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Vipin Khanna 2016-09-10

With the latest update, the songs in radio stations stop playing once the screen of the phone or tab turns off (goes into sleep). One has to "wake up" the device for the songs to resume playing.

Buggy Downloading Mayank Bajaj 2016-09-12

Having a lot of trouble in downloading, the progress bar keeps on moving without any indication of download progress.

Crashing all the time Ajinkya Birajdar 2016-09-10

Hangs when song is played. after a 1st song is finished playing it crashes. Started crashing after update.

Not worthy Little Heart 2016-09-12

It takes too long too start whats ur jio sim doing its half and hours and more take still not start

Problem Santhosh Kumar 2016-09-11

Can't play downloaded songs in offline mode the app says 'sync content before use how to solve it?

Ghisa Ram Verma 2016-09-10

Consuming too much data in background, resulting in battery discharge faster

Auto off Pawan Kumar 2016-09-10

In moto g turbo, its always being auto off, CRASH

Jacob Handique 2016-09-21

After downloaded Why song is not saved in memory

Chellapandiyan .M 2016-09-12

Make the downloads to save it in sdcard

Gurwinder Ginda51 2016-09-21

Jio 2G speed its bad too hate it


Functions does not perform will

Tamanna Jhamnani 2016-09-21

Nilesh Maheshwari 2016-09-11

Not opening after update

Prasanth Reddy 2016-09-21

songs are not playing


Any person

Sai Sai Prasad Patro 2016-09-21


Half BLOOD PRINCE 2016-09-21


suhail khan 2016-09-21


Zjsj Jitendra Patel 2016-09-10


Manorhita Gaikwad 2017-06-08

It keeps exiting from playing on every 10-15 minutes... I have to restart it everytime from the beginning... Bugged out totally... Hope it's worked upon...

Gurjar Sachin Nagar 2017-06-08

I have a big problem in opening Jio Music, it only shows the Jio Music sign with a green background, help me to resolve this issue.

Biswajit Dey 2017-06-07


Narayan shah 2017-06-07

I would have have given it 5 star.. it works flawlessly while streaming but after i download the song for offline mode it fails to play downloaded songs..

Sudarshan Cricketer 2017-06-07

It's not responsive..worst music app not even opens properly

Abinash Karjee 2017-06-07

The song that I want to put in the caller tune is not available..and all the songs can not be put on the caller tune..and here the played late i maen ..after playing a song after another,letting the is changed are some songs not available..I m not happy with these music apps..


Not upto mark like gaana app etc

Mangal Sain Sharma 2017-06-07

After listening one or more songs on radio it stops automatically so please recover this problem

tarun613 2017-06-07

Does not work. On clicking play, nothing happens

Rishi Kumar 2017-06-07

Whenever i clicks the icon to open ot automatically closes..and crashes. I installed it twice and again same problem... Need to update it.

Rajeshkumar Yadav 2017-06-07

Good music app but music library is limited and cannot find songs I m looking for. Dropped 2 star what is the notification panel sometimes dark so dark that you cannot even see the control buttons

AjAy Bhagat 2017-06-07

Always hang

Rishabh Jain 2017-06-07

Power Hungry.! It needs serious performance improvements.

Prîtèsh Málpé 2017-06-06

Many Popular Songs Are not Added in the App... And if they are present ... Then We are not able to set as Jio tune.... JIO U seriously Need To work On it if U want us to trust Ur app and Needed tht we should use it Regular ..... Hope You will work on it.... Early .... Writing guys For Progress.....

Abhishek Hule 2017-06-06

Not able to download music for offline listening ...always getting same error "Unable to download please try again later" just cannot understand what to do ???

Bhuwan bhuwan 2017-06-06

Sound is clear but,apps Music equalizer not good......


Hangs frequently


No Hollywood songs as jio tune

Devang Singh 2017-06-06

Good app but has short collection of songs. Songs of movie hello brother or songs like ye Jo halka halka suroor hai are missin. Search results also need to be update.

Danish Gazi 2017-06-06

It crush on redmi 3s prime

ANAND KUMAR 2017-06-05

After downloading song not playing

Cris James 2017-06-05

Plz fix my problem i can't set justin's despacito as my caller tune ....fix this problem then i'll give 5 star

Soham Samant 2017-06-05

It doesn't work.whenever I wanted to download any song it just shows downloading.....but in actuall it doesn't do so.....n can't download on 4G network even if it's of something jio team....its disgusting

Medasani Chaitanya 2017-06-05

It crashes everytime,secondly there is no control of this app while listen on screen lock


because u must fix bugs only it not properly

Mahammed Faizal 2017-06-05

Had a bad experience. Unable to find songs. search system is vry bad.. That's y m giving 2Star.

PANKAJ KUMAR 2017-06-05

For selection to any song to listen at jio caller tune its does not show music on

Amaranatha Reddy 2017-06-05

Download songs not play

Emamul Hassan 2017-06-05

Plz, use

Kritiyamika Kanwal 2017-06-04

I can't believe the issues this app has - Doesn't open with a single click, playlist doesn't keep on playing the songs on it's on and I have to again n again go to the app to play the next one, jio tune preview won't load, song playing halts in between too often...

mukesh adhiyol 2017-06-04


OPPO biswajeet sahoo 2017-06-04


Aarnav Gupta 2017-06-03

The design is appealing, but monotonous. Also, there needs to be a play a button which plays all the downloaded songs, including the albums. Also, add some animations. It's too flat.

mansi soni 2017-06-03

It's take too much time to open as well as select d song... I already had updated version.. Bt stl m facing slow app outcm..

Vikash Choudhary 2017-06-03


Koteeswaran Padmanaban 2017-06-03

Need more development


Needs impovement

karan singla 2017-06-02

It's ok



BHASKAR B 2017-06-02

A very good app

Dev Shah 2017-06-02

It crashes a lot when I do multitasking with this app

Sekar C 2017-06-01

Very nice app

Rahul Singh 2017-06-01

Songs Database is good but app is worst... So many glitches are there moreover its slow on its own JIO 4 G. One of the glitches are, If shuffle and repeat mode are off it wont play any next song.

Shadab Ahmed 2017-06-01

In MIUI Album art is not visible on lockscreen

rajeshkumar ch 2017-06-01

I like whole app but one thing whenever I want to download the song it saying unable to download this time try again later plz solve this issue asap regards

saksham sharma 2017-06-01

It's too much buggy. It seems that they haven't launched out a beta for some people and they are testing beta version of app by rolling it out to millions of people. Lot of things to improve and as a developer I see them to a quite time consuming. Starting from ui it's not at all smooth. In short it could be next big thing but NEXT not current

Jwalant Shah 2017-06-01

App crashes after 6-7mins in my mi note 4 please fix this

Vaisakh PS 2017-06-01

i am not able to play the songs in my download list.pls fix it

Harish Ranjith 2017-06-01

No equalizer in this app


Dose no working for downloaded

uday yadav 2017-05-31

On my samsung galaxy j2 unfortunatly stoped and close app

mehul joshi 2017-05-31

jio tune option not working properly

naveen srinivasan 2017-05-31

Poor very poor I installed jio music especially for setting jio tune but there are less songs very less songs for jio tunes



Rohan verma 2017-05-30

App is lagging in my lyf phone.

Saran Mahesh 2017-05-30

Issues with set as ringtone please solve it

tharun vardhan 2017-05-30

Can't opening the app

rajnaidu balraj 2017-05-30

Good one

Tsering Norbu 2017-05-30

Even when I log in through jio sim why the songs are not able to play on?????????


Unable to play JioTune preview of Set as Jio Tune earlier it was working but now it's not working. Please fix it.

Satyam Singh 2017-05-30

Needs a lot of work.. crashes too often in Redmi phones.

vathsa sri 2017-05-29

You should definitely change the ux a lot. No one wants songs to be played directly when you tap on them, adding them to queue would be good. And if i wanna remove a song from queue I have to press and wait till I get a popup which is really annoying.

Sarthak Maheshwari 2017-05-29

Facing a lot of problems . The app isn't able to play songs online and all I'm able to do is listen to the previously downloaded content. Says that it is unable to retrieve data . Extremely annoying.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar 2017-05-29


Aman Patnayak 2017-05-28

The jio tune preview is not working.. Can't listen to the jio tune before setting it..

Akhil G 2017-05-28

Can't able to hear the preview of the jio tunes just keeps loading

Deepanshu Gupta 2017-05-28

Jiotune preview not working after recent update.

Sandeep Kumar 2017-05-28

Sorry for that but it cannot read songs from my Phone and feature of jio tune is not working.please help me out of this

Tushar Deewan 2017-05-28


Shivam Nahata 2017-05-27

Downloaded Songs does not play offline and online. No use of downloading the songs.


It's good but when We download songs after few days they are not able to play

Sai Chaithanya Elapanti 2017-05-27

Songs were not being played after downloaded

SAGAR KUMAR 2017-06-11

I have lot of issue right now first is not responding while to set jio tune plz solve it as soon as posibal

ram kingre 2017-06-11

No sacrh marathi song please halp

Hai Eshak 2017-06-11

Problems to keep helo tunes

aishwarya Vydya 2017-06-11


Sayan Misra 2017-06-11

set as jio tune portion is not working...can't be set that...

Ashutosh Yadav Yadav 2017-06-11

Vary Poor

Ravi Prakash Singh 2017-06-11

It's a real pain to search a specific song if it's not popular even though it's present.

Dhananjay Rewatkar 2017-06-11

Always crashes without any issue

Tech India 2017-06-10

This music app has only one missing feature - select more than one language at a time. It would be very nice if I could select Hindi as wellas English as the language of the music. I also expect that this feature will be available soon.

Keshav Upadhyay 2017-06-10

Abruptly stoping again and again. Play & pause features are not good.

darshan suthar 2017-06-10

Crash on miui 8.2 so plz solve problem

Janam J Deka 2017-06-10

Total buggy. App got hang everytime. Suffling song does not work properly. Total nonsense app. Devloper please work on it

Muthu Kumar 2017-06-10

Offline streaming not. Recommended to uninstall again installation.very bsd

Vijay Duhlani 2017-06-10

Cannot make My favourite songs as my caller tune on Akon songs Caller tune option is not​ highlighted..time waste

D- D 2017-06-10

Why set ringtone is inactive

Vipin Kumar 2017-06-09

Browsing is slow

kaushal kumar 2017-06-09


anji kotakonda 2017-06-09


Vikrant Bhargav 2017-06-09

App is not responding.

Devdeep Dutta 2017-06-09

There some major improvements required - app stops midway many times, never follows the playlist order, doesn't go to the next song automatically often, if next song option is pressed, more often than not, the song doesn't change, I'd next option is pressed some random song from anywhere starts playing Also, collection of songs need to be broadened. The app features need to change too! Many original songs by famous artists are not there, but covers of those songs are available.

BALVIR CHAND 2017-06-09

Stucking problem set caller tune also not working some time it doesnot open.

Sandeep Kumar 2017-06-09

Customisation is missing a lot of things Sorting of downloaded song in custom playlist missing

Yashaswi Aryan 2017-06-08

I am using jio Fi but then also I can't download few songs it says I need to have jio phone number

rahul sinha 2017-06-08

Was good earlier but now the offline downloaded songs don't get played frequently and the option to delete offline songs was also not there....

Tej Prakash 2017-06-13

Isme bahut saare gaane ko tune set nahi ho raha hai . Mai bahut gussa hoo ek mera album somg hai mera sanam ka hum deewane hain aapke i cant set it. Please please fix it

vrushank acting 2017-06-13

While I open the app once it get launches and comes back to my home page, I have to relaunch it 2nd time and use,while I play the music in offline mode or from my download section it takes almost 5 minutes to play next song and it doesn't have shuffle play,needs improvement

Nishant Naik 2017-06-13

Can't update or re-install this app since the latest update.

K S Patel 2017-06-13

It's not ads. free

Ravichandra hardware engineer 2017-06-12

It's is old version


Not at all good app waste of time


Nic app it very use application

sunil Goswami 2017-06-12

Songs are not playing

Prateek Katiyar 2017-06-12

Not opening

Prakash Iliger 2017-06-12


Ujjwal Gogia 2017-06-12

This app was workin fine.! But now it's not even opening, tried clearing cache, data and even tried uninstalling and re installing but still not working, fix the issue please. I'm using Xiaomi Redmi note 3, if it helps.!

ritesh bhavasar 2017-06-11

No option for delete song after downloading and saved.. Must be improve.

Deepesh Katiyar 2017-06-15

No support for SD card playback

Bhrigu Nandan 2017-06-15

Totally useless network, i'm trying to download a play list of 100 songs for last two days bt its not completed yet.very bad experience with jio.never got a speed of at least 1 app is not user cant depend on this network. Very disappointed

Amaan Mansoori 2017-06-15

I give all permission for this app from my mobile settings but still it's​showing enable permission from mobile settings and it's not work further.

SSS M 2017-06-14

Unable to set jiotune... not getting that option now. Earlier, it was.!

Shoaib Khan 2017-06-14

All's good but.. serious bug fixes needed the app keeps on crashing

Avinash Konakanchi 2017-06-14

Collection is not so good, not even up to date. Can't say as premium app


app is not starting in the new update, also add international radio featutes...


Searching problems

Sahil Rana 2017-06-14

I can't play most of the downloaded songs anymore. Moreover the app consumes a hell lot of data as compared to other Music streaming apps. Please fix this.

Harshit Shukla 2017-06-14

Can't set 99% of my favourite songs as my ringtone. Bullshit.

Aashish Patwardhan 2017-06-13

For me not able to download....unable to download try again later error showing...

Doll Verma 2017-06-13

Couldn't download any song, Everytime it says try again..

Tahir Ahmed 2017-06-13

In My Phone That Have Not Support Set Jio Tunes Please Reply Me As Fast As

Shishir Sandeep 2017-06-13

This app was working fine untill today when songs suddenly stopped playing . Please look into this issue as I have invested a lot of data . Don't want to download the songs again

How to download and install JioMusic - HD Music & Radio on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMusic - HD Music & Radio app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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