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All you need PrAtIk kShIrSaGaR 2016-09-21

This app is giving up all the high quality music, app runs very smooth, even the sound out put is very crystal clear obviously because songs are of high quality, some things you need to know that, equalizer won't work for this app player it says it's in beta mode, and the songs you download via this app won't go to your local music directory and you gotta listen them all in built in app player only. May be in some days tweaks will come out to grab downloaded songs from this app to your local music dir.

Like it but don't love it Samarjit Chowdhury 2016-09-21

I gave it four stars because whatever songs I download here I can't share them. I really love this app very much and would love it even more if.......Well that one is a major issue cause my friends really get angry on me sometimes cause I can't share a with them their fav songs. So a five stars is a big no-no until they make the sharing feature available by the next update i will lower it down to three. And I would like to have the songs to be stored in the memory of the phone rather than in the app.

No search option kamalesh das 2016-09-13

This is a great music app..I have been using saavn since a long time..but this jio music is best in sound quality as it provides 320 kbps...and I can go direct to the album from the song...but one great option is missing from this app and that is one can not search a song from the downloaded song... developers should add this option in offline mode otherwise show the songs in alphabetical's a huge miss...fix it soon.

Could be next good things happened to us!!! Maharshi Mehta 2016-09-21

This app is working perfectly fine on my phone with no issue whatsoever. Although, there is some lag noticed when I try to play online songs which i guess would be due to low internet speed which is Jio4G. Lastly, there are many new album missing from the collection which is really made me gave it 4 star instead of 5 star. Album which are missing from the collection are big one so ignoring that is not a good thing to do.

Select language bug Pawan Kocher 2016-09-11

On personalize language option, I'm just able to select one language from the list..even though header says to select language(s) due to which suggestions are shown for single language..kindly fix this bug......................Update- rendering issue ok got it but still give us choice for selecting combination of prefered languages.

Experienced lots of bugs after update Basanth Kumar Uppalancha 2016-09-11

I am user of letv(leEco) le 1s mobile. I am using this app since from its launch but after update now App force closing itself while entering and 2ndly download sync problems and quality has been changed a lot after update before update it was much better. Look after this once again.

Liked it Dhrumil Soni 2016-09-21

Few songs u might not find coz of different music labels...and its understood coz of copyright issue...otherwise its great ( i think u wont be able to find new songs from zee music label eg : no BAAR BAAR DEKHO SONGS HAVE NOT BEEN UPLOADED)

It's competitive but I have a suggestion Shreyash Phakade-Pawar 2016-09-09

Doesn't have original content like Saavn, Dhingana and Wynk... But it's just the start. So that's forgivable. The main suggestion I have is that this app should be made *controllable by the earphone buttons (Pause, Play and Skip)*

Good for a start Aravind jaya 2016-09-21

Hey JioMusic, your app is simple and good. Nice to see the equalizers and it works smooth. But going forwarded it should be added with more categories , collections of songs and Lyrics supports

App bugs. Arun Kumar 2016-09-09

Jio music makes sound mute while running in background until open the app and replay the music then sound play, sometimes it not fixed until close the app and reopen it.

Can do much better ryan kaiser 2016-09-21

Collection is pretty much restricted, artists like steven wilson and other alternative , progressive rock bands have no mention. Want to see mixtapes in the app as well.

Nice bt needs some improvment Anuj Singh 2016-09-21

Downloaded songs can only be kept in internal storage ..... It should also have the option to change its download storage location....BTW nice approach jio team...

Yogesh Kudale 2016-09-21

IF Music is playing we also need option for lyrics can you make it As we can save it for offline this lyrics options also help Good Apps

help needed Ashfaq Ahmad Khan 2016-09-12

please update that the things we favourited from where can we get the list we want to play please update this this or it is well good

Jio music Mukti Ranjan 2016-09-21

Mast aap hai it's really good this aap we can listen any type of music and any language and the new music also i loved this aap

No multiple languages option Ayush km 2016-09-11

Why can't I choose multiple languages so that I can see all songs and song info is very minimal. Love the UI though

Prasanta Roy 2016-09-21

Amazing application,works smoothly, but sometimes delayed in opening.offline songs are not playing. All-over good .

Fix The Bug! Om Prakash 2016-09-10

It Often Closes Without Closing This App. Fix It, It is a music app & Music stops in middle when app closes .

Good but not perfect Deepak Kumar 2016-09-21

Library is huge accepted but if some nice way of browsing through it was available then it would be perfect.

Good Victor Gowtham 2016-09-21

Provide option to move downloaded songs to sd card or internal storage and it should be played offline also

Fantastic Mohamed Shakeel Ibrahim 2016-09-21

Awesome app. Just have to improve the collection. It did not have many Tamil songs I was looking for.

Flawless app with a few bugs 2016-09-09

Cannot select multiple languages under settings. Otherwise nice collection and intuitive app.

Languages Harish Pothepalli 2016-09-09

No option to select multiple languages on the go....need to change it every time in settings.

Mukesh Singh 2016-09-11

Its a good app but when i m saving any song it is not playing with my system player...

Good Rishav Goyal 2016-09-10

App is great but it download songs in .mp4 please enable downloading in .mp3 extension


Very few times, it stops in the middle and have to restart.. Otherwise.. Its awesome..

Good but still have some issue Rajendra Kumar Yadav 2016-09-21

It is little bit slow app than Ganna and Saavan even their free version having ads.

Very nice Protyush Naskar 2016-09-10

It is a very nice app because it keeps me energetic and i can hear music any where

Nice music app Carl Wilson 2016-09-09

It hangs sometime and also take time to select given track,but overall OK. Thanks

One of the best live streaming app Rahul Radhakrishnan 2016-09-21

Plz add more songs like srk's pardes and more regional songs like malayalam

Sudip Sarkar 2016-09-21

Plz give option to download it permanently and use it on other music app.

Nayan Deole 2016-09-09

Good collection of music but after download it cannot play in other apps

Awesome app but..... Shubhankar Shukla 2016-09-21

It's an amazing app but can you please fix some bugs in ur music player

Loved It.. Jinendra Yadgire 2016-09-21

Good collection in many language's, easy to use, no buffering...

Great akhil e.v 2016-09-21

Loved the app.But I am not able to select multiple Lananguages.

Not working 2016-09-09

Its hanged. But they called and helped me. Nice support. Good

Kumar Gundu 2016-09-21

Song collections from ಕನ್ನಡ is so good! Nice app!!

Good vibes Pradyuman Thakur 2016-09-21

Keep uptaded yourself with latest vibes and guys gr8 job...

Good 2016-09-21

If you want to lesten good songs then come here..jeo music

Downloaded songs Kanan Patro 2016-09-13

I can't change the source of d songs to sd card. Plz help

Sambit Kumar Mohanty 2016-09-21

there is a problem with the song daaru peeke dance Karen.

Easy selection Devang Shukla 2016-09-09

Trust worthy app and lots of existing this available.

Nice app Dhananjayan Subramani 2016-09-21

Best free music app as for now. Well done jio team.

loved it Biswajit Das 2016-09-21

it would be better if it will display the lyrics.

One more thing to be added Abhishek Vakharia 2016-09-11

Allow to play device songs too through your app.

Better than gaana or saavn Vir Desai 2016-09-21

No subscription is needed to download the music.

Razi Abdul Rasheed M A 2016-09-21

Continuous Playlist playing has to be optimized

Love the selection chanakya kumar 2016-09-21

Selection of song are too good I just love it

Room to Grow. Ravi Kumar 2016-09-21

Make the Interface little more interactive.

superb kaushlendra singh 2016-09-21

very cool collection of all types of songs

superb Kaushlendra Singh 2016-09-21

very cool collection of all types of songs

Music Ragavendran Ragaven 2016-09-21

It's HD Music, excellent please continue

Nice Swastik Tripathy 2016-09-11

Please add some odia musics and bhajans

Awesome Srinivaas Shirodkar 2016-09-21

P.S : daily update will be just rocking

Pandia Rajan 2016-09-21

Please add Music Legend ILAYARAJA Radio

Superb NOOR AHAMED 2016-09-21

Need some changes likes normal players

Umesh Tiwari 2016-09-21

Searching should be more convenient..

Not a bad or not a good... 2016-09-21

Most of songs is half not a full songs

Good one Nikhil J Kashyap 2016-09-21

Happy to get both new and old songs

Upgrade please. Kinshuk Goyal 2016-09-13

Please upgrade to FLAC quality. :]

Amazing R Kumar 2016-09-11

Old to new all songs are present

Deepak Katad 2016-09-21

Add music to mobiles music aap

Punjabi Amrender singh 2016-09-09

Add punjabi Religious rhythms

Needs more perfection. Amit Ashank 2016-09-21

for search, offline mode etc.

Listen anywhere 2016-09-21

You can listen songs anywhere

good it Mohammad Firoz 2016-09-09

very good app for music...

Jio music brajesh soni 2016-09-21

Very good app.. I like it

Anand Keloth 2016-09-21

Great collection of songs

Jacky Kanta 2016-09-21

Good musical experience

Love it Likith Kumar 2016-09-10

Nice quality in music

good Sourav Kumar 2016-09-21

need some improvement

Srinivas Adabala 2016-09-11

Very good collection

Ganesh Saini 2016-09-21

Liked the collection

Vinay Kumar 2016-09-21

Best song collection

It's awesome.. sanket kotak 2016-09-21

Nice quality songs..

Supereb Sethumadhavan P 2016-09-11

So nice really good

Can do better Hare Ram Sahu 2016-09-10

Very nice music app

really nice PREM BAJAJ 2016-09-21

jio..."jug-jug jio"

Ks Gajendran 2016-09-21


ravi pratap singh 2016-09-21

Forced close issue

Naiyar Naiyar I 2016-09-11

Good aplication

Jio user Chandan Tikadar 2016-09-21

It's awesome...

Kondaarudra arudra konda 2016-09-21

Nice music app

Vijay Soren 2016-09-21

Loving it....

SOUMEN SANYAL 2016-09-21


Manish Chaudhary 2016-09-21

Little slow

Abhisek Das 2016-09-21

Good enough

JioMusic rajesh rajput 2016-09-21

Truly great

Only in app downloading.... Prajwal SB 2016-09-21

So 4 stars

Good Mithun Modi 2016-09-21

Keep it up

Ankit Prajapati 2016-09-21


Varaprasad Vardhi 2016-09-21

superb app

rawnak peedarp 2016-09-21


Awesome Ravi Chandra 2016-09-11

Supeb app

superb JAVED BAYAD 2016-09-21

very nice

Nazim Shaad 2016-09-21

It's Good

Sweet 2016-09-21

Vry testy

Jintu 2016-09-13


Its nice Yogesh M 2016-09-12

Its nice

Manoj shahani 2016-09-11

Good app

Soham Thakkar 2016-09-21

Nice app

Good app Praveen Yadav 2016-09-21

Good app

bijoy dey 2016-09-12


Ok Sathish Lokesh 2016-09-11

I liked

Mimu Mimu Reja 2016-09-10


Good Ahmad ashhar 2016-09-21


gopi mourya 2016-09-10




sravani segireddy 2016-09-09


Parag Paliwal 2016-09-21


Krishnroop Anil 2016-09-21


RAVI B 2016-09-21


Saras Sharma Vishal 2016-09-21


Deepak Jadhav 2016-09-13


Use full Gokul Saran 2016-09-12


Mayank Seth 2016-09-11


Music at your finger tip chandra Sekhar 2016-09-11


Osam Jaipal birhman 2016-09-10


veerasankar yeturi 2016-09-10


Vishwa V 2016-09-09


Naman Kumar Gupta 2016-09-09


Madhu Sudhan 2016-09-09


Rustam Mugail 2016-09-21


Mahendra Solanki 2016-09-21


krishan bansal 2016-09-21


Good deepesh swain 2016-09-21


mukesh krishna 2016-09-21




MD ASHRAFI 2016-09-13


No cooom sukhendu bal 2016-09-21


Chavda Yuvraj 2017-06-08

This is best music app

saipavan soora 2017-06-08


Rajibul Islam 2017-06-08

One of the best music app

Happy Sharma 2017-06-08

Good Indian Music App

Javed Malak 2017-06-08


only fun 2017-06-08

I dont now about the app because the app is not open my 3s prime ...


Very dailar ton set kar

rohan dey 2017-06-08

Good subscription and no pay any money...

Patel Milind 2017-06-08

Nice one

mithun kumar 2017-06-08

Very nice

Mahendra Vijay 2017-06-08

The app is overall good but dont have many albums and movies in its list....plz add them and i will give 5 star


It helped me in many situations

Kamaljeet Singh 2017-06-08


sunil Goswami 2017-06-08

excellent works on slow internet also Ads free but it automatically closes after few mins and lyrics feature should be their

Prem Latha 2017-06-08

Good ap


It's good app useful

mantosh harpal 2017-06-08

Very good


Better then saavn and gaana !

yadhav vilsan 2017-06-08

Totally good...

Amardeep Gautam 2017-06-08

Best online music app

Armaan Hitesh 2017-06-08

Almost good but sometimes it doesn't sync the Jio tune operation

Sanjay Malviya 2017-06-08


vicky baksi 2017-06-08

I love this app.


Useful Useful

Akshay naik 2017-06-08

Good app


Dj braho

Adityaraj Dhanjay 2017-06-08

Awesome... Perfect as compared to other music apps.. All is good but somtimes it takes time to open and load.

Vidz Varun 2017-06-07

Its doesn't​ have all songs..some songs are missing..


It feel me fresh

purvik patel 2017-06-07



Awesome app....

Alok Yadav 2017-06-07

Amazing but some old songs are not over there that's why I will give u only 4

Sajith Menon 2017-06-07


Basavana Gowda 2017-06-07

But this app takes too much of data...


Its really superb music app I really like it

Kumar Chittoor 2017-06-07


ayush singh 2017-06-07

Songs are automatically saved to phone memory and there is no option to change download location which makes phone a bit laggy.

Abhijit Kumar 2017-06-07

Nice app

Vinay polimera 2017-06-07

It's very nice app for

Dhan Raj 2017-06-07

Good app but song search is very doesn't search all songs related to search keyword is same.


This is a great app for online music but it sometimes lakes will listing to music online but overall it is a good app I love it

Chandra Sekhar 2017-06-07


Anik Adhikary 2017-06-07

Nice one Ambani Bhai. :brofist:

Charan Kamal Singh 2017-06-07

Good app


It's very easy nd fast app comparison in others

Mohsin Rahman 2017-06-07

It's most of my fav Hindi songs Is not allowed to make Jio tunes..

venky venkat 2017-06-07

But but much more songs required to be added

Shivani Gola 2017-06-07


Fluting Is In Our D.N.A 2017-06-07


Aathi Sivan 2017-06-07



A good aap for love of music

Md hemaytullah 2017-06-07

Good apps

Balu Baby 2017-06-07


Puneet Singh Singh 2017-06-07

Its a nice app : no problems with it

soudamini Puhan 2017-06-07

The music are rock

vikas kumar 2017-06-06

Online radio

Arpit Banerjee 2017-06-06

The music stops autoplaying many a times . Please check as we have to then manually play them.

Ravi Kumar 2017-06-06

Its gud app for Music

SANTOSH GUPTA 2017-06-06

Nice app

Amit kumar 2017-06-06


Anuj Kumar Samrat 2017-06-06

Can not transfer music outside this app

RAKESH YADAV 2017-06-06



Awsom app


Please add Google cast feature, then I will give 5 star. Gr8 music app.

saurabh mishra 2017-06-06

Not bad. ..

Md. Jasim 2017-06-06


Pawan Gupta 2017-06-06

Plz add a option for lyrics .. Thats it then this jio music app is complete

CHAHAK SHUKLA 2017-06-06

good 1 with a best quality

Raju Narige 2017-06-06

Good app


How can i download this songs?

How to download and install JioMusic - HD Music & Radio on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMusic - HD Music & Radio app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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