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Good App Mayank Gajjar 2016-09-21

Hii please Let us choos Multiple Languages In settings So that we can enjoy Multiple Languages Music at one place so that we dont Have hassel to change language often. And please improve the ui of the app. Some times it gets Crashed so please solve this!

Good , but can be better Mr. Heisenberg 2016-09-21

The bit rate is outstanding. Crisp tones and great bass delivery. The app however tends to suffer with UI issues that degrades experience. Also , we need an option to delete entire folders instead of selecting every downloaded song.

Shuffle & Repeat unsynchronized piyush bhardwaj 2016-09-09

Shuffle keeps on repeating songs even when Repeat is off shuffle also doesn't play all songs in the playlist it keeps on playing only 3-5 songs back and forth

Auto closing while listening songs in background Krishna Byale 2016-09-09

This app is good with good playing list. One issue i encountered is that , this app closing auto while listening songs in background. Need to fix this issue.

So far good but sai teja 2016-09-11

App is good in providing wife range of songs but a disappointment that can't save downloaded songs to storage to directly accessed or to share to frnds

Could be Better Puspal Dey 2016-09-21

There are lots of improvements to be made.. like ability to share songs and the downloaded songs can't be sorted into albums or singer based

Songs are good . player should improve Ganesh Sekar 2016-09-21

Queue is not working properly like the play music app . Would love to give 5 if the player features are stable and quality improvises.

Ganesh Kaila 2016-09-13

Quite irritating to use. No controls on the screen lock. App is not playing the next song when the screen got locked.

Satisfactory, but.. philips prince 2016-09-11

Good sound quality but, the option to shift the songs in the que is not possible when in the screen locked mode.

Liked it but some issues are there Hemanth Kumar 2016-09-21

Some times songs are not able to download, showing download error, Fix it. Pls Update new songs quickly

Need to develop more vishnu priya 2016-09-21

More songs missing. No shuffle option. Not able to move downloaded songs to the playlist

Download problum shyam ji upadhyay 2016-09-21

Nice app.if we save any song in memory card it just currpt after few secnd playing.

3 star only 3 Ujjwal Singh 2016-09-13

This service is not best but something is perfect yaa i can not belive this app

Not working in Samsung galaxy A8 som gupta 2016-09-12

Not works after showing wallpaper of jio music when open the app.

It's ok Aslam Aslu 2016-09-21

Good but i download a song, can't see the song in file manager

Nischay Rathi 2016-09-21

Okay great initiative!! But not as its competitors!

Vikas dadhwal 2016-09-10

Limited song collection but app is good

Good app 2016-09-11

Like music online Player love him

Ayush Shakya 2016-09-13

Can't select multiple languages

biswanath nahak 2016-09-21

No option for save in sd card

harmans sandhug 2016-09-12

Plz add lastest punjabi song

Cant fast forward pratik gandhi 2016-09-13

Cant fast forward trackkkkk

solman raju 2016-09-21

Good collection of songs

Jasvant singh Gurjar Jasvant Singh Gurjar 2016-09-10

गुर्जR Boy

Great app ajith george 2016-09-11

Gud quality!!!

surya king 2016-09-12


TOO MUCH 2016-09-13


Very good ape Allu Naidu 2016-09-10


anand singh 2016-09-21

I like it

Pratyush Seth 2016-09-11

Nice app

Tanmoy Saha 2016-09-13

Nice ..

Sahil 4747 2016-09-21


ajay vijay 2016-09-21


Azhar Ateeq 2016-09-09


Prakash H 2016-09-21


Nice Jagdish Gade 2016-09-09


Ni Bharat sinh Rajput 2016-09-13


Viral Server 2017-06-08

I can't change my jio tune.. Why?

Amit Prasad 2017-06-08

Good application and good luck for making more better....

Charak Khare 2017-06-08

fix the caller tune they just take loading and loading but not set tune

Radheshyam Suryawanshi 2017-06-08

Love your app its great keep improving providing such good service .. But All songs are not available to set as jio tune .. only bollywood and latest English songs are available But old and some of the latest one are not available ..... You should fix this .

Sharath Kannoju 2017-06-08

It works too slow

kishore varma 2017-06-08

For caller tune need an option for starting from anywhere in song instead of beginning.I thought it will be better when adjust this in App for Jio tune.

sal man 2017-06-08

Oh jio dhan dhana dhan


App is good

Sonu Kumar 2017-06-08



Bhole Nath mantra not available for callertune

anubhav gupta 2017-06-08

Gud but take a ling time to open in 3 gb ram mobile phone than u can think of low ram handsets

Shubham Lohani 2017-06-07

It will be better if we can play the songs which are already in the phone.


if you want jain 600 Bhajan/stavan Song pl Contact

Sidharthasankar Chellaram 2017-06-07

I can't download the songs only i m able to listen

arjun agrhari 2017-06-07


Mir Zubair 2017-06-07

New songs are not added...especially Teri ankho ke jhalalak dekhe ik zamana hua

RAHUL YADAV 2017-06-07


Mujhe lagta hai ki Jo Jio tune hai wo song ka Kon sa hisa bajega wo customer ke hisab se hona chahiye.

Akshu Saklani 2017-06-07


onkar vanga 2017-06-07

Not able to create ur own folders

Rishabh kaushik 2017-06-07

It's good but sometimes gv problems when we sm music app crash Thank you jio.....

deepak jaiswal 2017-06-07

Nice app

Vipin Jindal 2017-06-07

I love it!!!!!!!!

Golam Wahid 2017-06-07

Need a wider collection

Mohammed Afnan Bin Nazar 2017-06-07

If internet is on, app crashes and music stops while putting in background for some minutes(about 5 mins). Also, there's a lagging while switching between the songs that are not downloaded. Fix these and will be perfect.

tharmingam jajo 2017-06-07

its good but i feel litle dislike becouse i wish to play my downloaded songs in jio music without using net.

ankit kumar 2017-06-06

I can give 5* if downloaded song can be saved in SD cards.

Tanmay Kamath 2017-06-06

Lots and lots of Dev is still pending. App crashes, volume distortion. Has much more room for improvement.


This app is ok..but from few days it starts ​to crash in middle of streaming..please check the problem and fix it asap.

vikrant khot 2017-06-06

Full power app


My mobile samsung j1 is suport but dilertone not activate

Subhash Mishra 2017-06-06

Please add few maithli language songs .

devlal sahu 2017-06-06

song collection is very good but i mis tha chhattisgarh song

aryan singhal 2017-06-06

Please allow us to add our own songs downloaded on our device as ringtones.

Krishna Mhatre 2017-06-06

This app is OK for streaming, downloading, playlists, with Equalizer. But this app is not smooth and responsive to user input and app design language is not Material Design but some inconsistent design language. Please if not Material Design then at least get rid of green neon Colors they are offensive to the eyes. Thanks for reading.


Try to better.

Naveen Beelwal 2017-06-06

Iam not able to download songs from this app. Could you please look into

mukesh meena 2017-06-06

Very good

Rekha Rani 2017-06-05

Too much

fazal khan 2017-06-05


Chandu Vihari Sivadanam 2017-06-05

I need a cloud to store my music


I like the app....

Sujay S 2017-06-05

Jiomusic is having lots of bugs, Downloaded​ song gets buffering when we switch on data while listening downloaded song...


Good gold

vikhyat mohan 2017-06-05

Well they are not showinhg set jio tune

Music mani Chityala 2017-06-05

It's ok

Koushal Bhokta 2017-06-05

Use and judge

SHIVAM MISHRA 2017-06-05

While opening the app it's automatic shutdown...! please solve this issue...I love this app my device is Redmi 3s I don't know it's a device problem or app problem but it's not working!

omkar wanjari 2017-06-05

Not bad

Abdul Gani 2017-06-05

good app

kumar sourabh 2017-06-05

app is crashing everytime when i open it on Redmi note 3 !! Hate this

Desi Viner 2017-06-05

App crashes frequently after 2 3 mins. I have reinstalled it 5 times but nothing happened. Please fix this bug to get 5star

kanish kanth 2017-06-05

Good ..


nice app but some song not found

Shashank Jain 2017-06-05

It not work properly.. most of time stop and close suddenly

Keerat Arora 2017-06-05

it's mediocre..

Kp Doot 2017-06-05

Very nice aaps Jio


यह app थोड़ा slow है।download भी बहुत slow है

Shivam Rai 2017-06-04

Please improve

Rajesh Bagri 2017-06-04

Trending on jio which has 100 songs. One can only download first 20 using download button. To download all the songs one has to download each and every song one by one. Which is really annoying. This needs to be fixed.

Radha Tiwari 2017-06-04


Ramu chava 2017-06-04

Please make sure this should be listed in music default app of android settings..then only it will be automatically launched with Bluetooth devices

aditya sadhyan 2017-06-04

The apps keeps on crashing, whenever I open it, it will simply crash the first (after showing a grayish screen) and on the second time launch. However a lot of time it will again crash mid songs, fed up of this

Sir AD's stuff 2017-06-04

Add more songs to the app server, there are many many songs that are unavailable in it.

Ayush Saraswat 2017-06-04

I am not able to delete the downloaded songs..plz tell me how to delete them...You should add the lyrics option. This would make it a perfect music application.

uday kumar kalyanam 2017-06-04



Please add more songs and create Playlist for students for doing maths. Fix the buges


Sk arbaz

sreekara sarma 2017-06-04

This app is not yet in competition with other apps in market. Not easy interphase Am using it bcz its free along with my jio sim but its not attractive and addictive as others in the market. Plz do improve juo misic

Nikul Vadher 2017-06-04

Everything is good but sometimes buttona not working properly

Raveena Rathore 2017-06-04

I can't opn it in 1st click... agn n agn try but canteen opn..atleast uninstall Nd re-installation

Shibin marana mass 2017-06-04

Pretty cool

VIKASH KUMAR 2017-06-04

It's not downloading properly

Mithun Guddethota 2017-06-04

Deleting downloaded songs is a great missing feature !!!

Bipin Mahto 2017-06-04


Krishna Shaw 2017-06-03

This has an beautiful collection of all kind of music from varieties of language throughout the world . I love the app much but not very much as because it's storage creates an hell lot of problem by reducing the ram power and which hampers it means it doesn't have option to completely download and play in other .every user have an access via their account in Jio music app and even some times in offline I cannot get excess to my music . And this data's are encrypted so we cannot share directly to our lovable ones. I think in future Jio will launch application with better aplicant issue solved.

Gauti's vlogs 2017-06-03

The app is awesome ... But there are some problem on it... Its turn off sometime.. While im using other applications.. Plz solve this issue.

Debraj Sutradhar 2017-06-03

Why on earth we can't store the downloaded songs in sd card??? Its like a disaster for devices with low ROM...


Much needed improve, where is favorite sector?


Quality of songs is poor

Chitra Manoj 2017-06-03

The app is good but can't set some songs as JioTunes.... Please fix that stuff....


Song quality is good , equalizer is great. All was well, but after updating , it is not working well. It closes down automatically, can't use it anymore in online mode.


Koyl bole


Its some time automatically close in my device and not open again


Search song not found

Ishaan Agarwal 2017-06-03

Please add the option like move to SD card and set up as ringtone. If these options were there I would definitely give it 5 stars. Add those in the next update

Badre Alam Shek 2017-06-03


Kundan K Singh 2017-06-03

Need fix for basic music player functionality doesn't support Android playback functionality unplugging headphones doesn't stop playback UI needs heavy refinement

sanskar agarwal 2017-06-03

Hey could you please fix this it keeps telling unable to retrieve data try again later please tell me what to do

Joydeep Das 2017-06-03

Gud apps jio music

Azhio Kapani 2017-06-03

Its good wit huge collection of songs bt ....cant rate more bcoz cant change the caller tune i cant event deactivate.plz fixed that in ur next update

Golu Thakur 2017-06-03

Very poor

Hasibul Hussain 2017-06-02

Very useful app for all.. Pls download this app u can hear new realised songs.... Gys don't forget

Yogesh Vinante 2017-06-02

Very nice apps

Ashish Agarwal 2017-06-02

Individual song cannot be added to playlist in album. Pls fix.

Piyush Chavare 2017-06-02


vishal panwar 2017-06-02



The offer and service are great but the app is battery hogging and RAM eater. 200+MB of RAM being used after closing for no apparent reason. This is also depleting battery very quickly.

md ashif 2017-06-02

Nice aap

Sumit Thapliyal 2017-06-02

The app is good. Songs quality is awesome. I would have rated it 5 star if i could really set any song as my ringtone. Only famous songs can be set as a ringtone.

Anand Jayaswal 2017-06-02

Good app online music

Rohit Gupta 2017-06-02

Now This App is Working Better Than Earlier. But Still PLAY NEXT Feature is Not Working Properly.

Crazy me-h 2017-06-02

It is good but it don't have Islamic naats


To download songs


చాలా బాగుంటుంది

Rakesh Saini 2017-06-02

Good job by jio music

Shiv Dhuman Dwivedi 2017-06-02

set as jio tune option have do not show,please solve problem,thanx team jio

ayush anish 2017-06-02

Why some English songs don't show to add as jio tune..please fix this..

DK Singh 2017-06-02


navneet charan 2017-06-02


pritam kabui 2017-06-02


Ravi Kumar 2017-06-01

Need a tower in my town saharsa

Bappaditya Bag 2017-06-01


Vamsi Kiran 2017-06-01

Should Update Quickly with the new songs for setting as JioTunes

prashant shrinivas 2017-06-01

Good app

Vadhindra Kumsi 2017-06-01

I really like this app. But there are many bugs.. the shuffle feature does not work properly, it just keeps on repeating songs. deleted songs are still in offline playlist..


Not all song

Vishal Singh 2017-06-01


Chhaya Sureka 2017-06-01

It's ok

abhishek sinha 2017-06-01

The app crashes often on startup. Kindly fix that. Apart from that its a decent music app.

Alok Soni 2017-06-01

Nice app. It has a some problem. App automatically shutdown during playing songs.

Aashish Jurri 2017-06-01

Songs can't save sdcard file this is wrong

Avitesh Singh 2017-06-01

Good aap

Paper Crafts Tutorials 2017-06-01

I like it but I can't save downloaded song on my phone SD card

Ritesh Marbade 2017-06-01


ashok ntr 2017-06-01

Good but not satisfied

Alok Nagvanshi 2017-06-01

App is going close again and again while playing songs

davesh verma 2017-06-01

Nice app

Santhosh Kumar 2017-06-01

I am giving 3 star for this app because after downloading song for offline use whenever I play without internet it is not playing properly it stops in between I am not satisfied

Sunil Sahu 2017-06-01

A bit slow need more improvement and English music section is quite good


Update needed.....

Mahendra Upadhyay 2017-05-31

jio tune preview not working

sam nawale 2017-05-31

This is best but it always stops. "Please fix that."

Binit Sengupta 2017-05-31

Some songs cannot be set as caller tunes

Adarsh K. Yadav 2017-05-31

Frequent closing of app.

Arpit Katiyar 2017-05-31

I can't download tracks. It sucks

Isha Sethi 2017-05-31

For certain songs it tells that jio music can be played on jio sim only though I am playing it on jio sim only

Siddhant Sahani 2017-05-31

Not good but it needs more assembles

sumeet rathore 2017-05-31


Gyana Ranjan 2017-05-31



Really music


Nice apps work

NIDHISH K.N. 2017-05-31

Set as jio tune is not working

sharad sharma 2017-05-31

जीओ म्यूज़िक plese give more new song

Kaustubh Shukla 2017-05-31

Unable to change and reset Jio Tune after setting once. Please help.

ponnusamy samy 2017-05-31


sandeep raj 2017-05-31


Tejaswi Bhargava 2017-05-31

This one's amongst my fav music app but ain't not worth a 5 star coz it doesn't provide you with Hollywood songs as a callertune! That sucks!

Mridul chakraborty 2017-05-31

Nyc aap


V Fine

parth Prajapati 2017-05-30

Problem related opening jio music app

Layaba Noor 2017-05-30

could have rated it 5 but i can't set a song as jio tune

Aravind Kumar 2017-05-30

It's good application

Yatin Sharma 2017-05-30

Kbhi to update kr diya kro songs....Radio mode p purane songs hi availe h bs....

shiva manoj 2017-05-30

After downloading some songs remaining songs are not downloading.

Vinoth Raj 2017-05-30



Nice one mate just got

Dileep Adhitya 2017-05-30

It's really outstanding app And I want movie dialogues also

vikram sah 2017-05-30

you should allow multiple languages selection and the sign in happens after clicking skip on the login page

Benjaminsultan Ering 2017-05-30

Good thing happening for music lovers.

Rajesh Singh Rathore 2017-05-30


Lalit Khatri 2017-05-30

Some time it doesn't work.... playlist is automatically escape.


Free music is good, but there are a lot of bugs. The app is kinda sluggish. Won't download or add to playlist sometimes. I would recommend on implementing a sleep timer.

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To enjoy JioMusic - HD Music & Radio app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
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  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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