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Die sooner Jio Kumar Mukul Sahai 2016-10-29

Fallacious Jio security powered by Symantec totally erased and hanged my phone for two hours and within 24 hours of purchase on occasion of Dhanteras of Diwali . There is no shortage of idiots in India ; one of those me too to be fooled by the Media rumours about Jio , 4G speed haha 75 times poor than BSNL 2G or 3G in posh Bailey Road apartment in Patna. Reliance customer care extremely low quality rural guys don't or never attend the call. Never pay . Never buy . Always BSNL or Airtel the best in India.

Jio is worst jinish patel 2016-09-21

I bought lyf headset but net is too slowly working have speed in starting when I was bought was up to 4 mb/s and I have speed of not more than 100 KB/s its too much too much worst speed its look like I using only g network from last 15 days have speed only Up to max 50 KB/s

How to deactivate"device administrator" permission for this app Vignesh Babu 2016-11-01

While installing itself it had taken the device administrator permission. But when I tried to deactivate the device administrator permission of this app then the settings itself is crashing. Please tell a way to deactivate the device administrator permission this app

A Battery Hogger Anand Karve 2016-09-22

This app is always battery hungry. Had it on my phone for 4 days and since then I had to charge my phone 3-4 times a day. Also it used to take ages for charging. Uninstalled it and I'm back with McAfee Security. I'm now happy with my battery life.

Does not always work as expected Author E.T. 2016-10-25

Not completely reliable as security from Trojans. Needs improvement. Joke in the name of security. Why backed up contacts not available after phone was reset. with same Jio sim in phone previous backed up contacts not available.

Am not getting Veeresh Ramannavar 2016-10-13

According to this app Facebook is having issue w.r.t data consumption is that so....? similarly with Uber, Clean master,etc.☺☺☺☺. See so comments for this app. U app is not secured it doing it for others.....

Useless application AJILAN S.S 2016-10-19

Jio security only scan app,it does not scan files even the virus in storage, I suggest install nitqin because nitqin is free antivirus it deleted multiple virus

How to uninstall this app Jigar Bhatt 2016-09-10

Please ask me how to uninstall this app i want to uninstall this app but not uninstall from play store it was deactivate option available please help me

rupesh kumar Prajapati 2016-10-28

my phon is lock by the jio security , and i am lost my pass-code in mind, not remembered . so what is process of unlocked my device with jio .

Useless chitwinder singh 2016-10-19

When there are poor signals, and inspite of repeated complains for the last two months and no outcome. What is the use of such security

#dumpYourJio 2016-10-15

#unboxingtrouble #fakeoffers. Get a Jio and dump it after 2gb use this is what they want. So let's do this and teach them a lesson.

Usless app dinesh shaw 2016-10-20

Due to frequently disconnection of jio network,online transaction failed several is not for online banking n payment..

Bullsh!t Sachu T 2016-10-10

Jio 4G offering internet speed worst than my 2G internet. Trully , I couldn't expect such a damn low speed. Very bad experience

Nice app and convenient app Dhritiman Das 2016-10-31

And main part is that it is powered by "Norton" which well-known and best antivirus brand .Thanks jio I love your app

What is this? Free Gaming 2016-10-26

I installed this app then opened it and accepted terms and conditions, from there it's stuck on "setting up" forever.

What's wrong with it? Goutam Biswas 2016-10-26

When I open this continuously load with a message 'setting up'...but nothing comes after that...disappointed

Installation fail in intex aqua 4g plus jitendra butani 2016-09-21

Error code 504, download 100% but installation failed for above error , though 6 GB free space in internal storsge

Not opening. Khushi Jha 2016-10-19


Dipak Dipak Mitra 2016-09-10

Bakwas apps hai kuch nai Hota only loading show karta hai chutia jaisa apps develop kiye hai Jio wale

So bad to describe Billu Kumar 2016-10-27

Very .very. very. Very..........poor network. No one like this poor.... very... Poor network

It's bekaar 2016-09-23

Maiyaa .......................gayi aise l.............. logo ki ......... p..... de....... c.......

Nikhil Lahoti 2016-09-19

add pattern lock feature for App lock and also want to include jiosecurity in lockable app list.

Vijay Harvdiya 2016-09-21

Hi Jio Team really it speed is not so good as you committed publically...! Really bad experience

Scam app Alok Kharwar 2016-10-14

Forced scam app to be installed for generating jio SIM code. But no code whatsoever. Pathetic.

Error prashant patel 2016-10-19

If skip sigh in , get error : { "success": false, "errors": { "reason": "Access Forbidden"} }

Continually failed in install Sanjaygowda B.H. 2016-09-10

I am try to install this app in intex aqua 4g but it is continisly failed in install...

Abhishek Singh 2016-09-25

Download speed shows in kb guys and speed test will show that u r getting 6 to 7 Mbps.


not able to restore the backups , within a day the contacts backup in cloud is lost ?

Errorr Vidyanand Gujar 2016-10-23

I just hate that word.Every time I tap to grant,this app shows "something went wrong"

Problem Akash Mondal 2016-10-18

Please don't Install this App because after Install u dont be not uninstall this App

Vidya Nanda 2016-09-23 was scan and shown jio apps are high risk and finded malware functionality

Not working at all UI Developer 2016-10-28

Not working at all, it won't auto sign in using Jio sim and it shows json error.

abhishake verma 2016-10-28

Battery saver option is not Aviable and plzz add this service and made better ...

Never install! SIDDHARTH BHATIA 2016-10-26

Warning! If you activate administrator by mistake all your data will be deleted.

I can't download the app 2016-09-22

I cant install it. When it install they were an code error -504 Pls help me

Not of any use srinath avula 2016-09-12

Not required just keeps pushing unnecessary notifications most of the time

I like but this applications but Vishal Kumar 2016-09-25

It not download in phone by this I was giving him only one star...... :-(

No manual scan 2016-10-30

Advisor for Google play apps? Seriously!? Why does it scans everyday ?!

uma shankar Gupta 2016-10-13

Getting a error when I have tried to direct login. I am using a Jio sim.

Amazing app Mahinder Singh 2016-10-20

It is very good for useful to any device I sure to every body like it

Not wprking Suresh Mitharwal 2016-10-18

Asking for licence when check for licence it shows free for 31 dece

Jio sim waste Galla Vinay 2016-10-11

Jio 4g speed 30kb and idea 4g speed is 28mbps jio is waste waste

server error abhishekmj singh 2016-09-12

i tried 5 times but it always showed that something went wrong

Garbage akshay mishra 2016-10-27

Its working like 10kb processor not in 1990 in 2016 bizarre.

Can not login Priyanshu Prabhakar 2016-10-22

Can not login in to this app always says server not connected

Best 2016-09-21

Easily you can know about your phone status. And improve it.

Unable to install more than 8 apps. 2016-10-25

The internal memory of phone shows 8GB but gives only 408MB.

Make it available in every store Vignesh Bvr 2016-10-18

We are ready to pay but this offer code is a big problem

Power ful security govind sharma 2016-09-21

Jio security is come my phone and my phone is secured

Waste 2016-09-23

It takes lot of time to connect call such a waste jio

Bakwas Thakor Prakash 2016-09-19

Bakwas hai sab Lyf ke phones and jio sim total fail

Very bad Sudam Pattnaik 2016-10-28

My app is showing not protected any can hwlp me out

Cheating Lijo Francis 2016-10-16

Scanning on playstore apps is working it's cheating

Not install jio security app Aasha khuswaha 2016-10-14

Find the error when we install the jio security app

Totally rubbish 2016-10-30

Totally rubbish they don't know any thing Android

Harshit Peshavariya 2016-10-26

Jio's network speed is poor... very disappointing

Sayed Alim 2016-10-16

What sir jio code is not generated 2G services.

Jyoti Pandey 2016-10-14

Its not installing troubleshoot 504 please help

Amit Shaw 2016-10-11

Very bad,don't like it,try to add more options

Pathetic LYF & JIO services ( 0/5 ratings ) Pralay Sailor 2016-10-10

Pathetic LYF & JIO services ( 0/5 ratings )

Not working Ravi Kishore Padala 2016-10-22

Error after giving permissions to Norton

Salute Amit Parchure 2016-10-13

Very nice apps its clear my hanging prob

Password prpb Nitesh Singh 2016-09-11

Passwords accept hi ni Kar Raha koi. :(

Jose Thomas 2016-10-29

Don't like it at's useless

Yogesh Yadav 2016-10-25

It's very good antiviros and sequirity

Not able to install Ankur Sood 2016-09-10

Not install it pls suggest me

Sam boss Sandeep Tekam 2016-09-23

I am Sandeep tekam from Chhindwara MP

Waste of time & money Nasar Ali 2016-09-10

Loading loading always loading......

Showing error Chinta Naresh 2016-09-10

It is showing something went wrong

Bakwas kimi singh 2016-09-20

Do not download it by mistake also

Useful app aayeradass ariya 2016-09-22

Super app and fast clean in mobile

Jio security Pravish Upadhyay 2016-09-11

Samsung me work nahi kar raha hai

Dev Partap 2016-09-20

Its gd to wrk..vry safe to use it

Rakesh Singh 2016-09-20

My Jio app is showing medium risk

Joshi Dadhichi 2016-09-19

Does not support in lenovo A7000

Hiii Syed Faiyaz 2016-09-20

This aap is very nycc & good

Troll Heroes 2016-10-30

It's like another security only.

non workable Kushal Roy 2016-10-25

how it works?? I dont liie this.

chiru munna 2016-10-21

Worst call and net connectivity


Clears important file hate it

kiran kumar penmetsa 2016-10-24

Sim not activated after 1 week

pukaraj Patel 2016-10-20

Good to see you in your mobile

Very very slow net speed Tarun Raghav 2016-10-19

Hello very slow jio sim speed

Worst app ever iti jain 2016-10-11

The worst app i have ever seen

Code no generating in LeEco 1s jitendra makwana 2016-10-10

Code no generating in LeEco 1s

Goodv shubham rk 2016-09-11

Features and options are good

viswanadula raghava chary 2016-10-23

Still app should be developed

Useless Yashwanth Yashwanth 2016-10-22

Bad app don't download it....


Always getting error xml code

venkatesh venky smart 2016-10-21

super condition in my mobile

Chor app Hardik Kotak 2016-10-10

Fckin cant uninstall the app

Fake abhishek mane 2016-10-15

Isn't scan google play apps

After Nandish Nandu 2016-11-02

After updating not active

Jay Chawla 2016-09-10

Reliance the biggest thug

Parthasarathi Das 2016-11-01

I do not install this app

Bhavin velani 2016-10-27

Not working after update.

Bad service Arvind Yadav 2016-10-11

I am not access many days

Bakwas app che... Mayur Prajapati 2016-09-26

Aa app mane nathi pasand

Madan Chavan 2016-10-23

I like this security app

Keshav yadav 2016-10-12

4g speed is less than 3g

Worst sushma v 2016-09-25

I can't istall this app

Manash Pratim 2016-10-19

No jio sim.. so useless

Partheeban P 2016-10-14

Error while signing in.

mdfaiz alam 2016-09-19

Very bad voice calling

Kompalli Amarshana 2016-10-31

Worst app for security

Angerness 2016-10-29

I hate the Jio company

Rahul yadav 2016-09-10

Balance chor company


Nice thanks reliance

ma hesh 2016-10-26

Good we can use this

It is not downloadable Rudransh Ucharya 2016-09-12

I tried many a time

Sonylal PV 2016-10-19

World class cheater

sandeep Dubey 2016-09-11

Nothing more likes

Best Aman Raj 2016-09-21

Best security ever

Better Pankaj Shourya 2016-09-22

Very useful app...

Srijan Sharma 2016-10-30

Worst security app

Worst never opens 2016-09-21

Worst never opens

Just awwwweeessdome Sagar Rajput 2016-11-01

Jio the life guys

Worst app Unique videos 2016-10-27

Doesn't even open

Raghvendra Shaky 2016-10-19


Amazing zing zing Masthan Syed 2016-10-16

Zing zing amazing


Fake and dump app

Mast Nitin Thakur 2016-09-20

Security is good


Improve features

Usless KSHITIZ BHARGAV 2016-10-31

Really useless .

Sumit Kumar 2016-10-29

Bekar apps salla

Don't 2016-10-24

Do this very bad


Some sutebul app

Very good app. Ravi Prasad 2016-09-12

I love this app


Verry fantastic

Vishavjeet Vishav 2016-09-19

just setting up

mahak Qureshi 2016-10-22

Bakwaas app hai


Aweful service

Jitenhra Yadav Jitender Yadav 2016-10-27

Jitenhra Yadav

Jogender Singh 2016-10-20

Jogender singh

devkinand sharma 2016-10-19

Good antivirus

wow got my best software Kamaljeet Singh 2016-10-18

.. its nice...


Superb securit

Wow khursheed anwar 2016-09-19

It is goooood

Jai Motors 2016-09-21

Jai motors.o1

subbu purini 2016-11-01

Its very Nice

Pradeep Patel 2016-10-23

Land jesa hai


It is abetter

It's not good Suraj Sambaragi 2016-10-20

It hangs more

Best Security Apps Bhupesh Chhipa 2016-10-24

Very good ..

Pradeep Tolawat 2016-10-21

Slow working

Rustam Chanware 2016-10-13

Very usefull

Yes mayur katara 2016-10-11

Not worth it


Thanks lots

Not god 2016-11-03

Not jio god

Bad Thumbs up Ring 2016-11-01

Making fool

Bad Sahdev Tanwar 2016-10-30

Not so good


Not working

Akshar kashyap 2016-10-26

Not working

Not secured from malware Krishnavenu Ch V S 2016-10-16

Pls improve

Sexi 2016-10-12

from Nikhil

Pawan Kumar 2016-09-12


Dhanunjay Kumar 2016-09-20

Best offer

Not unistall Saone A 2016-11-01

Solve this

Harsh Jha 2016-11-01

Bakwas hai

Sekhar Bommakanti 2016-10-31



Yaser rana

Not work Shubham Nautiyal 2016-10-20



Smart work

For thanking Jayansh Mehra 2016-09-21

I love it

Jayan Joseph 2016-09-25

Very good

Poor Sachin Shaji 2016-09-24

Very poor

*nice* Sharmila Das 2016-11-01

I like it

Good app veera sekar 2016-10-30

Very nice

Ch Maxwell Loisei 2016-10-26

I like it

Devendra agrawal 2016-10-16

Error 502

Good Nirmal panesar 2016-10-10


sahabuddin khan 2016-09-11

good app

Gud dinesh sharma 2016-09-10

Very gud

Gd AKSHAY JHA 2016-09-19

Very gud

abhijeet patil 2016-11-01

Poor app

ABDUR RAHIM 2016-10-29

Good app

Very useful 2016-10-18

Good job

mohd maarijansari 2016-10-12

Very bad

ND 2016-09-23


Sarat Sarat Babu 2016-10-29

Love it

Rate on it lenil pukhrambam 2016-10-28

Like it

Shivesh 2016-10-27


R. S. H. H. Rajesh Rajesh 2016-10-26


Ram niwas meena 2016-10-24

Like it

Nice Kirandas98 Das 2016-10-22


Jio akhilesh kumar 2016-10-28


Good Vijaya Kumar 2016-10-27

Try it

Rajput dachchan Kumar 2016-10-22


Kunal Kanojiya 2016-10-20


Saurav Rao 2016-10-15


Rinkz Saini 2016-10-12

No use

Indea 2016-10-11


arvind negi 2016-09-12


Mokka akbar ali 2016-09-21


Chhotu Singh 2016-09-22






Aum 2016-10-22


Wrost Anshul Yadav 2016-10-20


Ankit Ankit Parekh 2016-10-19


How to download and install JioSecurity on Android/PC

To enjoy JioSecurity app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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