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JioMusic - HD Music & Radio
User Ratings Review

All you need PrAtIk kShIrSaGaR 2016-09-21

This app is giving up all the high quality music, app runs very smooth, even the sound out put is very crystal clear obviously because songs are of high quality, some things you need to know that, equalizer won't work for this app player it says it's in beta mode, and the songs you download via this app won't go to your local music directory and you gotta listen them all in built in app player only. May be in some days tweaks will come out to grab downloaded songs from this app to your local music dir.

Like it but don't love it Samarjit Chowdhury 2016-09-21

I gave it four stars because whatever songs I download here I can't share them. I really love this app very much and would love it even more if.......Well that one is a major issue cause my friends really get angry on me sometimes cause I can't share a with them their fav songs. So a five stars is a big no-no until they make the sharing feature available by the next update i will lower it down to three. And I would like to have the songs to be stored in the memory of the phone rather than in the app.

No search option kamalesh das 2016-09-13

This is a great music app..I have been using saavn since a long time..but this jio music is best in sound quality as it provides 320 kbps...and I can go direct to the album from the song...but one great option is missing from this app and that is one can not search a song from the downloaded song... developers should add this option in offline mode otherwise show the songs in alphabetical's a huge miss...fix it soon.

Could be next good things happened to us!!! Maharshi Mehta 2016-09-21

This app is working perfectly fine on my phone with no issue whatsoever. Although, there is some lag noticed when I try to play online songs which i guess would be due to low internet speed which is Jio4G. Lastly, there are many new album missing from the collection which is really made me gave it 4 star instead of 5 star. Album which are missing from the collection are big one so ignoring that is not a good thing to do.

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more problems less convenience need to work Abhishek Sharma 2016-09-21

the next song in album & playlist plays with more gap everytime, songs are download in mp4 (while mp3 format is the best), you can't play downloaded with another music player (that should be provided after downloading the song), provide a option to choose multiple languages at time (atleast keep it maximum upto 3)...thanks for reading..

Select language bug Pawan Kocher 2016-09-11

On personalize language option, I'm just able to select one language from the list..even though header says to select language(s) due to which suggestions are shown for single language..kindly fix this bug......................Update- rendering issue ok got it but still give us choice for selecting combination of prefered languages.

धाँसु Avnish Mishra 2016-09-21

अद्भुत, अनंत, अविस्मरणीय !!! यह संगीत के लिए सर्वेश्रेष्ठ है :) इसमें मुझे हिंदी और तमिल गीत सुनने में अत्यधिक प्रसन्नता होती है ।

need more improvement surya prakash saxena 2016-09-11

playlist unstable songs getting deleted by scrolling playlist.. it doesn't have popular songs example eminem's monster, survival and many more popular songs also it doesn't have my house ft flo rida these are famous common songs. don't have much hindi songs.. least songs genres for song category..

Very bad experience after update Kuldeep Joshi 2016-09-12

It will not open after the update jio music. It display only music logo and not open the app,there are many problem in all the updated version of jio app it will not open properly or connection error display every time.. I have very bed experience after update my jio all the app.. Resolve it ...

Experienced lots of bugs after update Basanth Kumar Uppalancha 2016-09-11

I am user of letv(leEco) le 1s mobile. I am using this app since from its launch but after update now App force closing itself while entering and 2ndly download sync problems and quality has been changed a lot after update before update it was much better. Look after this once again.

Download *SKRILO* app play store and use Geeta Kumari 2016-09-21

Awesome and fabulous free app. You could win 1 Lakh is awesome *priya Singh* then please enter in the world of this app you definitely win. I won lots of times and my friends too you could win (but please use my mobile no in ref box so i can get some) Best of luck...

Good App Mayank Gajjar 2016-09-21

Hii please Let us choos Multiple Languages In settings So that we can enjoy Multiple Languages Music at one place so that we dont Have hassel to change language often. And please improve the ui of the app. Some times it gets Crashed so please solve this!

Great app for no price PRASHANT PAWAR PR 2016-09-21

This is great app in free of cost so definately it have some of lack but that's ok . You should improve that notification shade and lock screen system they are not working properly and also app switch off automatically . But Thanks for such a great app

WOW THIS AMAZING Bikram pal 2016-09-21

I ever saw a App! !!! U can't believe whats the position of it .If u want to fill a digital life of entertainment hope u must try JIO MUSIC & JIO TV .Are u filling doubt then u must have to use this and fill the picture & sound quality.

Liked it Dhrumil Soni 2016-09-21

Few songs u might not find coz of different music labels...and its understood coz of copyright issue...otherwise its great ( i think u wont be able to find new songs from zee music label eg : no BAAR BAAR DEKHO SONGS HAVE NOT BEEN UPLOADED)

Good , but can be better Mr. Heisenberg 2016-09-21

The bit rate is outstanding. Crisp tones and great bass delivery. The app however tends to suffer with UI issues that degrades experience. Also , we need an option to delete entire folders instead of selecting every downloaded song.

It's competitive but I have a suggestion Shreyash Phakade-Pawar 2016-09-09

Doesn't have original content like Saavn, Dhingana and Wynk... But it's just the start. So that's forgivable. The main suggestion I have is that this app should be made *controllable by the earphone buttons (Pause, Play and Skip)*

Vipin Khanna 2016-09-10

With the latest update, the songs in radio stations stop playing once the screen of the phone or tab turns off (goes into sleep). One has to "wake up" the device for the songs to resume playing.

Good for a start Aravind jaya 2016-09-21

Hey JioMusic, your app is simple and good. Nice to see the equalizers and it works smooth. But going forwarded it should be added with more categories , collections of songs and Lyrics supports

Fan Sapam Dipak 2016-09-11

Awesome, fantastic, fabulous, crystal clear music. Jio music is peerless. No problem at any time with the app. Runs like a dream. I am swept off my feet. Hats off to the developers.

Thanks Jio Team & Reliance Utkarsh Chauhan 2016-09-21

Thanks for providing the best 4g network + premium services for free.. I have one question does my net pack will be counted for listening music or watching movie through jio apps..

Suresh Suresh Irrinki 2016-09-09

Always is not working properly always asking please register.and also sometimes when app was open but nothing..i think best to listen songs in winkyn music app

App bugs. Arun Kumar 2016-09-09

Jio music makes sound mute while running in background until open the app and replay the music then sound play, sometimes it not fixed until close the app and reopen it.

Can do much better ryan kaiser 2016-09-21

Collection is pretty much restricted, artists like steven wilson and other alternative , progressive rock bands have no mention. Want to see mixtapes in the app as well.

App is too good . hassam khan 2016-09-21

You can find mostly all songs. amzing charts of top 20 . Weekly tops avaliable. This ia good initiative. But speed is dropped so bad . That you won't be enjoying so well

Spotify of india kartikey kapoor 2016-09-11

Best music app. I have used almost all music app on playstore including wynk music from airtel. Its best and free. But provide download option of radio station song.

Nice bt needs some improvment Anuj Singh 2016-09-21

Downloaded songs can only be kept in internal storage ..... It should also have the option to change its download storage location....BTW nice approach jio team...

Amar Nirmal 2016-09-21

I hv probalm wit jio music tis app only not open from my jio all othe app frm my jio work properly except jio music so pls fix my problem as soon as possible pls

Shuffle & Repeat unsynchronized piyush bhardwaj 2016-09-09

Shuffle keeps on repeating songs even when Repeat is off shuffle also doesn't play all songs in the playlist it keeps on playing only 3-5 songs back and forth

App not working Ramakrishna Reddy 2016-09-10

After updating it to jio music from jio beats it just stopped workibg. Its not even getting opened. Plz resolve this issue. FYI i use samsung note 5. Thanks.

Auto closing while listening songs in background Krishna Byale 2016-09-09

This app is good with good playing list. One issue i encountered is that , this app closing auto while listening songs in background. Need to fix this issue.

So far good but sai teja 2016-09-11

App is good in providing wife range of songs but a disappointment that can't save downloaded songs to storage to directly accessed or to share to frnds

Nice 2016-09-12

Superb aap and amazing collection of Bollywood song... But when I download any song while downloading the aap is geting hang type but the aap is good

Not working Vineeth Tej Gajelli 2016-09-09

I waited for 10 minutes but the app wont open the screen with music symbol comes and freezes like that nothing happens. I have Jio activated sim

Sound quality Pratyaya GHOSHAL DAS 2016-09-13

Best sound quality,best in class,good technical system.but there is a problem we can't play previous song in selected person radio features.

Could be Better Puspal Dey 2016-09-21

There are lots of improvements to be made.. like ability to share songs and the downloaded songs can't be sorted into albums or singer based

Music jio style Pranab Priyadarshan 2016-09-21

Its really incredible to see a new entrant have such a large collection and icing on the cake is the interface and quality are great too

Yogesh Kudale 2016-09-21

IF Music is playing we also need option for lyrics can you make it As we can save it for offline this lyrics options also help Good Apps

Best collection & User friendly aman yadav 2016-09-10

It has very nice collection of every kind of music like ... party, instrumental, sad, meditation and others. It is user friendly also.

Songs are good . player should improve Ganesh Sekar 2016-09-21

Queue is not working properly like the play music app . Would love to give 5 if the player features are stable and quality improvises.

help needed Ashfaq Ahmad Khan 2016-09-12

please update that the things we favourited from where can we get the list we want to play please update this this or it is well good

Jio music Mukti Ranjan 2016-09-21

Mast aap hai it's really good this aap we can listen any type of music and any language and the new music also i loved this aap

App isn't working Manvendra Yadav 2016-09-10

With updater OS android 6.0 app won't start at all, previously there was an issue with downloaded songs but app just stuck at launch

Amish Aryan 2016-09-21

Sometimes crashes and I have to restore it please fix it . It is a great music app so it Worth's 5 stars. So please fix this bug

Awesome APP 2016-09-13

Love the App. Now join the movement to stop piracy.. #Jio Movement And now with Equaliser.. I was waiting for it... Thanks jio

Just Love it ANJAN DAS 2016-09-21

Awesome..... Best ever. One glitch is there, sometimes closes automatically and disturbs in background play when multitasking.

Best music app Aditya Kumar 2016-09-21

This is too best music app that i can't explain. I can listen whatever the song i want with bestest quality say HD. Thanks jio

Best music app Adnan Ahmed 2016-09-21

Has everything that I wishes from a musip app & the best is offline downloads with every category of music availability

Good app Gurdeep Singh Jaswal 2016-09-21

Nice and free app....not sure about internet charges post 31st December but hoping for better than other operators.....


Nice app for music but some music are not there it's an Awesome amazing application app for music #JIO MUKESH BHAI #JIO

Ganesh Kaila 2016-09-13

Quite irritating to use. No controls on the screen lock. App is not playing the next song when the screen got locked.

Buggy Downloading Mayank Bajaj 2016-09-12

Having a lot of trouble in downloading, the progress bar keeps on moving without any indication of download progress.

Bad app arsh sharma 2016-09-10

This app ask for OTP for a new user but when I give my mobile number then it shows wrong no. I don't know what to do.

good Thumula abhinay 2016-09-21

and u should update fast . and u should add more songs. in the all least. there should be a search. for song identify

No multiple languages option Ayush km 2016-09-11

Why can't I choose multiple languages so that I can see all songs and song info is very minimal. Love the UI though

Prasanta Roy 2016-09-21

Amazing application,works smoothly, but sometimes delayed in opening.offline songs are not playing. All-over good .

Fix The Bug! Om Prakash 2016-09-10

It Often Closes Without Closing This App. Fix It, It is a music app & Music stops in middle when app closes .

Satisfactory, but.. philips prince 2016-09-11

Good sound quality but, the option to shift the songs in the que is not possible when in the screen locked mode.

Owsm Raman Dhiman 2016-09-21

I feel really owsm every time when i m listen songs with jio music..if it is possible i give 10 out of 5 stars..

Why it is worst MHari Haran 2016-09-09

Before when it was Jio beats i hav used it.But after update, It's not opening at all.please someone find a way.

Songs of MooD vivek bundela 2016-09-21

I found all songs I love. U just think about the song and very next day get it in your screen. This is awesome.

Serious problem urgent Aakash Duhan 2016-09-11

It close in a second after opening after new update what should I do ?????????????????????????????????!???????

Amazing ! Jaydeep Patel 2016-09-21

This app breaks limit for HD Music on Jio 4G network ! Sound quality is very good and equalizer helps a lot !

Not responding Prafull Bothra 2016-09-09

Jio music app is not responding at all. Once opened this shows only the logo and nothing happens after that.

Good but not perfect Deepak Kumar 2016-09-21

Library is huge accepted but if some nice way of browsing through it was available then it would be perfect.

Stupendofantabulous A.S. ANEESH SHASHI 2016-09-21

Gud app for downloading various types of songs including mashups too... Unbeatable app compared to others...

just the best om prakash 2016-09-21

anything more than 5 star will give it, tell Google to increase the stars, nice work jio keep it on going

Good Victor Gowtham 2016-09-21

Provide option to move downloaded songs to sd card or internal storage and it should be played offline also

Crashing all the time Ajinkya Birajdar 2016-09-10

Hangs when song is played. after a 1st song is finished playing it crashes. Started crashing after update.

A complete music app Sidharth Singh 2016-09-09

Very nice and efficient app, but it would be the best if it had option for displaying lyrics of the songs

Superb thing 2016-09-21

I love the qawwalis everything its mean you doesn't have to see for other option just everything is in it

Not Opening my Yu yuphoriya mobile surendhar nath 2016-09-09

This app is not Opening in Yu Yuphoriya mobile.. Uninstalled and re-installed many times. But no use..

Nice collection shreyansh gupta 2016-09-21

Well besides this, quality of songs is good aswell and no buffering noticed till yet... Best Music App!!

Liked it but some issues are there Hemanth Kumar 2016-09-21

Some times songs are not able to download, showing download error, Fix it. Pls Update new songs quickly

Nice free songs from jio jignesh patel 2016-09-21

Its great time for your music, lots of collection from jio and its really ads free and best quality...

Fantastic Mohamed Shakeel Ibrahim 2016-09-21

Awesome app. Just have to improve the collection. It did not have many Tamil songs I was looking for.

Deepak singh kushwaha Deepak Kushwaha 2016-09-21

A real hd song player comparison to system music player this is a best hd song favt. addicted

Not worthy Little Heart 2016-09-12

It takes too long too start whats ur jio sim doing its half and hours and more take still not start

Osmmmmmm... But plz improve the speed. sachin gupta 2016-09-21

Every thing is fine and nice. But please improve the net speed. That's causing buffering sometimes.

Problem Santhosh Kumar 2016-09-11

Can't play downloaded songs in offline mode the app says 'sync content before use how to solve it?

Awesome Karthik Kamal 2016-09-11

I love it the free streaming music app...but i wanna plz add lyrics showing technology to this app

Awesome app Nitesh Kumar 2016-09-21

Love the way this app presents the song n arealdy made playlist r very convenient in every mood...

Amazing Hitendra Singh 2016-09-21

Brilliant playlists and suggestions with good quality sound that to without buffer ..... Perfect

Flawless app with a few bugs 2016-09-09

Cannot select multiple languages under settings. Otherwise nice collection and intuitive app.

Languages Harish Pothepalli 2016-09-09

No option to select multiple languages on the go....need to change it every time in settings.

Tons of music, love it Ankit Purohit 2016-09-21

I found almost all my favorite songs with excellent quality (320kbps), what else do you need?

One of d best around Himanshu Dixit 2016-09-21

Categorization n wide variety of playlist is damn gud...luvin it ..kudos to d developers..

Music Hi Music Shalen Chaudhary 2016-09-21

Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Biggggggggggg Bank Of song .... No nead to store ... Just push and Plya

Amit Sajwan 2016-09-10

Good app...but the downloading stops at 95% and the song does not downloads nor the album

Awesome experience Sanjay Kumar 2016-09-21

Still lack of many songs but whatever available realy worth. Kindly add local songs also.

funking speed navjot singh 2016-09-13

fuking jio speed. guys dont buy that sim. nam ka hi 4G h sala. speed sali sirf 15 kbps h

Mourya Mouli Mourya 2016-09-21

I loved the music clarity but sharing music with my friends is not possible in this app

Need to develop more vishnu priya 2016-09-21

More songs missing. No shuffle option. Not able to move downloaded songs to the playlist

Wonderful app Meenakshi Viswanathan 2016-09-21

The best part is i can listen to songs as per my wish, need not go by my owb collection

Mukesh Singh 2016-09-11

Its a good app but when i m saving any song it is not playing with my system player...

Good Rishav Goyal 2016-09-10

App is great but it download songs in .mp4 please enable downloading in .mp3 extension


Very few times, it stops in the middle and have to restart.. Otherwise.. Its awesome..

ayush agrawal 2016-09-21

One of the best online music app. And an extra star for the radio feature.. cool app!!

Awesome Jugraj Gill0606 2016-09-21

Just excellent......try once you will came fall in love....good work..keep updating..

Awesome app! 2016-09-21

Absolutely better than wynk gaana and all other online music apps.Jio is Jiyo really.

Download problum shyam ji upadhyay 2016-09-21

Nice app.if we save any song in memory card it just currpt after few secnd playing.

Good but still have some issue Rajendra Kumar Yadav 2016-09-21

It is little bit slow app than Ganna and Saavan even their free version having ads.

Very nice Protyush Naskar 2016-09-10

It is a very nice app because it keeps me energetic and i can hear music any where

Att snay aquarius 2016-09-21

Kaimz app a to z new to old sare song bahut vadiya app aa mere Bai sab use kro ...

A good collection of all songs. 2016-09-21

A good collection of all songs. Please add some collection for motivational songs

Nice music app Carl Wilson 2016-09-09

It hangs sometime and also take time to select given track,but overall OK. Thanks

Excellent sound quality RITIK MODI 2016-09-21

just love it's great sound quality also simple and easy to find the song you love

Ewesome Lalit Satyawna 2016-09-21

It is a best application for music lovers. By one click I use to find out music

3 star only 3 Ujjwal Singh 2016-09-13

This service is not best but something is perfect yaa i can not belive this app

Really very good 2016-09-21

All type of songs available at one place and in original voice and music thanks

Awesome app Mufilesh Kumar 2016-09-21

Finding all the songs we need & the playlist download options are wonderful

Suppppperrrrrr...... muhammed mubashir 2016-09-13

i love this app Very muchhhh.. Super collections of Songs Speed streaming....

Excellent Music Collection Avijit Roy 2016-09-21

Love to hear digital clarity in music as if listening on my Bose music system

Simple n best Susheel Jachak 2016-09-21

Need some song uploads but its kk we are on the right track...... keep going.

Nice Lakhan Lal 2016-09-21

कृपया हरयाणवी भाषा भी add करें।

Ghisa Ram Verma 2016-09-10

Consuming too much data in background, resulting in battery discharge faster

Mithilesh Kumar 2016-09-21

All songs are not available, need to add more songe or album like kuMar sanu

One of the best live streaming app Rahul Radhakrishnan 2016-09-21

Plz add more songs like srk's pardes and more regional songs like malayalam

anil rebelorcks 2016-09-21

Best music experience, the next update should be come with different themes

Nothing is showing rahul k.r 2016-09-10

Everything is missing except jio music banner at top is shown in the app.

Nice appp Vinay Yadav 2016-09-21

Vc very niCe app but need more improvement in recommendation and searching

lovely Rahul Verma 2016-09-13

jio india jio. jio k all aps is awesome live tv song sab kuch thanks jio

Sudip Sarkar 2016-09-21

Plz give option to download it permanently and use it on other music app.

Download error AMIT KUMAR 2016-09-21

After downloading it says please download the the sync content before use

Nayan Deole 2016-09-09

Good collection of music but after download it cannot play in other apps

Jio music 2016-09-12

Worst,I am using jio sim and lyf phone,but this app doesn't work at all

Awesome app but..... Shubhankar Shukla 2016-09-21

It's an amazing app but can you please fix some bugs in ur music player

Needs improvement Niket Thakker 2016-09-13

No option to select 2 languages at the same time for filtering music

Very good app. 2016-09-21

App has awesome songs but some time it crash suddenly after opening.

Not opening Bubash A 2016-09-21

I can't even open the app after the last update. Please fix it ASAP.

Jio is jio jitin sharma 2016-09-21

A huge collection of trending songs under one roof .... a good app

Fantastic music app Akay Sharp 2016-09-12

This app awesome download in own storge and play fastly and clearly

The best! Dr. Rajendra Singh Kushwah 2016-09-21

Very good app no adds no any sound problem and fast also keep it up

Amazing Omni Present 2016-09-21

this is so great, love this app, lets see till when it stays free.

No longer opens.. Nitin Mamidala 2016-09-12

It was working fine before the update. Now it doesn't open at all

Not working in Samsung galaxy A8 som gupta 2016-09-12

Not works after showing wallpaper of jio music when open the app.

Fantastic app Amit Kumar 2016-09-11

I love this app soo much..there are soo many songs in this app..

Really loved it! RAN VIJAY Kumar 2016-09-21

Better than the best i have only these words for this great app!!

Awesome Manohar Guptha 2016-09-10

Forget about gaana saavn wynk. The audio quality is really good.

Forget past instruments accept jio Amar Dandime 2016-09-09

Bunch of good things now see what happens in future. Now is good

Loved It.. Jinendra Yadgire 2016-09-21

Good collection in many language's, easy to use, no buffering...

Best music app Akhil V 2016-09-21

Very good app.... High quality latest music updates.... Good....

abhishek sharma 2016-09-12

Fast and amazing but I like Jio beats more instead of Jio music

Nice app 2016-09-11

Plays songs very nicely. Can adjust equilizer. Nice collection.


Jiomusic app is a very useful for a.people very good app

Great akhil e.v 2016-09-21

Loved the app.But I am not able to select multiple Lananguages.

All the best AMAR NATH ROY 2016-09-21

सबसे प्यारा सबसे न्यारा

Nice app PRAVEEN KUMAR 2016-09-21

Good music collection.....should be sub categorized still more

Jio Digital life Rhathore Vijay 2016-09-21

Jio best in the world really awesome all apps and superb speed

It's ok Aslam Aslu 2016-09-21

Good but i download a song, can't see the song in file manager

Cool app Vivek Vishwkarma 2016-09-21

This is an awesome App very interesting songs and latest songs

Nice rathod hardevsinh 2016-09-13

This all of his app is working very very fast like a 5G speed

Not working 2016-09-09

Its hanged. But they called and helped me. Nice support. Good

Superb....must for music lovers sukumar Devarajan 2016-09-09

Realy superb app.very easy handling.fullfill my expectations

Kumar Gundu 2016-09-21

Song collections from ಕನ್ನಡ is so good! Nice app!!

Good vibes Pradyuman Thakur 2016-09-21

Keep uptaded yourself with latest vibes and guys gr8 job...

Jio music Sathish Mallesh 2016-09-21

Amazing, more collection expected. Keep it up. All the best

Great collection & quality! Arvind Singh 2016-09-11

Great music collection, streaming speeds and HD Clarity...

Good 2016-09-21

If you want to lesten good songs then come here..jeo music


Good collection of song and to much good audio quality....

Best Ravi Jadov 2016-09-21

This app is really good and fast. This app best one so far

Downloaded songs Kanan Patro 2016-09-13

I can't change the source of d songs to sd card. Plz help

Sambit Kumar Mohanty 2016-09-21

there is a problem with the song daaru peeke dance Karen.

I LIKE IT gopinath g 2016-09-21

That apps is very nice. Quality sound effects. I like it.

Nice Music Player mazhar quraishi 2016-09-21

It is a fantastic online as well as offline music player.

Best music streaming app. sagar singh 2016-09-21

Works fabulously with my jio sim and service is awesome.

Best music downloading app ever in one click Rohit Negi 2016-09-21

Guys I am not saying lie its true you should download it

Good service shiva kumar 2016-09-21

Good old songs and kwality pls ad more old kannada songs


Awesome collection of songs and better quality of songs

Very nice naresh Naresh 2016-09-11

This is a very nice music app. Albums are adding daily,

Cool app Uday Biswas 2016-09-21

Love this app.Cool collection of every kinds of songs .

Easy selection Devang Shukla 2016-09-09

Trust worthy app and lots of existing this available.

Sunendra Kumar Padhi 2016-09-21

Nice collection of songs, loved Jio Music application

Excellent Dinesh Kumar 2016-09-21

Super duper hit app provided by Jio. Thanks Jio team.

Awesome Dheeraj Kumar 2016-09-21

It is awesome app for listening live and latest music

Superbbbb app Mahesh Tak 2016-09-21

Work good,at very bad network also,overall fantastic

The best Deepak Sharma 2016-09-21

Best music app among all those Which I have used yet

Rishav Raj 2016-09-13

Awesome app BT it might lack of some search items..

Best Music App sandeep upadhyay 2016-09-12

This is superb app. Best collection and easy to use

Nischay Rathi 2016-09-21

Okay great initiative!! But not as its competitors!

Nice app Dhananjayan Subramani 2016-09-21

Best free music app as for now. Well done jio team.

Loved it. Vikas Mistry 2016-09-12

Awesome collection, though some tracks are missing

Auto off Pawan Kumar 2016-09-10

In moto g turbo, its always being auto off, CRASH

satya prakash 2016-09-10

it's good app but now its not working in my mobile

I hate this app Abid Khan 2016-09-10

When I open it its hang always not like it anymore

Great music app Rajkumar Narmeta 2016-09-21

Lots of songs pleasing our soul .great collection.

Sandeep Minz 2016-09-21

Good audio quality with impressive song collection

Great app Dinesh Kumar 2016-09-21

All apps of JIO is very very usefull and inovative

Best music app ever Nilesh Chaudhari 2016-09-21

All music can be downloaded free and many more....

Good Sudipto Hoom Choudhury 2016-09-13

It is a vry gud App.nd vry easy to find out songs

ritesh raj 2016-09-11

Please enable us to download song in phone memory

loved it Biswajit Das 2016-09-21

it would be better if it will display the lyrics.

Tushar Thakare 2016-09-12

Keeps crashing from update (Redmi note 3 kenzo)

One more thing to be added Abhishek Vakharia 2016-09-11

Allow to play device songs too through your app.

Best music app Srishti Aggarwal 2016-09-09

This is really the best music app i hv ever used

Better than gaana or saavn Vir Desai 2016-09-21

No subscription is needed to download the music.

Jacob Handique 2016-09-21

After downloaded Why song is not saved in memory

Awesome app AARDEE X 2016-09-21

Best sound quality without annoying ads love it

Razi Abdul Rasheed M A 2016-09-21

Continuous Playlist playing has to be optimized

How to download and install JioMusic - HD Music & Radio on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMusic - HD Music & Radio app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMusic - HD Music & Radio file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

JioMusic - HD Music & Radio on Google Play

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