangwar star Aman Gangwar 2016-10-20

awesome jio

Jio Ashok Sarkar 2016-10-19

Very strong

pandari ganta 2016-10-17

Device safe


That's rite

nice Nabin Bhandari 2016-10-13

useful apps

Good Pramod Vasani 2016-10-13

So far good


Yadav Bhai

Good pritam dhar 2016-09-21

Its useful

Nice Lakshmi Narayana 2016-09-23

Ok not bad

very good app prakash singh 2016-11-02

useful app

Sharanappa Karadi 2016-10-28

It's good.

Itsok radhakishan baghel 2016-10-16


Trust me.this app force me to comment .rofl majid kichloo 2016-10-14

It iz Good

12:10 Naveen Naveen 2016-10-13


Good raj yadav 2016-10-11

Not so bad

Nice job kiran dyamgol 2016-10-11

Speed work

Dev kaushik 2017-01-11

Good works

kamlesh sahu 2016-09-22

Good work

Jio security and Norton antivirus Arfat 2016-09-25

It's nice

Shridhar Tarwatkar 2016-10-29

Not a bad

Navnath Dhole 2016-10-26

Very good

Jayan Joseph 2016-10-26

Very good

Mahendra Parmar 2016-10-26


Abhay Singh 2016-10-22

I like it

satender Satender Bharti 2016-10-19

very good

Nice Sravan Dude 2016-10-19

Nice work

Md.Sagir Ansari 2016-10-18

It's nice

best guddu jaiswal 2016-10-16

i like it

Akbar Inamdar 2016-10-15

I like it

पवन राणा 2016-10-14

Super app

Good job Sanu Khan 2016-10-14


APPASO KOLI 2016-10-13

Very good

ADITYA Diwedi 2016-10-12

Just fine

Boregowdavp Gowda 2016-09-19

Nice app

Mohd Sahil 2016-09-22

Its good

Anuj sindher Anuj sindher 2016-09-24

it's good dev buda 2016-09-24

bast App

Comment Latish Kumeriya 2016-09-24

Nice app

Good Dilip Goti 2016-09-26

Veri nic

Savio Salve 2016-09-25

best app

Jio Security santosh tabade 2016-11-03

Nice app

Nic Manish Kala 2016-11-02

All good

Namrata Chakravarty 2016-11-01

The best

Sxgçchbcxb nishant siwach 2016-10-30

Good app

Paras Dhanehi 2016-10-30

Best app

digambar chaugule 2016-10-29

Good app

Vishal More 2016-10-28

Good one

Good to use Karan Raj 2016-10-27

Nice app

Suprb Nazeem Kto 2016-10-27

Adi poli

Balveer Singh 2016-10-27

Good app

Nice app Priyank Mistry 2016-10-24

Tooo gud

Sushant Swain 2016-10-20

I luv it

Ashadul Sk 2016-10-19

Goog aap

Suggested Azhar Khan 2016-10-19

Good one

Ashok Varman 2016-10-12

Bast app

santosh singh 2016-10-11

Nice app

Its ok Harnath Singh 2016-10-11

Its good

Tridev Surya Singh 2016-09-12


Ayush Kr. Gupta 2016-09-10

Ok type

Sekhar Kanike 2016-09-10

Not bad

K Rushal Naidu 2016-09-19

Not bad

Rajendra Kumar 2016-11-01

It's ok

Sandeep Lal 2016-10-25

It's ok


It's ok

Kunal Kelzarkar 2016-10-24


Md Saif Khan 2016-10-20


Good Saravana Kumar 2016-10-19

Not bad

pradyumna salunke 2016-10-17


not bad suraj singh 2016-10-17

not bad

Its okk Nishant Panchal 2016-10-15

Okk app

Raghunath Singh 2016-10-12




Nitin Jaiswal 2016-09-21

It 'Ok

Ak Bhuyar 2016-09-24


Gaurav Kile 2016-11-02

Its ok

Kollol mondol 2016-10-31


Gio punit Lakra 2016-10-29

Use it

I love it Amar Kumar 2016-10-27


The RPM Solutions 2016-10-24


Good Mukesh Kumar 2016-10-22


Nice danush prabhu 2016-10-21


Good Chakri Bynaboina 2016-10-15


Indraveer singh Sikarwar 2016-10-14


How to download and install JioSecurity on Android/PC

To enjoy JioSecurity app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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