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Divanshi Khanna 2016-11-02

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JIO SECURITY का मूल मंत्र, मिले दमदार सुरक्षातंत्र। Kundan Kumar Rabidas 2016-11-02

अब तक मैंने अपने कई एंड्राइड डिवाइस में फ्री और पेड कई प्रकार के सिक्योरिटी एप्प्स का इस्तेमाल किया ,लेकिन जिस सुरक्षा और संतुष्टि का बोध जियो के इस ऐप्प ने करवाया है, उसकी व्याख्या शब्दातीत है। जुग जुग "जियो" ।

Die sooner Jio Kumar Mukul Sahai 2016-10-29

Fallacious Jio security powered by Symantec totally erased and hanged my phone for two hours and within 24 hours of purchase on occasion of Dhanteras of Diwali . There is no shortage of idiots in India ; one of those me too to be fooled by the Media rumours about Jio , 4G speed haha 75 times poor than BSNL 2G or 3G in posh Bailey Road apartment in Patna. Reliance customer care extremely low quality rural guys don't or never attend the call. Never pay . Never buy . Always BSNL or Airtel the best in India.

Download *WHAM * app from play store and use mob no. In Referral box and get 50r Navya Jain 2016-11-03

Awesome and fabulous free app. You could win 1 Lakh rupees every week. :) if you think your luck is awesome Navya jain then please enter in the world of this app you definitely win. I won lots of times and my friends too you could win :) but please use my mob no in ref box so i can get some ;) best of luck

I like this app hari nath 2016-10-25

Jio security is a very good app for every smart devices and its work prettier than others and check the risk of apps while downloading anything you want...easy to choose a right app which help you and which does not help your device and detect automatically... I'm sure it does great job.

How to deactivate"device administrator" permission for this app Vignesh Babu 2016-11-01

While installing itself it had taken the device administrator permission. But when I tried to deactivate the device administrator permission of this app then the settings itself is crashing. Please tell a way to deactivate the device administrator permission this app

Good App for free Vijay Kumar 2016-10-25

Suggustion: Could you please add an option user to select which apps to use which type of network. (Example playstore use Wi-Fi, my jio use Mobile data, whatsapp use Wi-Fi and Mobile data) This feature will help users to mange Mobile data and data speed.

Wonderful App 2016-10-27

This app is awesome, which gives your phone a complete security and moreover the antivirus engine which runs on back end is Symantec the most trusted antivirus software. Thanks to Reliance for providing an enterprise level software with free of cost.

Security at higher level Shashi Kumar 2016-10-31

Good to have security to our handset which we don't know what will happen when we download any app, and at Risk our personal information sharing to the world, which we couldn't not aware of it. now I can protect my information with RIL jio security.

Peace of mind sachin matode 2016-10-29

In the world of fast data and rapid installation and uninstalling apps .we are prone to malware and lots of on net threats so it is an application we can rely on .I personally believe that we can trust on jio than any third party non indian security

Jio Nortan-Long Live T IQBAL 2016-10-27

Jio+Nortan provide complete security to your applications but Nortan provides web+ browsing security, not known but I have observed it keeps vigilant eyes on all your net activities sending data analysis like Google always suspicious.

Best security apps ever.. Afroz Alam 2016-10-28

Earlier my mobile was running very slow, after availing JIO services in my phone miracle all problems gone. This is all due to installing JIO security apps, it gives you right suggestions to go ahead with required apps permission.

Does not always work as expected Author E.T. 2016-10-25

Not completely reliable as security from Trojans. Needs improvement. Joke in the name of security. Why backed up contacts not available after phone was reset. with same Jio sim in phone previous backed up contacts not available.

Great app come with great responsibility Humbert Dkhar 2016-10-31

It really helps to identify the risky app and medium risky app which also keeps my fone intact and the more better the greater it becomes popular.thankyou would look forward when updating the app it wil help more better

Good speed Vijay Khandale 2016-11-01

Nice nice speed without buffering fast downloading without any frustration like other networks at a free trail offer for first 3 months but worried about the plans thereafter let's hope for the best

Gurjeet Singh 2016-10-26

Thank you Jio Spader wonderful and have is paid my phone Oppo F1 plus selfie expert then amazing speed and the happy Diwali Jio and copy to all friends and Jio members

mohd arif 2016-10-25

Why can't I install it,though I have enough storage space and good internet connection... Can you please tell me ??? Download complete but couldn't install why?

It's too gud! Aniket Khairnar 2016-11-03

Awesome app Bec it is free to u n also scan online apps on playstore... Got good app....! 5 star tho Banta hai

Very good and bad Samir Malek 2016-10-28

This service of jio is very good but network is so bad I get speed about 300kbps l got 3G speed but jio offer is very good thanks to jio please like me

rupesh kumar Prajapati 2016-10-28

my phon is lock by the jio security , and i am lost my pass-code in mind, not remembered . so what is process of unlocked my device with jio .

Security with 100% trusts Mehta Madan 2016-10-28

I was using CM Security my mobile gets heat soon. I uninstalled and using his security without any heating problem, it's excellent

Ok ok app Nikhil Aditya 2016-10-30

I don't understand this app. I looks it's providing security but I checked it. It didn't detect any Malware or Virus or Spyware

The best one place security... Ashish Kumar 2016-10-29

The best antivirus with strict policies and least load on mobile resources. Best app and privacy analyser I have ever seen....

Nice app and convenient app Dhritiman Das 2016-10-31

And main part is that it is powered by "Norton" which well-known and best antivirus brand .Thanks jio I love your app

What is this? Free Gaming 2016-10-26

I installed this app then opened it and accepted terms and conditions, from there it's stuck on "setting up" forever.

What's wrong with it? Goutam Biswas 2016-10-26

When I open this continuously load with a message 'setting up'...but nothing comes after that...disappointed

Been using it for a few hours only piyush Sharma 2016-11-03

And this showed me a list of all high security risk apps.. I uninstalled some and reduced granted accesses of a few.

Super secure 2016-10-31

I installed this app and it immediately removed all the threats from my mobile and it also improved my mobile speed.

Osho dr.baljeet Singh 2016-11-02

Outstanding And uniquely indispensable. Most useful security app among all other security apps. Humble thanks JIO.

Gr8 Security App Pritesh Pisat 2016-10-31

Very light weight app for security, one of the best feature is that it scans app on playstore before downloading.

Nice one Dhiraj Kumar 2016-10-25

All the features r good .. introduce something that can reduce the battery consumption and can cool the screen..

Deserving! Harshit Chouhan 2017-01-11

It has proved to be a good antivirus software for my phone . .... it is unique from all other !! THANKS JIO TEAM

Excellent BHARAT PACHCHIGAR 2016-11-01

Every thing on my fingertips with Jio on my hand.very useful tool to be in touch,wherever I may be. Thanks Jio.

App error Kunal Kishore 2016-10-27

I have deactivated sim change alert still it is sending msgs on changing sim. Had to uninstall and reinstall.

Great app !!! swapnil bhate 2016-10-31

Ensures safety of ur device while downloading apps.. it shows the involved risk and provides better safety.

Jio rocks Indranil Sarkar 2016-11-03

Simply marvelous job, fight for the interconnectivity. We are behind you for all the support you need.

Good but not 100% Kri Shan 2016-10-28

At this time its working great but future is uncertain ......means no idea after jio preview is over

So bad to describe Billu Kumar 2016-10-27

Very .very. very. Very..........poor network. No one like this poor.... very... Poor network

Excellent Rahul Tiwari 2016-11-01

Runs smoothly...and has a simple UI...liked it...though it needs some more features like app lock.

JIO securely Sayak Chakrabarty 2016-10-30

Nice interface and good features. Can be useful for people who may be looking for a security app.

Albin Babu 2016-10-28

Great work like true antivirus , scan everything and found lot of issues. Thanks Norton & Jio

Complete Scan Pragnesh Patel 2016-11-01

I love it bcoz scan an app before installing. It's free for all.wah jio tune kmal kr diya.

Super Guru Sankar 2016-10-26

Just came to know shareit will run in background and try to install apps. Thanks JIO team

It's ok AJAY KUMAR 2016-10-25

It slows down the mobile and even hangs the mobile sometimes.need bit more improvement's.

Good Sumit Patel 2016-10-26

As a new player in IT industry Jio hit very good, keep it up to improve performance...


not able to restore the backups , within a day the contacts backup in cloud is lost ?

Very secure app Manju Yadav 2016-10-25

Best mobile security app. Now i can use my net banking worry free. Thank you Reliance

Jio Rahul Sonawane 2016-11-01

Very best for browsing security and anti theft protection with antivirus protection.

Raju Kunjumon Kumaran 2016-10-28

A very useful and efficient application to protect my phone.I love it's performance.

Best security app ever NAMAN PRATAP SINGH 2016-10-27

It really protects my phone.It is the best security app i have ever used..thanks jio

I LIKE sharad sharma 2016-10-27

this is very useful security apps ....thanks jio team but do not speedly reinstall .

It's fantastic Shivam Raghuwanshi 2016-10-25

I just love it it is also very easy to use and it really secures my phone...........

Md ali Ali Reza 2016-11-01

I jst loved it...superbbbb everything in jio 4G...thanks jio ... thanks ambani sir

Very good security application for mobile sunil gopi 2016-10-26

Quality of this app is low power consumption, after scanned results are believable

Very good aap Spandan Mondal 2016-11-02

Various security in the various virus . &anti tifht opeshin is best other aap

Awesome Monu Singh 2016-11-01

This is great it has a gud scurty feature. No problem of hanging n battery usage

Just ok ok type 2016-10-30

Needs some improvement in interface as well as features. Its okies but not great.

Not working at all UI Developer 2016-10-28

Not working at all, it won't auto sign in using Jio sim and it shows json error.

abhishake verma 2016-10-28

Battery saver option is not Aviable and plzz add this service and made better ...

Never install! SIDDHARTH BHATIA 2016-10-26

Warning! If you activate administrator by mistake all your data will be deleted.

Nice support gajender singh 2016-11-01

It gives you the benefit to check all the threats before even downloading them.

Fantastic Jay Kishore 2016-10-30

Apps doing its actual work.not irritating by asking to install so many add on.

I like it..... Pavan Bhosale 2016-10-25

Jio security is so much better than any securities.......thanks for jio team


For security that's a great app. If you want to use this app then no problem

good shibin shahabas 2016-10-25

nice security for your fone aginst virus,mulfunction.and battery drainings :*

Little bit useful Tushar Singh 2016-11-03

It ensures that u don't have any virus otherwise i didn't found a single one

Best security Ganesh Dodamani 2016-10-27

Best no other app can provide this much in one app...built in it's best...

Nice security app Akash Yadav 2016-11-02

Contains Anti theft service which always please to the High cost phones..

Very good applications shanu shukla 2016-10-30

No need other antivirus app it's helpful for protect and safe your mobile

No manual scan 2016-10-30

Advisor for Google play apps? Seriously!? Why does it scans everyday ?!

Very open Aravindh aravindh 2016-10-28

It explains each and every risks and behaviour of the android apps #NICE

Beeter apps SAIF Al. 2016-11-03

There is need a junk cleaner function beside the antivirus mechanism...

Superb Pranit Tawsalkar 2016-10-30

Nice Security. Superb scanning and Best function available for users...

Nice working Nitin Kedar 2016-10-26

This gio security is better working as compare to another application.

Use security take purity. Rupam Patra 2016-11-02

This is really awesome security, I used & I satisfied very well..

Awesome app 2016-10-29

Having great experience using this app and it has a good performance

Good Manie 2016-10-28

Nice effort by JIO team. Congrats and thanks for your Welcome offer.

Good app Swarnav Nandy 2016-10-28

Did not test the limits of the app. But liked the feels & looks.

Thanks jio Sushil Maurya 2016-11-01

Good app for mobile protection but please give feature of app lock.

Like Anil Dua 2016-11-01

Best app in the world .I never seen such type app it is amazing....

Best security Shesharam p. mulewa 2016-10-29

It best software Jio security is my phone best protection very nice

very useful app chandrashekhar kirwale 2016-10-27

but plz on sd card scan in this apps setting. and you fully secured


Better working for malware and viruses and another dangerous apps.

Work well Pritam Lodh 2016-10-30

App is working fine,inapp scanning is the best feature of this app

Awesome app bivan mitra 2016-11-01

Lve to use it.....user-friendly...and it protects my device well

Thanks NANDAN KUMAR 2016-11-01

First security system in India say facebook is medium risk app

Garbage akshay mishra 2016-10-27

Its working like 10kb processor not in 1990 in 2016 bizarre.

Jio vimal jha 2016-10-27

बहुत अच्छा काम करती है।

Nice vardan vats 2016-10-26

May be it will not be expensive after promotional offer ends.

NITIN JAIN 2016-10-28

Really nice app...good for people who download lot of apps..

Unable to install more than 8 apps. 2016-10-25

The internal memory of phone shows 8GB but gives only 408MB.

Good application security 2016-11-03

Good application for security, finding most of the viruses.


amazing work by jio team. u put all other brands to rest ..

Good application C Yadav 2016-10-28

Indicate everything that how you can secure your cellphone.

Good app budha bishnoi 2016-11-01

Yah mobil ko bohat he she tri k se rakh pata h it good app

Superb 2016-10-28

Its very useful and nothing have to say about it,fantastic

Useful Suraj Jakhmi 2016-10-26

This is an useful application so all user must activate it

Useful Tony Stark 2016-10-25

It's very helpful and useful information about your phone.

Easy to access Ahmed YAZIR 2016-11-03

Good security as well as easy to access......I love it...

Perfect security 2016-11-02

Its very appropriate for all kind of jio android users. .

Avijit Pandit 2016-10-27

it's too good, i love is best of all security...

Loved one devaiah.k.m dhanu.k.m 2016-10-26

Good at Informing malware and risky applications. Thanks.

nawang bhutia 2016-10-28

I rated 5 out of 5ciz it really works. Great app.......

Good varun r 2016-11-03

Turn on auto start to allow this app to work properly

Best security app shankar nath 2016-11-01

It helps to download good as which is best for mobile

Excellent Satish g 2016-10-28

Nice performance on mobile Security...loved very much

Excellent Dan Paul 2016-10-26

Nicely developed software solution for internet users

Trustworthy Nandan Talwar 2016-11-01

Made in India made for India . Also superb features.

Shashank mishra shashank mishra 2016-11-01

Its better security app campare other security apps.

Bestever Vijay Thakor 2016-10-30

It keep my phone virus free and also warn about risk

I LOVE IT 2016-10-30

It is very good app to protct your phone from virus.

Every time giving errors Vignesh Vicky 2016-10-27

When I opening this app start scanning giving errors

Awesome app yogesh raj 2016-10-25

I really like d app and its features r really useful

Very bad Sudam Pattnaik 2016-10-28

My app is showing not protected any can hwlp me out

Cool vishal malge 2016-10-25

It works cool than other providers...its just wow..

Vikram. Vikram Singh 2016-11-01

V.good app it's use full secure and safe I love it

Nice 2016-10-31

This is very nice app and useful app for every one

preetha ambuj 2016-10-30

Very nice & believe able soft. Thanks for jio

Himanshu Tivari 2016-10-30

Nice app Jio services are more than awesome

Amazing Raj Kamble 2016-10-28

Nice app to secure my mobile from any virus threat

rashmi dharmale 2016-10-25

Excellent. App, all jio apps are really fantastic.

Suresh Dubey 2016-10-25

Jio security is good heathy apps for all mobiles.

rahul kumar 2016-11-01

Nice apparently one off the best apps I like apps

Totally rubbish 2016-10-30

Totally rubbish they don't know any thing Android

Harshit Peshavariya 2016-10-26

Jio's network speed is poor... very disappointing

Good work Munna Sonar 2016-11-01

Mere hisab se jio sim ke liye ye app perfect hai

Best antivirus pushpendra singh 2016-11-01

I love it because it is used to make free space.

Very good shashank sharma 2016-11-01

Its just awesome I would say u should install it

vinod arjun 2016-10-25

Very good performance. Gives better information.

Good app Krishan Kumar Chhipa 2016-11-03

Shandar app h Mera Mobile isse ekdum protect h.

Very good apps PARDEEP SAGAR 2016-11-01

It is so good it is deduct all defacted file...

Jio Security Ismail Ahmed 2016-10-29

Super and Excellent. Loved it. Thanks Jio Team.

Total freedom yogesh kavishwar 2016-10-29

Can delete data online after phone got theft...

Bodhisatta Mukherjee 2016-10-28

Jio security is very useful and safe, I like it

Jio security Nida Rahman 2016-10-26

Nice application form of the security settings.

The app is very good Sharat Singha 2016-10-25

I think it is a good app to secured your phone.

Good security app Rohit Ghosh 2016-11-03

Scans allbfiled even all web pages for malware

Awsome DEBASISH DEB 2016-11-02

Its working...better than other Free antivirus

Secure saket kr 2016-10-31

Nice app. Works on back and doesn't slow phone

karuna gour 2016-10-28

No one apps... Like jio security.... Awesome!!

Jio is great kumar VH 2016-11-02

It's good service given by jio n/w thanks jio

Awesome JIO $€¢u®|T¥ 2016-11-02

Jio security is good for specially Lyf mobile

சூசூசூசூசூப்பர் David selvaraj 2016-11-01


Nice ujjal soni 2016-11-01

Super work... Which app is helpful or harmful

Nice apk 2016-10-31

Its nice aap to use rather than other apps...

Good Vic Jha 2016-10-27

It good till now. Will update more after use.

Nice 2016-11-02

Bahut achha hai ye apps for mobile security.


Solid security apps ..i love this app.thanks

Good Jaajvel E.P 2016-10-28

Good but need's to cut down on notifications

Best app 2016-10-28

It is the best security app I have ever seen

Database isn't updating Soumya Biswas 2016-11-03

Database Update fails after 75%(LiveUpdate)

Some new Soumyadeep Piri 2016-11-02

Please change theam like norton sucurity...

Woonderful 2016-10-29

I m like.. It is very simple and useful aap

Bhajaman bhajaman gochhayat 2016-10-29

This is help of Jio Mobil and other viruses

Good Manish Kumar Singh 2016-10-28

Only problem is it show asphalt 8 high risk


This is a good app for your mobile security

Pwd Parvateesam 2016-10-25

I like very much, everything scan and clean

विकाश बामनिया Pinky Sharma 2016-11-03

मस्त ह भाई लोगों

☆☆☆☆☆ Barna De 2016-11-01

It really is a good all round security app

Super jio 2016-10-31

I like it because its essential for us....

fabulous app Mani Dhiman 2016-10-30

its very nice appp & working very good

Awesome experience Siddhant Ranjan 2016-10-29

App by Jio team are just up to next level.

Good Amartya A. Ghosh 2016-10-28

Sometimes it doesn't trusts the app i like

Nic proven for phone Shankar Singh 2016-11-03

Wonder full software msny thanks jio team

Nice performance Satish Chandra Nautiyal 2016-11-02

Easy to use and great service. thnx jio.

Lovely... Gopal Krishna 2016-11-02

Simply super app, really nice hosome.....

Gaurav Bansal 2016-11-01

Good app its very useful app for device.

sunil mishra 2016-11-01

Wonderful app.....must for android phone.

I love it 2016-10-31

It is good for phones who are using jio4g

Great!!!!! Shreyash Dushing 2016-10-31

Jio security is best security to mobile s

An effective n vigilant service RAJU CHARANIYA 2016-10-28

Found good as used with jio preview offer

A great app Aayush Gautam 2016-10-28

Fantastic security app in smartphone ever

My love Jio AMIT SINGH 2016-10-27

Nice app for mobile security. Thanks Jio.

Nice working sunnykumar singh 2016-10-26

I like jio app but dont like jio internet

Best Antivirus ever Reshabh Sharma 2016-10-25

Very efficient and brilliant anti malware

Nice aap 2017-01-11

Jio security aap is a very nice and super

Good one nitin ghate 2016-11-03

No issues so far its working as expected

Very good app Ravi Ingole 2016-11-02

Always helpful..shows how to manage apps

I love it Paras Hirani 2016-11-01

I like that this app is really working..

Good work Tarun Kumar 2016-11-01

One the best security apps in play store

The Mohan Sharma 2016-10-30

It is very usefull ad best app i love it

Very nice app Udip Mondal 2016-10-29

Thank you team jio for the wonderful app

Jio Jio Naresh Sharma 2016-10-29

Good app by Jio just every thing is fine

It's awesome tuhin bera 2016-10-27

I loved it...pls everyone install it....

I love this Jio security app Shravan Kumar 2016-10-25

Good working more than all security apps

Very gud app sudhakar o 2016-11-03

In this, full scan option not provided.

Great Rajeev Pandey 2016-11-02

Its best free antivirus.. Thank you jio

Satyam Tripathi 2016-10-31

Genuienly good app. Keep it up always .

Useful Sanjit Mazumder 2016-10-31

Very good app plus easy to use aslo....

Bhadra Soujanya Bhadra 2016-10-30

Excellent experience with Jio security.

Perfect 2016-10-28

It is perfect as supported by Norton so

Friendly app Bidyut Mazumder 2016-10-26

Happy to use it, simple n user friendly

Best security app naveen malik 2016-10-25

Its fast and reliable keeps you secured

It's cool. . sayan banerjee 2016-11-03

Nothing to say....its fantastic. .....

Kushal Hazarika 2016-11-02

It's a Good Security App For Android..

Sunil Dubey 2016-11-02

One tool for multiple tasks, great app

Superb sandeep sharma 2016-11-01

It's tell about all background actions

Fantastic job Abhishek Murmu 2016-10-31

It really helps to detect malware apps

बहुत सुन्दर 2016-10-31

This is a new change in india #respect

Jose Thomas 2016-10-29

Don't like it at's useless

How to download and install JioSecurity on Android/PC

To enjoy JioSecurity app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen


Description of JioSecurity

***Exclusively for Jio SIM users***
Contacts. Email. Bank Info. Passwords. Personal Messages. You store lots of important stuff on your mobile device. Protect it with Jio Security. It’s Anti Virus and award winning App Advisor powered by Norton Mobile Insights protect you and your device 24x7.

It identifies dangerous websites and scans downloaded apps, app updates, and SD memory cards to detect and eliminate threats that are designed to steal your information for money. More importantly, Jio Security provides proactive virus protection against risky apps that could
1. leak your personal information and content
2. excessively use battery and data
3. have intrusive behaviour to slow your device

Plus, it can help you get back your mobile device if it ever goes missing. It lets you send a text to your device that sets off a “scream” alarm, so you can find it fast if you misplace it. And if your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock and locate it with a text or through any Web browser—and even erase your stuff, if necessary. Jio Security puts you in control of your digital experience.

***Protect upto 10 mobile devices***
1. JioSecurity comes with a feature where 1 JioSecurity subscription can protect upto 10 mobile devices.
2. The primary device needs to have a Jio SIM, with valid Jio ID.
3. You get the Jio ID when you download and register for My Jio app.
4. Use the same Jio ID and password on any non-Jio devices, to activate JioSecurity and protect them from digital threats.
5. The rest of the devices need not be using Jio network.

***Easy Activation for Jio SIM users***
Jiosecurity needs to be activated once installed. follow below simple steps
1. If you are accessing internet using Jio network simply use “Skip Sign in” option to activate JioSecurity.
2. Other sim or network user need Jioid and password to login in and activate.
3. New user can use signup option on login page to create Jioid and password, this needs a valid Jio sim number.

JioSecurity on Google Play

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