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Divanshi Khanna 2016-11-02

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JIO SECURITY का मूल मंत्र, मिले दमदार सुरक्षातंत्र। Kundan Kumar Rabidas 2016-11-02

अब तक मैंने अपने कई एंड्राइड डिवाइस में फ्री और पेड कई प्रकार के सिक्योरिटी एप्प्स का इस्तेमाल किया ,लेकिन जिस सुरक्षा और संतुष्टि का बोध जियो के इस ऐप्प ने करवाया है, उसकी व्याख्या शब्दातीत है। जुग जुग "जियो" ।

Die sooner Jio Kumar Mukul Sahai 2016-10-29

Fallacious Jio security powered by Symantec totally erased and hanged my phone for two hours and within 24 hours of purchase on occasion of Dhanteras of Diwali . There is no shortage of idiots in India ; one of those me too to be fooled by the Media rumours about Jio , 4G speed haha 75 times poor than BSNL 2G or 3G in posh Bailey Road apartment in Patna. Reliance customer care extremely low quality rural guys don't or never attend the call. Never pay . Never buy . Always BSNL or Airtel the best in India.

Pls dowlond "FREECHARGE" app.So easy and convenient! Plz use promo code RP0K6DN For Rs. 75 Cashbank Nita Lee 2016-09-20

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Product as a antivirus Manish Tripathi 2016-09-20

I dont have much of intel about jio securities as a major in antivirus but i am giving it 3 stars coz it figures out the apps with ads and all and defines them in the level of security threads . If they are actually working hard as the competitors like quickheal for mobile, norton....then it can be a huge app thus and later will become chargeable maybe

Need some more security options. Ajit Pathak 2016-10-10

Well jio security is a simple user friendly app to use and to secure your phone but i think as a antivirus jio security and its users deserve some more option in phone security perspective, also some graphic development will make app look good. Jio should make a antivirus on its own instead of being part of norton.

बहुत मस्त है umesh kashyap 2016-10-20

यह सिक्युरिटी सिस्टम बहुत जबर्दस्त है। वो भी बिना किसी ऐड के। आप भी इंस्टाल करे जियो सिक्योरिटी और टेंशन फ्री हो जाये।

Download *WHAM * app from play store and use mob no. In Referral box and get 50r Navya Jain 2016-11-03

Awesome and fabulous free app. You could win 1 Lakh rupees every week. :) if you think your luck is awesome Navya jain then please enter in the world of this app you definitely win. I won lots of times and my friends too you could win :) but please use my mob no in ref box so i can get some ;) best of luck

I like this app hari nath 2016-10-25

Jio security is a very good app for every smart devices and its work prettier than others and check the risk of apps while downloading anything you want...easy to choose a right app which help you and which does not help your device and detect automatically... I'm sure it does great job.

Good, but annoying D Lalfingvara 2016-09-20

Every time you install any app, it scan and shows that it safe or not. Why not shows only that is dangerous, its annoying. Beside,I deliberately entered the site that is marked not safe by Mc Afee, this app dont give any warning. I wonder if it scan our browsing safety or not.

Jio is worst jinish patel 2016-09-21

I bought lyf headset but net is too slowly working have speed in starting when I was bought was up to 4 mb/s and I have speed of not more than 100 KB/s its too much too much worst speed its look like I using only g network from last 15 days have speed only Up to max 50 KB/s

How to deactivate"device administrator" permission for this app Vignesh Babu 2016-11-01

While installing itself it had taken the device administrator permission. But when I tried to deactivate the device administrator permission of this app then the settings itself is crashing. Please tell a way to deactivate the device administrator permission this app

A good initiative from Reliance Jio abhinav sunny 2016-09-20

The best thing about this is that it can warn about the app behaviour in Google play itself thus preventing user from downloading malware contents and fake apps. Need some polishing though. Anyway it fulfill the work as a good antimalware protection app

Good App for free Vijay Kumar 2016-10-25

Suggustion: Could you please add an option user to select which apps to use which type of network. (Example playstore use Wi-Fi, my jio use Mobile data, whatsapp use Wi-Fi and Mobile data) This feature will help users to mange Mobile data and data speed.

Disappointed 2016-09-10

Before one there was skim of full access of unlimited data and bought s7 edge worth rupees 56999 after 1 month of usage gio changed plan unlimited to 4gb daily only, jio should have given full access to old customer who bought sim with unlimited i m sad

Wonderful App 2016-10-27

This app is awesome, which gives your phone a complete security and moreover the antivirus engine which runs on back end is Symantec the most trusted antivirus software. Thanks to Reliance for providing an enterprise level software with free of cost.

Security at higher level Shashi Kumar 2016-10-31

Good to have security to our handset which we don't know what will happen when we download any app, and at Risk our personal information sharing to the world, which we couldn't not aware of it. now I can protect my information with RIL jio security.

Peace of mind sachin matode 2016-10-29

In the world of fast data and rapid installation and uninstalling apps .we are prone to malware and lots of on net threats so it is an application we can rely on .I personally believe that we can trust on jio than any third party non indian security

A Battery Hogger Anand Karve 2016-09-22

This app is always battery hungry. Had it on my phone for 4 days and since then I had to charge my phone 3-4 times a day. Also it used to take ages for charging. Uninstalled it and I'm back with McAfee Security. I'm now happy with my battery life.

Need some more security options. Ajit Pathak 2016-09-25

Well jio security is a simple user friendly app to use and to secure your phone but i think as a antivirus jio security and its users deserve some more option in phone security perspective, also some graphic development will make app look good.

Jio Nortan-Long Live T IQBAL 2016-10-27

Jio+Nortan provide complete security to your applications but Nortan provides web+ browsing security, not known but I have observed it keeps vigilant eyes on all your net activities sending data analysis like Google always suspicious.

Best security apps ever.. Afroz Alam 2016-10-28

Earlier my mobile was running very slow, after availing JIO services in my phone miracle all problems gone. This is all due to installing JIO security apps, it gives you right suggestions to go ahead with required apps permission.

Does not always work as expected Author E.T. 2016-10-25

Not completely reliable as security from Trojans. Needs improvement. Joke in the name of security. Why backed up contacts not available after phone was reset. with same Jio sim in phone previous backed up contacts not available.

Great app come with great responsibility Humbert Dkhar 2016-10-31

It really helps to identify the risky app and medium risky app which also keeps my fone intact and the more better the greater it becomes popular.thankyou would look forward when updating the app it wil help more better

Am not getting Veeresh Ramannavar 2016-10-13

According to this app Facebook is having issue w.r.t data consumption is that so....? similarly with Uber, Clean master,etc.☺☺☺☺. See so comments for this app. U app is not secured it doing it for others.....

Real work it detects & protects bk Rajesh 2016-10-22

Really works good it not only detects but also show all details of the unsecured apps and the risk level also good work from jio thanks for this app for free and also no adds thanks once again for jio team thanks

Please update new features Anil Rahangdale 2016-10-17

Its awesome to use in high security,... but its time to need add some features.. like, junk cleaner and battery saving and cooling mode. ____ my request to all jio team its made it immediately in new update.

4 GIOTeam 2016-10-21

The only problem I had was that the app never showed what it's scanning.. That has been resolved. Could you please add a *Trash Can (a la Recycle Bin) to clear Unwanted Apps and Cache Files of Apps.

Good speed Vijay Khandale 2016-11-01

Nice nice speed without buffering fast downloading without any frustration like other networks at a free trail offer for first 3 months but worried about the plans thereafter let's hope for the best

thanks jio sajid patil 2016-09-23

have been using jiofi2 router for last week n it has been amazing experience.also jio apps are awesome.hopefully thy wil give data at affordable rates after 31st December than nobody can beat them

Good parm shukla 2016-09-25

I also used k7 mobile security but now I try different like Jio security who associate d with Norton and I use Norton in my PC and his performance is very good so I decide to try jiosecurity

Excellent application for security.. Mohamed Haneefa 2016-09-12

The application has confirmed my doubts about the possibility of security risk in respect of an application which I had at the time of its installation.. thanks to the developers and JIO..

A must have app Manzar Iqbal 2016-09-22

what I love about this application is that it will warn you about the application behaviour on Google Play itself thus we can take necessary action after reviewing the app details.

Basically it is norton Anand.h. lokapur 2016-09-22

It is nothing but norton antivirus partnered with Jio. And norton is one of the best antivirus which Jio is providing for free. So protecting my phone from malware ...way to go JIO

Clean Layout sadiqe ahmed 2016-09-19

The app has a nice layout and other features are cool. If you are looking for an app which can also lock your other apps for privacy ,this is not what you are looking for.

Not able to share/receive data using any data sharing app sujeet vishwakarma 2016-10-13

Not able to connect to other devices using any data sharing apps (like share it), The apps (share it) have been added in trusted apps in jio security but still no success.

Gr8 app Atul Kumar Singh 2016-09-21

Norton powered awesome app. Just app scanner in play store is little intrusive. Every time I scroll up from apps review section it starts scanning same app again n again.

Not upto mark ninad phaltankar 2016-10-18

It's malware detection has some flaws... Especially while reading small files... But that's not the issue... What i do like about it is it's constant monitoring of apps

Useful Ajay Singh 2016-09-22

The position point of this app is that this app shows which app is harmful for phone and why it us harmful. Thats the reason this app is still installed in my phone...

Gurjeet Singh 2016-10-26

Thank you Jio Spader wonderful and have is paid my phone Oppo F1 plus selfie expert then amazing speed and the happy Diwali Jio and copy to all friends and Jio members

Working Satisfactory Shashi P 2016-10-18

बेहतर एप्लीकेशन स्कैनर है। रियल टाइम स्कैनिंग करने में सक्षम

mohd arif 2016-10-25

Why can't I install it,though I have enough storage space and good internet connection... Can you please tell me ??? Download complete but couldn't install why?

Useless application AJILAN S.S 2016-10-19

Jio security only scan app,it does not scan files even the virus in storage, I suggest install nitqin because nitqin is free antivirus it deleted multiple virus

Nice app...lll Avinash Kumar 2016-09-12

It's very nice app. I am using this app since last month and I observed this app is useful or helpful for me and any other persons...lll thanks to Jio...lll

It's too gud! Aniket Khairnar 2016-11-03

Awesome app Bec it is free to u n also scan online apps on playstore... Got good app....! 5 star tho Banta hai

How to uninstall this app Jigar Bhatt 2016-09-10

Please ask me how to uninstall this app i want to uninstall this app but not uninstall from play store it was deactivate option available please help me

Useful The Andro guyz 2016-09-25

I have been using for two weeks and the app is really good. Helps in controlling add and tells about app we are downloading Thanx for this amazing app.

Very good and bad Samir Malek 2016-10-28

This service of jio is very good but network is so bad I get speed about 300kbps l got 3G speed but jio offer is very good thanks to jio please like me

I like it. Harsh Kushwaha 2016-10-12

This is fantastic app.this security app is much better than any other security app that i have used. every security is in this app. Thanks to jio.

rupesh kumar Prajapati 2016-10-28

my phon is lock by the jio security , and i am lost my pass-code in mind, not remembered . so what is process of unlocked my device with jio .

Nice service with great apps Modassir Hussain 2016-10-13

There is no competitor against Reliance jio 4g service and quality. Very good video call quality and 4g data coverage. No one can beat easily...

Loved it 2016-09-19

Useful for me. I can,t describe u how much is useful this app this protect my phone jio sim. What an app I have a advice download it ......

Only antivirus!! No Battery Saver? King Pratibha Kumar Kashapogu 2016-10-12

No Battery saver and Junk Cleaning facility otherwise I would hv given 5 Star rating.. Good App for free. Give this feature, I will give 5star

Fake app Yatharth Anand 2016-10-23

They only go for fake promotions. Barcode generated in my mobile but they are not providing sim card. Never trust these so called 'saviours'.

Jio security 2016-09-25

This apps is really very good nice working is fast antivirus and malware removal tool is so good im like is jio security apps thanks for jio

Nice and need improve sundar raj 2016-10-18

All is fine. And we the mobile theft security with full safety and also need to scan all phone files apps full and neetly. Thank you Jio

Useless chitwinder singh 2016-10-19

When there are poor signals, and inspite of repeated complains for the last two months and no outcome. What is the use of such security

Very much useful app nitheshbabu dulla 2016-09-22

It scans everything before you install any app from playstore and indicates the level of risk,it is an amazing feature and I loved it

Amazing security 2016-10-20

It is west for use and secure also any device my devices is safe when I install this app so it is important for me you and everyone.

Mukesh chavda Mukesh Chavda 2016-10-11

A good app secure all app and good and fast optimization viruses and totally phone app security is good I Happy to use a Jio security

Love it Sayantan Bhanja 2016-10-20

Jio gives this Norton antivirus as jio is a premium licensed Anti virus.Gives a compleat detection.............. superb

#dumpYourJio 2016-10-15

#unboxingtrouble #fakeoffers. Get a Jio and dump it after 2gb use this is what they want. So let's do this and teach them a lesson.

don't buy jio sim Nikhil Joshi 2016-10-15

on first day the sim is giving nice 4g speed but after 2 3 days it becomes 2g and it very bad plz guys it's totally a rubbish thing

Grv77 Gaurav Silan 2016-10-14

Really doing working app i must say. Its tells u about the risk factor of the app before downloafing. Which is good. Keep going jio

Best service dinesh jangir 2016-09-20

This app provide best service. i fath in jio security. its best security is easily use. Its secure my smart phone and data.

Security with 100% trusts Mehta Madan 2016-10-28

I was using CM Security my mobile gets heat soon. I uninstalled and using his security without any heating problem, it's excellent

Awesome 2016-09-24

This is very good aap by jio. It protects my phone awesomly and does not allow it to hang .thanks for making such a brilliant aap

Do you really need it. Santhosh Nair 2016-09-23

Showed me that Ola app is malicious some time back. Have not got any issue with apps ever since I'm using Android over the years.

Usless app dinesh shaw 2016-10-20

Due to frequently disconnection of jio network,online transaction failed several is not for online banking n payment..

Ok ok app Nikhil Aditya 2016-10-30

I don't understand this app. I looks it's providing security but I checked it. It didn't detect any Malware or Virus or Spyware

Bullsh!t Sachu T 2016-10-10

Jio 4G offering internet speed worst than my 2G internet. Trully , I couldn't expect such a damn low speed. Very bad experience

Working fine... BUT... dharmaveer kothapalli 2016-09-10

Working fine... BUT... Auto Scan is running very frequently. Observed 4 times a day... Original setup is to run scan on weekly

The best one place security... Ashish Kumar 2016-10-29

The best antivirus with strict policies and least load on mobile resources. Best app and privacy analyser I have ever seen....

I like it sagar singh 2016-09-23

I like this app because it works perfect and scan well.So I rate this app and also tell download and secure your cell phones

Good security. aditya naidu 2016-10-12

This is the only antivirus app (out of many that I have used) which prompted to me about Malicious websites. Good security.

Sambhav Arora 2016-09-12

Very Useful Great UI!! And Very Convenient. Have gr8 options like scanning Google Play Apps by just tapping on these apps

Jio security nagarajan j 2016-09-25

This app really super.Its protect my mobile phone from any malware or virus.It also scan my mobile.Thanks to my jio team.

Good App 2016-10-15

Thanks JIO for this beautiful app.. please don't change anything after free. Make it free for everyone...... Thanks again

Jio 4g Mohan Lal 2016-10-11

Dear ambani sir, you are so great, but some problem to your network in delhi out of station so plz solve out this problem

Mukesh 2016-09-23

I installed a app when I start them it tells me it is a high risk app and I uninstalled the app. I love jio security

Nice app and convenient app Dhritiman Das 2016-10-31

And main part is that it is powered by "Norton" which well-known and best antivirus brand .Thanks jio I love your app

Security App is must 2016-10-20

Every device should have one sucurity and antivirus app for must. AND reliance JIO Security is doin a fair job here. ;)

Its technologically superior Amarendranath Choudhury 2016-10-12

It can beat gold standard security apps now a days.. Need frequent update and total monitoring ability in specific way.

What is this? Free Gaming 2016-10-26

I installed this app then opened it and accepted terms and conditions, from there it's stuck on "setting up" forever.

What's wrong with it? Goutam Biswas 2016-10-26

When I open this continuously load with a message 'setting up'...but nothing comes after that...disappointed

Been using it for a few hours only piyush Sharma 2016-11-03

And this showed me a list of all high security risk apps.. I uninstalled some and reduced granted accesses of a few.

Super secure 2016-10-31

I installed this app and it immediately removed all the threats from my mobile and it also improved my mobile speed.

Jio Security Charles Immanuel 2016-10-16

It works super. I love it.Before installing an app in Google play store it points out if the app is risk or no risk.

Installation fail in intex aqua 4g plus jitendra butani 2016-09-21

Error code 504, download 100% but installation failed for above error , though 6 GB free space in internal storsge

Osho dr.baljeet Singh 2016-11-02

Outstanding And uniquely indispensable. Most useful security app among all other security apps. Humble thanks JIO.

Very good Sunam Limbu 2016-10-18

Its really very interesting and secure to use this app while I'm totally using its products. Thank to the Jio team

Excellent app by jio 2016-09-24

Most of us don't know which app contains many bugs and malwares but this app is notify us and make our phone safe

Gr8 Security App Pritesh Pisat 2016-10-31

Very light weight app for security, one of the best feature is that it scans app on playstore before downloading.

Its good through Legulus Oukenshield 2016-10-24

Dunno much 'bout it, but i guess it works pretty well 'coz i've found no neex of 360 security when having this...

Its very nice appp Vatsal Malik 2016-10-19

I would hv given it 5 stars but i found that sometimes its some featutes in anti theft does not work properly....

Great vignaesh murali 2016-10-11

It scans the application and gives the level of risk and the info that'll b shared well in advance.. That helps..

Nice one Dhiraj Kumar 2016-10-25

All the features r good .. introduce something that can reduce the battery consumption and can cool the screen..

Deserving! Harshit Chouhan 2017-01-11

It has proved to be a good antivirus software for my phone . .... it is unique from all other !! THANKS JIO TEAM

shaikh taukhir 2016-09-19

very nice app the app secure for my phone no problem detect and phone is very free no hanging no problem detect

Excellent BHARAT PACHCHIGAR 2016-11-01

Every thing on my fingertips with Jio on my hand.very useful tool to be in touch,wherever I may be. Thanks Jio.

simple and precise 2016-10-22

it's simple and precise..and allows easy interface..neglecting all exhuberous designs,it's simple and effective

Excellent Dipankar Dutta Chowdhury 2016-10-24

Very good app....detected a few dangerous apps which I uninstalled immediately. The detection is 100% accurate


I uninstalled this app just because of this app i have to format my sd card. The phone also started hanging...

S AMIT BEHERA 2016-10-13

It shows high ,medium risk apps and easy to uninstall but without doing uninstall can we clean virus from apps

Very very nice Ap 2016-10-13

This is the most wonderful app..... I have seen ...!!! Really it secure our systems ...! Outstanding Ap by jio

Awesome aditya kumar 2016-09-20

Great Security by this you can manage easily who's risky and who's safe app for you at Play Store..

App error Kunal Kishore 2016-10-27

I have deactivated sim change alert still it is sending msgs on changing sim. Had to uninstall and reinstall.

Must To Have Suresh G 2016-09-11

Useful one to have. Surprised to see even most known apps using background data and collecting personal info

Great app !!! swapnil bhate 2016-10-31

Ensures safety of ur device while downloading apps.. it shows the involved risk and provides better safety.

Nice app SUMAN SAURAV 2016-10-22

Nice one... Monitors online sites, downloads and even playstore content... Keep up the good work folks...

Hey developer I'm facing one minor error Akhilesh Gupta 2016-10-20

After click skip sign in button return json sucess : failure error : access forbidden. Otherwise app good

Secure app Selim Ali 2016-10-13

Superb scanning allow on unauthorised apps...virus scanning also good...overall fine it is..

Great application ever used Ratheesh Ramakrishnan 2016-09-23

No other malware/antivirus user cant give correct detection and predition. It gives the correct guidence

Very Nice Malware/virus ditector and Remover Ashik Patel 2016-10-23

Really like this app. This app can protect your phone full on. 24*7 it's working on background. Thnx jio

Pintu Das 2016-10-21

I don't know that it works exactly. In my uc browser a malware was found, but it doesn't recognise that.

Not opening. Khushi Jha 2016-10-19


Security Balu S 2016-10-17

It was nice... preventing all unnecessary apps nd intimating exceptions before installations.. satisfied

GOOD APP TO HAVE Clash With Sreenu 2016-10-14

A real time protection presented to us in the simplest form.. Like it hoping to see further imporvements

Good job Narasimham Sv 2016-09-11

It is doing for system safety a and one more tool is required to clean files and browsing history

Good service rajevan rajevan 2016-10-23

Sum times net was ...slowely calls also not going out. . please give good service to public. Thank you

Great security with Jio sponsored Norton! Utkarsh Sharma 2016-10-21

But, the services of Jio fall very low as speed of internet is very slow. Please do something for this.

MUST HAVE Birendra Chauhan 2016-09-10

If you are a data user then u must have a security app that will safeguard you against digital threats

Jio rocks Indranil Sarkar 2016-09-23

Simply marvelous job, fight for the interconnectivity. We are behind you for all the support you need.

Jio rocks Indranil Sarkar 2016-11-03

Simply marvelous job, fight for the interconnectivity. We are behind you for all the support you need.

LOVE CHIRU 2016-10-22

One of the best antivirus in the store provided by relience thanku soo much for this speed machine....

It is slow 2016-10-18

Detection is not correct needs improvement. Many time it detects same app as high as well as low risk.

Dipak Dipak Mitra 2016-09-10

Bakwas apps hai kuch nai Hota only loading show karta hai chutia jaisa apps develop kiye hai Jio wale

Good app Ankush Kulashri 2016-09-26

This is good app, have many advantages over other security apps. But it's only limited to Jio users.

Usefull Sanjay Sharma 2016-09-25

It is more reliable the another app. Thanks to jio team..... For protect my personal data or device.

Good but not 100% Kri Shan 2016-10-28

At this time its working great but future is uncertain ......means no idea after jio preview is over

So bad to describe Billu Kumar 2016-10-27

Very .very. very. Very..........poor network. No one like this poor.... very... Poor network

Reliance JIO in best 2016-10-16

Jio security is very good and very nice and peculiar app in this time, so thanks of thounds JIO team

It's bekaar 2016-09-23

Maiyaa .......................gayi aise l.............. logo ki ......... p..... de....... c.......

Excellent Rahul Tiwari 2016-11-01

Runs smoothly...and has a simple UI...liked it...though it needs some more features like app lock.

Good Security Ritesh Kumar Soni 2016-10-22

Nice app for android devices. Make safe and secure the device. Associated with Norton AntiVirus.

Great App Security Panther Tiwari 2016-10-18

This is a great app security for other security app. Because this app scan all your device viruses

JIO securely Sayak Chakrabarty 2016-10-30

Nice interface and good features. Can be useful for people who may be looking for a security app.

Albin Babu 2016-10-28

Great work like true antivirus , scan everything and found lot of issues. Thanks Norton & Jio

Awesome App from jio.... Ganesh Chandane 2016-09-11

It is very good app and easy to use . it is necessary for device safety...Thanking us Team Jio..

Nikhil Lahoti 2016-09-19

add pattern lock feature for App lock and also want to include jiosecurity in lockable app list.

Vijay Harvdiya 2016-09-21

Hi Jio Team really it speed is not so good as you committed publically...! Really bad experience

Great working Deepjyoti Baishya 2016-10-22

I do not know how to antivirus .. But this apps work perfectly on my Mi phone. So .. thanks ..

Jio net speed Amit Hernakiya 2016-10-21

Jio offer 4 g speed up to 10 Mbps but I m using it for last 20 days and it has only 2 Mbps speed

Need more options S Dinesh 2016-10-17

App Update option, custom scan option, Browser extension are not available. Kindly try to enable

I don't get any notifications. rajasekhar somaraju 2016-10-23

Since from one month I'm using this app but I don't get any good/ bad there is no notifcations.

Security... Is awsom 2016-10-21

I m satisfied with this app.... User's cane.. Also download this app and secure their device...

Jio is the best Prakash kumar chourasiya 2016-10-20

Jio security is the best friend Jio security always install your phone on safe phone...

Scam app Alok Kharwar 2016-10-14

Forced scam app to be installed for generating jio SIM code. But no code whatsoever. Pathetic.

Good one Cullen Dude 2016-09-25

Working good , but live Update stuck at 75 and thn error, resolve it i am using LYF Flame 1

Good one Pranay Badatya 2016-09-24

As it is powered by norton antivirous so definitely would be good. Norton is a trusted brand.

Error prashant patel 2016-10-19

If skip sigh in , get error : { "success": false, "errors": { "reason": "Access Forbidden"} }

Jio.......Ji Jaan se! Shashikant c. 2016-10-18

India and Indian people are great , ever u getting this type service from any other operator?


my brother IBRAR AHMAD recomonded so i install this app ..this app is fabulous. .thanks bhai

Great application Divya Rani 2016-09-24

Very nice experience with jio Evey app of my jio is good and loving the experiences of jio.

sonuumar singh 2016-09-26

Nice 1 but add some extra just like some hidden some personal photo and video documents etc

Jio security aditya adi 2016-10-13

Its good app for android latest updating....this app is cool catch the unsupprtd files.....

uttam ghosh 2016-09-12

OK..... But I could not able to open & use features for log in I'd........and others..

Jio security service issue Janareddy Mandadi 2016-09-11

Jio security service in accessibility disabled after closing the app. Please fix the issue

Very useful and good app Mahesh Mewari 2016-09-19

Very very useful app for every android device. Scans app on play store before downloading.

Nice app Satyam Sinha 2016-09-23

Antivirus is great,provides all the protective features required in today's antivirus app.

Complete Scan Pragnesh Patel 2016-11-01

I love it bcoz scan an app before installing. It's free for all.wah jio tune kmal kr diya.

कमाल है prabhat srivastav 2016-10-17

एंटी वायरस बहुत अच्छा काम करता है।

Awesome Jio abhishek kumar 2016-10-15

It is awesome app from jio......not only this, all the jio apps are awesome.... i love jio

Abhishek Joshi Abhishek Joshi 2016-10-13

Very good...removed viruses from apps ... And keep speed of surfing... Nice Jio... Thnx...

Just love it Sukhman Singh 2016-10-10

Bai bamb application. It removed a malware from my phone that disturbed me from 4-5 months

Super Guru Sankar 2016-10-26

Just came to know shareit will run in background and try to install apps. Thanks JIO team

It's ok AJAY KUMAR 2016-10-25

It slows down the mobile and even hangs the mobile sometimes.need bit more improvement's.

i am impesseddd minhaj tiger 2016-09-21

the app is the best in the play store download and sevure your phone !!!!

Adipoli Pramod Mohan 2016-10-18

Endishtta...enna kinnan app anu...sammadikanam ambani annane....ingalu puli anu ketta...

Excellent Vivek Kumar G 2016-10-16

It's an awesome app for one plus 3 handset it's very highly produced my device very will

Jio security nimisha prakash 2016-10-13

It's OK. Useful but need further improvement. It doesn't fix the bug. Otherwise it's OK.

Continually failed in install Sanjaygowda B.H. 2016-09-10

I am try to install this app in intex aqua 4g but it is continisly failed in install...

Narendra d.s narendra sundesha 2016-09-19

This app is very nice and useful.i like Jio app feature is Simpal and secure.

Experiacnce bikash singh 2016-10-24

I think isme junk cleaner v hona chahiye or ram free krne ke liye keval scan ke alava v

Safe and Secure vikash jaiswal 2016-10-13

This is the Best app for safety and security to protect mobile data etc .... Thanks JIO

Abhishek Singh 2016-09-25

Download speed shows in kb guys and speed test will show that u r getting 6 to 7 Mbps.

Good Sumit Patel 2016-10-26

As a new player in IT industry Jio hit very good, keep it up to improve performance...

A nice security app Sai Prakash King 2016-10-24

It worked good but in my phone I saw after few days it didn't open.NICE APP FOR PHONE

Act as alarming bell Sandeep Pandey 2016-09-21

It informs regularly about the status of an app...I.e whether it is dangerous or safe


not able to restore the backups , within a day the contacts backup in cloud is lost ?

Very secure app Manju Yadav 2016-10-25

Best mobile security app. Now i can use my net banking worry free. Thank you Reliance

Errorr Vidyanand Gujar 2016-10-23

I just hate that word.Every time I tap to grant,this app shows "something went wrong"

Best security application sonu patel 2016-10-22

Easy and simply use this application & verify all others application virus check

Jio security Pradip Pillai 2016-10-10

It is good but it declared Kindle had medium risk also app takes more time to install

Jio Rahul Sonawane 2016-11-01

Very best for browsing security and anti theft protection with antivirus protection.

Raju Kunjumon Kumaran 2016-10-28

A very useful and efficient application to protect my phone.I love it's performance.

Best security app ever NAMAN PRATAP SINGH 2016-10-27

It really protects my phone.It is the best security app i have ever used..thanks jio

I LIKE sharad sharma 2016-10-27

this is very useful security apps ....thanks jio team but do not speedly reinstall .

It's fantastic Shivam Raghuwanshi 2016-10-25

I just love it it is also very easy to use and it really secures my phone...........

Fix it Abdul Nasim 2016-10-23

Plz fix it. Its shows me no server connection. But my server is connected always.

Problem Akash Mondal 2016-10-18

Please don't Install this App because after Install u dont be not uninstall this App

Excellent 2016-10-18

Super Duper Security For Phone I like Very much Compare to any other security apps.

Good App Ravi Saini 2016-10-12

Good way of scanning Apps. Different App from other security apps. Great job by Jio

Vidya Nanda 2016-09-23 was scan and shown jio apps are high risk and finded malware functionality

Md ali Ali Reza 2016-11-01

I jst loved it...superbbbb everything in jio 4G...thanks jio ... thanks ambani sir

Very good security application for mobile sunil gopi 2016-10-26

Quality of this app is low power consumption, after scanned results are believable

Good Application M. Vijay Kumar Goud 2016-10-13

It is very much useful to know which is risky application so that we can avoid it.

Very good aap Spandan Mondal 2016-11-02

Various security in the various virus . &anti tifht opeshin is best other aap

Awesome Monu Singh 2016-11-01

This is great it has a gud scurty feature. No problem of hanging n battery usage

Just ok ok type 2016-10-30

Needs some improvement in interface as well as features. Its okies but not great.

How to download and install JioSecurity on Android/PC

To enjoy JioSecurity app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioSecurity file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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