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more problems less convenience need to work Abhishek Sharma 2016-09-21

the next song in album & playlist plays with more gap everytime, songs are download in mp4 (while mp3 format is the best), you can't play downloaded with another music player (that should be provided after downloading the song), provide a option to choose multiple languages at time (atleast keep it maximum upto 3)...thanks for reading..

need more improvement surya prakash saxena 2016-09-11

playlist unstable songs getting deleted by scrolling playlist.. it doesn't have popular songs example eminem's monster, survival and many more popular songs also it doesn't have my house ft flo rida these are famous common songs. don't have much hindi songs.. least songs genres for song category..

Very bad experience after update Kuldeep Joshi 2016-09-12

It will not open after the update jio music. It display only music logo and not open the app,there are many problem in all the updated version of jio app it will not open properly or connection error display every time.. I have very bed experience after update my jio all the app.. Resolve it ...

Suresh Suresh Irrinki 2016-09-09

Always is not working properly always asking please register.and also sometimes when app was open but nothing..i think best to listen songs in winkyn music app

Amar Nirmal 2016-09-21

I hv probalm wit jio music tis app only not open from my jio all othe app frm my jio work properly except jio music so pls fix my problem as soon as possible pls

App not working Ramakrishna Reddy 2016-09-10

After updating it to jio music from jio beats it just stopped workibg. Its not even getting opened. Plz resolve this issue. FYI i use samsung note 5. Thanks.

Not working Vineeth Tej Gajelli 2016-09-09

I waited for 10 minutes but the app wont open the screen with music symbol comes and freezes like that nothing happens. I have Jio activated sim

App isn't working Manvendra Yadav 2016-09-10

With updater OS android 6.0 app won't start at all, previously there was an issue with downloaded songs but app just stuck at launch

Bad app arsh sharma 2016-09-10

This app ask for OTP for a new user but when I give my mobile number then it shows wrong no. I don't know what to do.

Why it is worst MHari Haran 2016-09-09

Before when it was Jio beats i hav used it.But after update, It's not opening at all.please someone find a way.

Serious problem urgent Aakash Duhan 2016-09-11

It close in a second after opening after new update what should I do ?????????????????????????????????!???????

Not responding Prafull Bothra 2016-09-09

Jio music app is not responding at all. Once opened this shows only the logo and nothing happens after that.

Not Opening my Yu yuphoriya mobile surendhar nath 2016-09-09

This app is not Opening in Yu Yuphoriya mobile.. Uninstalled and re-installed many times. But no use..

Amit Sajwan 2016-09-10

Good app...but the downloading stops at 95% and the song does not downloads nor the album

funking speed navjot singh 2016-09-13

fuking jio speed. guys dont buy that sim. nam ka hi 4G h sala. speed sali sirf 15 kbps h

Nothing is showing rahul k.r 2016-09-10

Everything is missing except jio music banner at top is shown in the app.

Download error AMIT KUMAR 2016-09-21

After downloading it says please download the the sync content before use

Jio music 2016-09-12

Worst,I am using jio sim and lyf phone,but this app doesn't work at all

Needs improvement Niket Thakker 2016-09-13

No option to select 2 languages at the same time for filtering music

Not opening Bubash A 2016-09-21

I can't even open the app after the last update. Please fix it ASAP.

No longer opens.. Nitin Mamidala 2016-09-12

It was working fine before the update. Now it doesn't open at all

I hate this app Abid Khan 2016-09-10

When I open it its hang always not like it anymore

Tushar Thakare 2016-09-12

Keeps crashing from update (Redmi note 3 kenzo)

App not opening pawan kumar 2016-09-10

This app is not opening in my htc desire 826

Unexpectedly shutting down davinder negi 2016-09-21

After 5 secs it is shutting down..EVERYTIME

Unexpectedly shutting down Davinder Negi 2016-09-21

After 5 secs it is shutting down..EVERYTIME

Not working in one +x Shivani Maheshwari 2016-09-12

Jio music is not working from last two days

Too slow shivam mandal 2016-09-13

Too slow takes a lot of time to b. Open

Sidharth Mishra 2016-09-12

This app is not opening in my phone!!!

Closing automatically prashanth palanivel 2016-09-12

App is good but closing automatically

Can't hear anything 2016-09-12

It seems playing but can't hear

Not opening Hiren Trivedi 2016-09-09

Apps stop opening after update

mohini bisht 2016-09-21

Not working.....what happened.

Nilesh Bhapkar 2016-09-12

App not opening after update

Very very poor and fake app dheeraj mahor 2016-09-11

Please not download this app

Jio music does not open sharath Chandra 2016-09-13

App does not open at all.

karan advani 2016-09-12

The App doesn't even open

Nyc Tomesh Sonber 2016-09-21

Nice songs collection

Mohan Babu 2016-09-10

Not working properly

balwinder singh 2016-09-11

Not open in my s6

Worst app Masoor Makandar 2016-09-21

Not opening in A8

Slow Aparna Dabhade 2016-09-21

It is very slow

Niranjan Panigrahi 2016-09-12

does not open

Nand Kishore Parwal 2016-09-13

Not opening

jadab podder 2016-09-10

Work on app

Jio Pavan Dwivedi 2016-09-11

Ji bhar ke

Bakar Prabir Sarkar 2016-09-13


Hi Santosh Deshmukh 2016-09-13


alok kumar pandey 2016-09-11


Ankur pal 2016-09-10


Zhhs Shivani Rathore 2016-09-21


Box 2016-09-12


Arfajul Mallick 2016-09-09


subrata barman 2016-09-21



Every time i am downloading songs.. aftrr 1 month song are not able to play.. even downloaded

Anthar Singh channel 2017-06-08

This app failed in update telugu songs. Also this app shows unwanted songs when I search for telugu songs this app shows English songs.

Yash Patel 2017-06-08

Jio tune playback feature has stopped working, it simply keeps on buffering...

Rehan khan 2017-06-08

Worst app don't waste your time

Hitesh Valecha 2017-06-08

Songs which I downloaded can't be played now. Customer care doesn't respond.

Hemanth RV 2017-06-08

The app worth 5 stars, I want the dev to notice that downloading the songs in external SD card is very useful, my internal memory is full now, network is not stable during traveling, so hearing a playlist while downloading is right choice.


Good songs and hello tunes

Swapnil Barai 2017-06-08

The app keeps crashing all the time

jayvik patel 2017-06-08

Noy set jio tune


No bed services

Anjan Singha 2017-06-07

Redmi4s's unable to open.. automatically minimize

Saurav gupta 2017-06-07

Why is this app is not supporting in vivo31l

Anil Kumar 2017-06-07

Pls....add telugu dialogues

puja agrawal 2017-06-07

It's not getting open at all rubbish...


Nice aap

Naaz Malik 2017-06-07

It's of no use, it hangs every time I try to open it , it never opened in first attempt. While playing offline , it stops automatically. I don't understand why can't you people just make a simple app to listen , download and enjoy music, is this really difficult? Just make it simple with no unnecessary options and fix that automatic stopping bug .

Sanjay Agarwal 2017-06-07

Can anybody tell me how to open this application on redmi Note 4

Debendu Biswas 2017-06-07

Bogus app. Failed to play downloaded tracks at online mode also


This is a gud app but 4g mobiles can only use this app so that's why its disgusting


There is some songs, where they don't give option for making caller tune

Cofc 52 2017-06-07

Offline music not working

kashyap thakkar 2017-06-07

Offline music not planning wrost app.. time consuming... In India no one can provide best technology proved by biggest brand jio

Weed Lovers 2017-06-07

Can't download this app coz the beta programme of this is full...

sambit backs 2017-06-06

Not good

Mansuri Mahemudnavaz 2017-06-06

In my Redmi note 3 sometime this app was not opened


When ever i open this on it crashes several times, i also tried with reinstalling but ut couldn't work for me,

sanjoy sadhukhan 2017-06-06

Installed, enjoyed a lot; uninstalled as the updated version was laggy, now after reinstallation app is not opening !!!?

Mukul Dhawas 2017-06-06


Mohan Nile 2017-06-06

What happen not done my make singup id 24 hrs after but I want 5 day try but no make my id


The songs always buffer. The Jio music App cannot able to grab or take the speed. When i am using YouTube on my Wifi the internt speed shows 700-900k/s but when using Jio Music the speeds shows 0.75-4.75k/s only and the songs always buffer. Please solve problem quickly. I reinstalled the app and using the latest version but my problem remains the same, please help me Jio music app support.


Very bad decorarion, where is the favourite section, plz improve your app. Do user friendly

Chinmay Ghosh 2017-06-06

It has everything good but it's musics collections are not good.

Hiten Patel 2017-06-06

Big bug in the app, need an instant update to it. Automatically player shut down, its very irritating while using. Plz fix the bug.

H j k 2017-06-06

Use Shaavn guys shaavn is a ultimate app .but jio music is Jst a worst app..worst of data...automatically stop SHAAVN is best

Dpk Mwr 2017-06-06

Hello jio Today downloaded song is not running in my device . Plz fix bug

Suhas Dagwar 2017-06-06

Always crashes.never get opened on first attempt

Tinu Mohanty 2017-06-06

Not si useful

garima singh 2017-06-06

Its tooo booring

Bunny Ravi Kumar 2017-06-06



I hate it open nahi hota

Ignatius Guntur 2017-06-05

Only for Jio users

Chiku Pati 2017-06-05

It's not opening

Subrat Patri 2017-06-05

App not open,sometimes hang also,search operation very poor

keshav chaudhary 2017-06-05

App is slow and also searching songs is not easy like wink music.

Eshwar Prithvi Jonnadula 2017-06-05

Caller tune preview not at all loading.

nitin kankani 2017-06-05

Rating low because songs stop playing in few minutes. Again you have to go to app and start the music.

Yashu Yashaswini 2017-06-05

It gets hanged often and very difficult to recover downloaded songs

tahzeb bano 2017-06-05


Kharat Kaustubh 2017-06-05

I am unable to save songs as my callertune...

uday kiran 2017-06-05

It is not opening

Guhan Paul 2017-06-05


Ravish Pandey 2017-06-05

Can't create playlist in downloaded songs in latest version.... And takes a lot of time to load if net speed is little slower

RISHABH GARG 2017-06-05

We are not able set jiotune for most of the songs

vikash mahato 2017-06-05

Doesn't open in my Redmi Note 3.

Vinoth Kumar 2017-06-05

I am hate his

Praveen Mallareddy 2017-06-05

Should improve


It's not open will try thair after some time nothing hope its waste app

Rupali Raut 2017-06-04

Not every song found in jio music app it's bakwas

Rocky rock 2017-06-04

Its not working properly in my mobile.

Gurdeep kheri 2017-06-04

This is not good working in my mi 3s prime whrn i open it it was crash

Avishek Rej 2017-06-04

Song download is not working

Riya Singh 2017-06-04

It's is good app but I don't know how my all downloaded songs stop playing after some weeks please fix it

Pooja Devi 2017-06-04

Indian bakwaas aap

Hemantkumar Jawale 2017-06-04

Trying multiple times. Download doesn't work. Also earlier few songs doesn't appear. Every time has to refresh! Miles behind saavn and gaana. Also recently now working at all on MI phones

Harshad Matariya 2017-06-04

jio speed is worst ever

Debashis Haldar 2017-06-04

Why is the set as jio tunes not working. Tried updating the app. Didn't work

Manish Bhonsle 2017-06-04

Ghatiya aap h jo chahte h wo to milta hi nhi


this apps very interesting ...

Subodh Nainwal 2017-06-04

4 June>> Quits abruptly after playing 4-5 songs. The app fails to launch at first and quits intermittently even while playing music. Please fix it at the earliest. (13-May 2017).

Shyam Kumar 2017-06-04

Very worst performance of lattest update as this is not opened....

SmArty Lotey 2017-06-04

Automatically close my jio music some tym open mostly when am apen jio music automatically close diz app

Bunny chaudhary 2017-06-04

In beginning, it was awesome app for streaming music... But since last 3 days I am unable to stream music... Then giving it worst rating..

BAD panda 2017-06-04


Jayanth Roy 2017-06-03

Can't set ringtones


So bad no sayimg lojin in bad

Mohammed Arshad 2017-06-03

Pathetic. Doesn't works well.

Ishant Saini 2017-06-03

Itna acha song sharry maan ka hostel song ni dala hua

bhagyta gupta 2017-06-03

when ever i click on the song its never play..... hate it

Hacking All Android 2017-06-03

Farzi application

ishan01us 2017-06-03

Set caller tune is not working, just it is buffering.. Round and round showing nothing else ... I don't like this app to set the caller tunes. Most of the nice song we can't set as caller tune. So tune length is very short it should cut the song properly. Look into Vodafone airtel caller tune how they cut song nicely and in proper length.. For music purpose it's fine. Bt not at all good for caller tunes

adarsh r 2017-06-03

Plz include malayalam songs.clctn is low

samyak jain 2017-06-03

Worst app that I ever use

Sarfu sher 2017-06-03

Need UI improvement buggy UI

Abhishek Verma 2017-06-03


WARLOCK 2017-06-03

App stops automatically

mohammad moin 2017-06-03

Waste app plz don't download

nari Sampurna 2017-06-03

Response is very bad and slow . sometimes not working

CofC Mihir 2017-06-03

We can not play the all downloaded song offline at one tap.. we need to queued first one by one which is time consuming..And process of playing is too slow... Insted of this I recommended to download from another sites and save to our physical memory backup... Join also not giving us portable song back up for pc sharing .. hate you..

Tech lights 2017-06-03

I can't download the songs from it. After clicking the download button it says"unable to download please try again later"fix it

Suraj Matekar 2017-06-03

App getting crashed plz help... Awesome app but getting crashed every time I opened

Amol Baykar 2017-06-03

Unable to download even single music file..

sreenevas 2017-06-03

Automatically app is closing

Nikhil Kumar 2017-06-03

Useless app. Even most of the famous songs are not there in the search. Gonna uninstall..

Yashaswi RKG 2017-06-03

The latest feature of setting caller tune from within jio music app, doesn't work on every song. Setting of jio tunes doent work. And the compny never listens to its customers.

sushil ingle 2017-06-02

Cant open jio music app since i downloaded

Pardeep Singh 2017-06-02

Network is so bad that i even can't rate it

Dipesh Bhati 2017-06-02

Off line on Karo


Not a good music very bad harmful app

Dr. Sameeullah Khan 2017-06-02

देखता हूं

Pankaj Mundhra 2017-06-02

Library is worth nothing

Pranay Prasad 2017-06-02

It's not getting open , just shows the opening screen and then nothing appears

ManiDeep M 2017-06-02

The recent update just made it bad. I am not able to use it over WiFi. It was really awesome earlier when I was able to use jio music over WiFi and jio net as well I would love to get that back. I am now able to see an error "Must be on Jio Sim to enjoy". I don't know what updated have made to this.


Ringtone does not plaY..current plzz update this

Sujith Reddy 2017-06-02

This app i installed but when ever i open its showing server busy try later

vinayak f h 2017-06-02

I hate this app


I hate songs

Mohsin Ali 2017-06-02

Jio prime user with jio DDD recharge but I can't take my music offline!! Why..?????? Error: unable to download please try again after some time.

Vishnu Gudelli 2017-06-02

App working few days ....than becoming slow, not working on WiFi, not responding immediately, offline mode not working ,,, I am talking about updated guys, developrs are feeling it's number one ....but waste

Narendra R 2017-06-02

not working properly.

Karanvir Singh 2017-06-02

Crashes way too often on Android 7.1.2

Random Stuff 2017-06-02

Make more songs to jiotune like purpose album and manu more famous pop songs and edm Have option of lyrics which has floating option like the musixmatch lyrics app

Kartik Sood 2017-06-01

Koi gaana load nahi hota

Jaips_boy Hemant 2017-06-01

This app not installed in my device letv 1s

Rajesh Kumawat 2017-06-01

BakavVas App

Zahabiya Gangapur 2017-06-01

Song not playing

Jitendra P 2017-06-01

I rated one star cuz I am unable to set jio tune of "I need your love"...

Kaushalesh Upadhyay 2017-06-01

Worst music app i have ever seen!!

rahul kumar 2017-06-01

Stupid ap because it's not working after open not working update this application

suvin raveendran 2017-06-01

can't download songs

Hetram Pal 2017-06-01


Agrim Singh 2017-06-01


Syed Abdul Raiyan 2017-06-01

Very bad application

Abhinandan Pandey 2017-06-01

I can't even log in. It needs my jio id. I think login should be simple as entering mobile no and submitting otp.

latest hollywood and bollywood movies in hindi 2017-06-01

Faltu ka app h sabse ghatiya app h install hone k baad open nhi hota h aise faaltu k app banane se acha h koi app na hi bnao

Ramesh Chand 2017-06-01

It is not working on my phone


- bad app


No lyrics, will not get songs based on artist, mainly English artists

AHSAAN Quazi 2017-06-01

Its get hang everytime

Lalith Jain 2017-06-01



Not able to download any song

Hey! Techie 2017-05-31

Lots of ad.... each time while making calls an ad will first i uninstalled the my jio app....but again after doing that ads were coming via this finally i uninstalled this also...

bitam sharma 2017-05-31

Can' t even set my favourite song as jio tune, "set as jio tune" option is not highlighted and can't even press.


Just disgusting.I don't know why this app always shows me u must be on jio sim to enjoy jio music although I am using jio SIM.

sarvesh sangolkar 2017-05-31

Doesn't work properly

Ravi Kumar Singh 2017-05-31

Less songs are there

Kishan Kumar 2017-05-31

Unable to retrieve data!!! What is this!!!



Sonu Vinu 2017-05-31


Rahul shet 2017-05-31

Downloaded songs doesn't play

Saloni Tomar 2017-05-31

Crashes too much and takes multiple tries to open.

Pavan kalyan pathange 2017-05-31

Stops and closes app while listening

Sujal pachori 2017-05-31

Very nice


It's not very good app it is very


Because when it updated it doesn't works

bhavana maddineni 2017-05-31

Cant download songs


it is not opening every time it goes failure. it not working in Redmi 3s device.

How to download and install JioMusic - HD Music & Radio on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMusic - HD Music & Radio app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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