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Akasha Sehgal 2016-10-28

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My hip money blocked and money has been eaten up vedanayagam u 2016-10-17

Dear Sir I have been a Jio Money wallet user for a long time when it entered first. Have been using all these days without any hassles. Today I was shocked in my life that the account has been locked for unknown reasons alongwith my balance money and was trying to get to talk customer care service, which I am doubtful if this kind of customer service exists in Jio Money, after a long trying. I dont mind if you could lock my account and why my money has been unnecessarily held by you. Please call me

still not got cashback Shobhin Katrodiya 2016-10-11

today i have tried this application for mobile recharge and still that time i don't know that I'll got cash back . but after payment i got few messages on my registered mobile number that you have added this money , your wallet balance is this and at last i got that your wallet balance is this and the i found same digits i have used for recharge. but when i opened the application i don't found any cash back...... so i have to ask one thing that the message is fake or the application facing issues....?????

Anis Behlim 2016-10-20

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Real money apps 2016-10-24

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puja tuglak 2016-10-23

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Justcash apps india mohammed aazib Tuglak 2016-11-01

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Bad service hemu garlapati 2017-01-10

Amount was wrongly deducted from my wallet without my notice and also without proper details like type and description. I have called up the support team and raised this issue couple of times but they have closed them without resolving. Its been almost a month but no response. It is expected to see some issues with any app but not resolving the escalted cases is a worst thing which happend with jio wallet.

Beware while providing your credit card information vimal kumar 2016-10-02

Guys just now tested one thing on Jio App... And decided not to add / provide any other / more credit / debit card details. It is because It keeps the data stored and do not flush even after delete the app... Moreover you can not edit your provided credi / debit card data. All stored data comes back as soon as you reinstall the app... Mind it.. it is my opinion and I wrote what I noticed.

Raj Sen 2016-09-30

Still now I didn't get a single response from any executive inspite of repeated mails. I have 1558 in my account and I can't even recharge. What you guys want to prove having a big brand can make you artificially inflate your ratings on playstore to make fools out of people. I think I have to approach consumer forum if you guys don't provide me with appropriate response by this weekend.

Unable to register shivani gaur 2016-10-18

I have tried from 2 mobiles but everytime the 'Register' button overlapes the 'Contact us' button so when I tap register, always contact us screen appears. Please help! I can't register. Please solve this issue fast! I have sent you screenshot and number also but have got no reply from you. I have coupons and I want to use them. Please register my mobile number.

Bookmyshow Cashback Naveen Sreeram 2016-10-15

I didn't receive 100% cash back for my 1st transaction which is paid from bookmyshow. It's just a marketing tactics and Jio money will never provide any cash back. I have already sent email to customer care many days back, no response yet. There is no contact number to reach out Jio. Please use paytm or free charge or mobikwik. Jiomoney is one of the worst app.

PATHETIC SERVICE Ajeet Shukla 2016-11-01

Unable to do recharge transaction failed two times & How can any one avail iPhone contest why you guys are making fool to customers ..before this I have tried to do money transfer there were transaction failed more than 6 times are you guys are really serious about businesses..???? I can't think by this approach you guys can servive more longer time..

Pathetic didn't receive my cashback yet Rohan Kalra 2016-10-08

I booked ticket on bookmyshow and paid through jio money because of the offer mentioned of Rs.100 cashback but haven't got my cashback till now. Stop fooling customers with fake offers. Guys never do transaction through jio money instead use paytm, freecharge they are safe and secure also they don't fool their customers through fake offers.

Tanveer Shaik 2016-10-12

I used this app to recharge my bsnl and till now neither i received any balance nor cashback.i contacted advisor he told hell get in touch with in 24 hrs and it has been 48 hrs. Worst app .dont use it .its my point to add all the 5 star rating u see here is nothing but advertisement not a single good review found

It's a money trap. Use it just for basic mobile recharges ONLY Vikram DG 2016-10-04

Paytm is by far the best wallet app. Even a basic user (without being premium user by giving kyc docs) has more limits to transfer to banks and others. This Jio crap is having 2k transfer limit per month (even for the premium users) where as paytm is having 5k limit per day. For utility payments there is no BESCOM , LIC , etc.


Deducted rs 500\- from my account, no money in Jio wallet, there is 8th day I complained. When call to Jio money costumer care, they are holding the call up to 10minutes I tried. I call them several times, same holding calls that's solve trick they are applying. Please help anybody how to recovered amount from Jio money

Download *SKRILO * app from play store and use mob no. In Referral box and get 5 Priya Soni 2016-09-30

Awesome and fabulous free app. You could win 1 Lakh rupees every week. :) if you think your luck is awesome Sayesha Singh then please enter in the world of this app you definitely win. I won lots of times and my friends too you could win :) but please use my mob no in ref box so i can get some ;) best of luck

Uninstalling just after installed Trilok Borah 2016-11-02

uninstalling the app after reading such bad reviews for the app.. i am using paytm.. and i don't see such type of reviews for that app.. YOU should improve ur services and the apps.. just now i have installed.. and i can't take the risk of using such kind of apps.. looking for good comments in future..

Money transfer & Bookmyshow does not work Bharat Rao 2016-10-19

Tried to book BMS tickets with the app twice. Failed both the times after the wallet was loaded. Then finally booked with another wallet. Post that, have tried transferring the amount to my bank account several times. App does not store beneficiary details nor does it allow transfer. Bad experience.

Ram LHC 2017-01-26

I used jio money to pay at reliance fresh and it was mentioned 10% cash back if paid through jio money and i spent 1000 on jio but till now (1 month) i did not receive any cash back. So why do i have to spend through jio. I could very well pay through my card directly. This app if fake promises.

SSL sanathoi singh 2016-10-21

Dear jio team real times transection not received plz support my issues Boring, processing charges very high good thanks 4 u helps..& dear sir mobile change I want 2 used Jio money another Lyf mobile & new sim, I forget password id how can manage...plz support Jio team...

Bank transfer failed sharan sharan 2016-10-07

I am trying to transfer money from wallet to bank since from 5days but it's showing failed it's worst app I have seen also I trying to contact for customers service its worst no one reply till now. After the reply 2days over no one called me what the hell is going on with this app

Unsatisfied Kabir Pandey 2016-11-03

I tried to pay my MSEB/MSEDCL bill I thought I will pay my bill easily but it's not operating properly I followed all procedure while paying through my Rupay debit card and filled all columns its gon stuck in CVV number it was not printing there I don't know what was the issue.

Worst app ram chandu 2016-10-26

I have added 5000 money from that i have transferred 2000 to bank account i am trying to send another 2000 but txn getting failed..I dnt want to use this app.once i will transfer my money to my bank account i will uninstall thia scrap from my phone..full angry

Useless Animesh Ghosh 2016-11-02

Good for nothing app. Applied a coupon code & it said that it will take 48 Hours to update. But after that neither the coupon amount gets credited nor any response from Jio Money. Better go for Paytm or Free charge.. Jio Money Is Bullshit... Cheap Cheaters.....

Not working Ram Chander 2016-10-13

I am trying to transfer money to my HDFC bank account but it was failed each time. Also I have mailed to customer service but there was no response from jio care. Also I am trying to call toll free cust care no tells to wait for assistant. I think it is worst app.

Waste app Souju Purnima 2017-01-10

Guys pls don't download this because its all are fraud they are keep my 5000 once we are add amount in jio wallet then Wer realise what they are do... Bcoz they can't give refund.. I call many times but no response so it's really fake and fraud I hate this.... .

Its not safe and secure.. naveen ghanta 2016-10-05

When I used credit card to load money the very next day it was misused by someone in IDR which is 27k in INR.. Data leakage or sold the details... I never faced this kind of problem, am using credit cards for a long time.. Better away from jio money..

Piece of crap Navarasa Talkies 2016-10-14

I regret that i use this app instead of paytm. Once you add money to jio wallet its really hard to transfer it to any bank account. In simple, the money goes to ambani coz there is no use if you cant transfer it to bank. Even one star is overrated.

i am transfer money again failed mohit mann 2016-10-04

i am transfer money to bank but all time transaction again again failed no customer service response and money transfer processing fess is all other apps high estimated 5% charges to bank transfer processing but this time money all time failed

Rakesh Chheda 2017-01-26

Under utility payments,No Reliance Insurance available & No Karnataka electricity board seen, neither PWD, & while we proclaim Digital India & incase such made available there hs to be proper receipt save option made available.

Jio toh aise JIO! Anindya Chowdhury 2016-10-28

The biggest range of merchants are covered by JIO Money! Safest, Quickest & most UserFriendly. It's not just a digital wallet, it's like carrying ur smartness inside ur phone! With JioMoney, u don't just pay, u leave an impression.


I used to pay electricity bills & recharge my pre paid mobile number. Excellent experience. I also happy for that reminder s for electricity bills receiving thru mssgs from this App.on same day of next month which we paid earlier.

Not accepting Jio money Ravikiran Chilkamari 2016-10-26

Reliance fresh stores not accepting Jio money but outside they are advertising we are accepting Jio money. I complain the same personally via mail also but no body responded regarding this. Complaint no. of the same is [#1534356].

Good app but updates are very strange gurmeet Singh 2016-10-04

This app was working fine but now there is a update which is 10mb. It keeps on prompting low storage space. I have 300 mb space on phone and 1 gb on sd card. Does not update. May be it is one of the ways to hold clients money

Jio came up with new annoying update. Salman SD 2016-10-24

With this new update app became totally crap.. From now Anyone can access jio money using only a JIO internet/ sim card. I wasn't able to access jio money on WiFi. But when I turned-On jio internet the app opend just in a jiff..

Customer care not responding rakesh karnani 2016-10-13

Jio have WORST customer services. They just reply "Plz DM your details, we will resolve your issue", but never even contact you after giving details. I have sent many emails/ tweets. But they said above lines only. Totally FAKE.

Ridiculous service if jio money BHARDWAJ PAWAR 2016-11-02

This is very ridiculous service of jio money..they are applying very high charged for transfer money...and after add money in wallet there is no option for refunding money back to our account. so guys please careful..dissliked

Bogus app Amey Datar 2016-10-14

Totally bogus and annoying app. Didn't gave my cashback after purchasing from bookmyshow twice. Bullshit disgusting never use this wallet. Paytm is awesome it give cashback within few minuts not like this fake Jio Money app.

Bad customer service SHEHARYAR SIDDIQUI 2016-10-04

Have put numereous mail regarding the weekend cash back offer i had booked the movie tickets from the app.But not a single reply have recived from their end seems the doesn't need customer uninstalling the app right away.

Not working - Issue Resolved Sridhar Kosuri 2016-10-13

Am using lenovo k3 note. When am trying to access jio money, it says initializing forever but no application screen comes up.*** Jio team called me at my mobile and fixed the issue. Thank you soo much like this app. ****

Fake gift vouchers Mohit Shukla 2016-10-31

I've downloaded n booked ticket in bms ...they are saying get 100rs cashback but I get nothing ,totally bakwas,don't see their t.v. and customer support not replying ,even in toll free no they don't give u any reply.

Can't transfer money to bank account Ubair Javid 2016-10-01

Why am i not able to transfer money from wallet to my bank account? It says bank transfer failed everytime. I even reached to you guys via email but no response. Seems that nobody is interested in resolving the issue.

Not OPEING now. Gyana Ranjan 2016-10-31

I have been using it from the beginning of jio service. I have 100 in the wallet also. But now from somedays I am unable to login into jio money. So I am unable to use my wallet. I have the latest version also.

Worst cheating app Rajesh Kumar 2016-10-15

I am not able to send money to my bank account. I raised ticket three times in app but no response, again I sent mail to jio money customer service but no reply. Regret having loaded money to this useless app

Why the hell you want access of my SD card. Anurag Singh 2016-09-30

Pathetic people you are. You want all the information about me. Why the hell you want my SD card info. My contacts,my sms everything you are getting. Then why sd card . Fraud not give the access

Waste app ! DON'T ADD THE MONEY ! prashanth godari 2016-10-29

unable to pay at the shop(Reliance fresh) they didn't know about jio money .they said that they can't do and not accepted,If I want to withdraw money we have to pay the TAX.No offers at all

Very slow 2016-10-29

The latest version is very slow. It takes almost 1-2 minutes for every stage of processing. Also most of the reliance stores are not accepting payment through it. So no need to download.

Can't recover password phani bhushan 2016-11-03

I have been trying to reset my password with my mobile number and date of birth, it's saying error while processing the request. This is happening after the update to current version.

Waste of time & a very slow app varun Crazy 2016-10-10

We booked tickets in book my show app by using jio money we received a message that money is credited back to our jio money account but as I open my jio money app money is not credited

Hopeless!!! topper last 2016-10-13

Never upload money..this app is a junk ... Cannot transfer money to the bank.. it fails every time.. I want my money.. if you really care for your customers resolve my issue..ASAP..

Jio diniya sabse ghatiya network hai akkalwant rathod 2016-10-23

Reliance jio India ko uloooo banarha hai dosto , plastic ka ladoooo thamadiya hai ye chusne me kam nahi ata hai or nahi fekne me main lyf k mobile m vodafone ka net use kar raha hu

Fake skusman54 2016-10-04

Don't install and don't add money because am add 500 rupees to my wallet but wen I send money to other person of bank account it showing out of service waste of time and effort


Arey bhai yeh message mat bheja karo ki ₹50 se jyada ka transection karo aur jit sakte hai iPhone7...kyunki iPhone toh aap Dene wale ho nhi upar se 50 ₹ waste karwadiya

Privacy Niohord P 2016-10-11

The app asks for a lot of unnecessary permissions and if denied, it fails to open. I do not understand why a payment app needs to access my contacts, photos and other media.

Performance VIKASH KUMAR 2017-01-10

Very bad performance, I am unable to recharge Bsnl and Idea number. And also it takes higher cost to transfer money into your bank account and also take more than 24 hours.

Cheat with me. Ankit Shiroya 2016-10-28

when i change my Jio Password..all money in wallet is gone.....i lost my 400 the jio team not solved my pro. yet. Hope u will help me n give my money back.

Very bed experience ramani kevin 2017-01-11

First time it run.. But when i received my case back then this app does not start even single time... Always error message come on screen... So this app is totally useless

Too many errors vivek gopinath 2016-10-11

Recently I tried recharging my prepaid Airtel account through JIO money for Rs 222. They claimed it was full talk time recharge. But I got only 222 minutes. FEELING DUPED

Najmuddin Nomani 2016-10-14

Poor, very poor service These jio people need one more decade to provide good service. Please don't use, it is deducting the money twice, thrice for one transaction

Bank transfer prasanthsampath1991 2016-09-29

Am trying to transfer my wallet to banks but am unable to transfer,also your processing fees higher, I have Paytm and oxigen wallet that's so good compare than jio


App is good but loading time is too much each transaction min 7 to 15 min time taken so improve the app other app is working fast jio money using wast of time

Payment to LIC was not there Venkat Manda 2017-01-10

Hi Team- Update given was even customers can pay LIC payments but after the upgradation of app, couldn't find any LIC payments. Could you please get back to me.

Fake app sgbalaji87 2016-10-11

Don't trust this app, they take all our money but it is not possible transfer, always says transaction failed, if we asked technical support no one will attend.

Late cashback Jaikumar Bhatia 2016-10-04

I have used this app on Friday to book movie tickets, offer was rs.100 cashback its Tuesday today still not received such a slow processing in today's fast life

True story please" Like or Harmful " Ravinder Singh Tech 2016-09-29

Jio company apko free me jo sim de rahi ha uske pase yahee se loot rahi ha not use jio all apps trusted me this jio company is froud... Please like this comment

Useless App Chetan Patil 2016-10-24

Don't install this app...bcs i have added my money in the jio Money i can't transfer to other account...when I am trying to send Money to other it's error.....

Wrost app Prem Kumar 2017-01-11

Once you put money, after that saying invalid pin, once you try to change the pin/ password , saying invalid details , completely froud app never install it.

Worst Nikita Agarwal 2016-10-23

I booked a ticket through jio wallet..and I suppose to get cashback...but I didn't get any happened two tymes...customer care also not reachable.

Transaction failed atharva nerurkar 2016-10-28

I tried 20 times to transfer money to bank account but it says your transfer failed it's very urgent and my money got stuck in this jio money app help me out

Worst app Srinivas subrahmanyam 2016-10-23

Hardly it will take 5min to 10min to open the app I have entered reliance 10 anniversary coupon can't redeem it also I don't know y there are doing like this

How to Get A Cupon Code Sohil Halpati 2016-10-04

I Parches LFY Flame 8 From HomeShop 18 She Is Telling Open Jio Money Then You Get A Cupon Code But Jio Money I Opend But Cupon Is Not Coming Plz How To Do...

No help and respond nilang patel 2016-10-30

I had bad experience on jio money failed transaction of my bill but debited on bank account.the massage is within 2 working day ur amount will be refund.

Giving Fake Promotional Offers SHARAD SINGH 2016-10-16

I have paid through it, to bookmyshow, which included 100 Rs cashback for every transaction through JioMoney. But it has not credited any money soo far.

Worst app Ravinder Singh 2016-10-26

Whenever i recharge with this app, always failed, please add more recharge amounts, paytm or freecharge is much much much better than this jiomoney app

Pls help Rohan M 2016-10-20

My antivirus keeps on showing me that there is a malware detected in Jio money ! I have to uninstall app . This also happened with sbi rewards app too.

App is not working Kalyan 2016-10-25

It takes 10 mins to login. After login it does not open the postpaid bill payment page. It is 30 mins but the postpaid bill payment page did not open.

Not at all worth it Prashanth Nayak 2016-10-22

One of the worst mobile wallets. Published Offers don't get completed. Promised cash backs are not received. Customer care is completely unresponsive.

Sandeep Kumar 2016-09-30

This app is totally lost of time.... when I registerd in it. It works good but after 2 days it says blocked.... and I lost 10000 in that account. ....

Confusion with validity of mobile recharges sattiraju kottapalli 2016-10-15

In full talk time section of mobile recharges instead of showing Unlimited validity or NA, it is showing 0 days validity leaving customers confused.

pathetic app james massey 2016-10-27

Never store your money to this app. Your money will be bound with it. transfer & recharge not working. Pathetic app. I have waisted my 106 rs.

Pathetic app Abhishek Sharma 2016-10-26

Trying to pay my Reliance landline bill but it can't fetch it despite entering the correct details. Wasted my time. Paid directly on their website.

Fake offers Sandeep Khemot 2016-10-23

I applied cashback coupon on 1 Oct. 2016 but casback not credited yet. Cotacted to customer care but no response yey. Don't believe on such offer.

Cashback not given Pintoo Singh 2016-10-15

I have pay my electricity bill from jio money but cashback not given & bill is not paid till now I think this is hoorable app for bill payment

I can't download it SK Abdul Hafiz 2016-10-05

I am a jio sim user and can't download it from play store, every time I want to download it failed, but another jio apps are downloading normally.

Reliance Cheats customer to promote app download Sunil Khullar 2016-10-16

Offer was to give rs 8000 worth of coupons on purchase of rs 1500 obviously this could not be true but they are using false offers to promote app

App design is simple Jatin Gohel 2016-10-08

But missing SBI netbanking feature. Many users can't transact because of that. And also No any videos of jio for firat time users to how to use.

Wallet ka Baap K Karthikeyan 2016-09-29

I love this. Crisp, Clear font. No frill screen. Double security. Keep it up. One request there should be moneyback offers on promotional basis.

Customer call representatives are not receiving calls 2016-10-26

I have issues in coupon code application of reliance 10th anniversary so i tried so many times to call on helpline but they are not answering.

It is easy to use and beneficial. amit mishra 2016-10-23

A nice app. Easy to use. Also provide 2% cash back at reliance market. Mobile recharge or pay different bills is very easy with jio money app.

Average neeladri shekhar mondal 2017-01-10

No useful offer. Rupay card not accepted in jio money, but through jio chat I can add money in my wallet by Rupay card this is contradictory.

It's good but needs improvement Suvadeep Biswas 2016-10-25

R fresh people told me to install app. Firstly i was ok with cashless payment even without card. But r fresh fails to receive money from app.

Worst customer support. Vaibhav Gavale 2016-10-02

Please don't use Jio money for any transaction. And if you face any issue regarding online transaction then they are not going to resolve it.

Worst Muhammed Jamsheer 2016-10-28

Iam not even to open the just shows initialising..i tried today in 2 devices ..same in all.worat service ..never add any money to it

Doesn't work Pooja Dhiman 2016-10-11

Except for the first time never been able to login; keeps on showing "processing request". And why did it need access to contacts or camera?

vicky wadhwani 2016-10-03

I tried to make electricity bill but at time of selecting debit card cvv is not working and at time of net banking it's loading continuously

BHUSHAN SINGH B 2016-10-28

Everytime the app will be loading for a min the the page starts even went I go for other filters. Need to implement more. NOT SATISFIED :(

High speed Money Transfer App TAMIL SURESH 2016-10-24

Good service on wallet on India super easy access and user interface To Get More offer to developed on highly qualified on India users Mind

No offers ایوب خان 2016-10-08

There is no cashback offers for any payment so we will use paytm which give cashback, recommending to give such offers to attract customers

App not working on my 3G handset Leela Krishna 2016-10-31

Should I use a 4G handset to use this app? Really frustrated by this. I installed the app for purchasing goods in Reliance merchant store.

Reliance is next gen platform. Nadia Nusrath 2016-10-25

Reliance is unleashing it's power in every possible way to secure it's dominance in Indian market. Proud to be reliance limited customer.

Waste app 2016-09-30

Money had loaded and simply says your jio account is blocked what's there to block....its a waste app even unable to access with customer

Cashback for bookmyshow transctn saravana kumar 2016-10-16

1st time cashback is available for BookMyShow is available or not. But it is showing in bms app and not in jio money ... Wat about it???

Don't use service not good Abhijit Jadhav 2016-10-28

My account balance deduct twice while recharge using this app but refund was not initiate to me....Paytm Gives Better Service Than this

Useless aap Aditya Sinha 2016-10-21

I cant send money to any bnak. It si totally useless. It can not send money . Once you add money to jio money it can not be tranfered.

Not received 100 cashback for 1st elecricity bill payment sameer tangade 2016-10-19

Not received 100 cashback for 1st elecricity bill payment. Why do you advertise? In app chating is worst ... no reply mob 88888 48918

Subscription Sampath Moododi 2016-10-14

There are only two magazine's available for subscription. I'm looking forward for the subscription of The Week and other magazine's.

Bug Bug Bug Bug sahil lath 2016-10-02

When I receive a mail to verify my mail id. There is no LINK in the mail that can be clicked to verify my id. FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE.

Proper payment confirmation not received miten patel 2016-10-30

I have done my postpaid bill payment from jio money... Still confirmation not received from my operator...making fool to people...

Slow procees सचिन जाधव 2016-09-29

I have paid my mobile bill via JioMoney but that money reached to my service provider next day. And they charged Rs.50 late charge.

Bad Service Support. 2017-01-10

Need to build up a good team well trained to answer queries and suggest solutions. Very bad experience with the customer support.

Loot!! Jayateerth Deshpande 2016-10-20

JioMoney charges Rs 23 for transferring Rs 500 back to my bank ac from jio wallet! This is unfair and I wow to not use this app..

Plans not giving full benefit nikhil goyal 2016-10-26

Why BSNL plan 220 Rs show only 189 talktime .where as actual it is 220.full talktime if from market we recharge it or from paytm

Ajay Mathew 2017-01-26

Worst app ever LOST my 301 rupees for recharging this stupid Jio. Dont fool common people by ur dirty business mind Hate Jio!!

Jio money is very hiest charges Imam Akmal 2016-10-08

Very Hiest money transfer service charges....don't use this apps use Paytm wallet 1% money transfer charges Paypointz 1%......

Please don't install Nitesh Guleria 2016-10-10

***Please don't install this app ****...Booked movie ticket 4 days back .. but yet to get cash back.. this is second instance

Loki Lokesh 2016-10-10

Am using Redmi Note 3. When I am trying to open Jio money, it's says initialising initialising forever no app screen comes up

In able to call customer care G.R Vinod 2017-01-10

Hi team as I am not able to make call for customer care & to any number from 30th December when my Jio money is blocked

No good offers NAJMUS SAQUIB 2017-01-11

Really worst app wallet. By mistake I recharged a high amount and now I cant use it properly.. no good offers..really worst

Useless coupons Nitesh Rohera 2016-10-25

After shopping from Reliance store for 1500 rs. Got useless coupons. They are good at making fool. The Real India Company.


I had u. Kay get it is I. Fun. One. Ovydv ldyv may kbfh of u did I obud @ th they id How f How f How e How f ops How r u

Clean and fast Tejash Desai 2016-11-03

Simple, clean UI with very useful features and shortcuts. Money transfers and transactions happen super fast! Love it!!

Very bad Kiran Kumar 2016-10-06

I am forget my password and i type my date of birth but app show invalid date of birth way please add easy login option

gajanan bhange 2016-10-27

I am trying to added money my Jio money using my bank rupay but .but Jio money not accepted my bank rupay debit card .

Good Shivam singh 2016-10-01

You may avail the offer of ₹ 100 Cashback on booking any show via book my show app through jio money payment option.

Cation Golu Bansod 2016-10-26

Niche kuch over smart and over mind parsons mozud hi $ mohtrama ne ise chuthiya banane ka platform samz Liya hi $

Tried paying DTH and landline bill via Jio app Sathya S 2016-10-21

Money is detected immediately but still not reflected in my DTH or landline bill account. Anyone faced this issue?

Not promising Krishna Pavan Kumar 2016-11-01

I paid to bookmyshow thru jiomoney which offered me 50% cash back but did not get it. it is almost 3 weeks gone

Not able to access Pratik A 2016-10-31

I am not able to access this app through WiFi, but when i use my sim card's data connection it works just fine.

Transaction Update problem Shivling Bhandare 2016-10-28

transaction not updating real time. Freecharge is faster than this Jio Money.... It Requires more improvement.

Jio Prakash Singh Sisodia 2016-10-05

After 10 day's. only 350 kbps speed..... 2.5/10 Average network.... and after 1 month 128 kbps speed.. -10/10

Sanjeev kumar 2017-01-11

I am using this application many times & every time perfectly working. thanks God it's perfectly working.

Access Permission Nikhil Shah 2016-10-16

Reason for asking permission for my contacts , photos and files? I can only what application basics need are

Bank transfer santha kumar 2016-10-25

Bank transfer does not working... Am transfer the amount so many times... But, money does not transfer....

Excellent geetvijay soni 2016-10-05

Best wallet and no1 wallet for Recharge because of All systems are very different & easy & secure.

Arun kumar 2016-10-01

How to upgrade wallet, I want to pay my Lic premium it cost around 13500 but my Jio money limit only 10000

I lost money mohammed musthafa a 2016-10-18

Do not use this app for recharge .after you done a recharge it don't show the numbers which you recharged

Easy to use 2016-10-30

It is very easy to use it is the best test all apps is the best app for recharge and recharge everything

Awesome 2016-10-27

User friendly app. But unfortunatly my gio money coupon worth rupees 15000 get missing from my account.

Ek bar aap jio money customer care phone karo agar ek din ke andar utha liya to aap mukash ambani Pankaj Jaiswal 2016-10-16

Maine 1100 ka balane bhara abhi tak nahi mila jio ko sms kiya do din hogya reply nahi mila PAYTM is best

Sanjay Joshi 2016-10-15

Never worked as expected. Not able to login. Always errors. Doesn't even load the landing pages of app.

Padmanabhan Tr 2016-09-30

Why to keep balance in this account for one month? Why money transfer is allowed only after one month ?

Worst app Anil Kumar 2016-09-30

Sorry! We had to block your Jio Money Account XXXXXXXXX7049 for security reasons. Without any reason ?

Money transfer failed kottesh kotte 2016-10-01

Money transfer failed ... jiomoney to Hdfc bank money transfer not working.. pls check and update...

It's new TV Anand 2016-09-29

Would you mind to rate you a bit later to check your service? Anand a guitarist & Sound engineer.

Very poor Anil Vanwari 2016-10-30

No attractive offers on electricity bill payment unlike paytm.. too poor coupon on recharge

Cheating FILMY WOOD 2016-10-30

For last Three transactions I didn't get any money back as they promised like weekend 100/- back etc

Not useful Aamir Sayid 2016-10-02

This wallet covers very less services than other wallets. It may be good for those who have Jio sim.

I loved it 2016-10-26

It's very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very best best

Did not receive cash back Gaurav Mam 2016-10-11

Paid on reliance fresh today, but did not receive any cash back according to the 5% cash back offer

That's very good apps. Subhash Pal 2016-10-10

It's my better experience. I am mobile hard ware & software engineer. So that's my good choice.

Vaishnavi Newaskar 2016-10-28

Very slow app and after entering coupon code it does not confirm it,it does not even get open fast

Bad Debraj Dey 2016-10-26

I install jio money.But after some day it is blocked I call customer care but no one can respond

Don Lokesh 2016-10-24

Download CCD app from play store and get a 100 rupees free..and pls put my refer I'd (sara78)..

Horrible Premanand Shinde 2016-10-12

I have recharge tata sky and it is showing successful but no fund reflected in tata sky account

This is useless app Dipankar Adhikari 2016-10-09

This app is not opening as it is showing some error message. Really can't even use for payment.

Unable to transfer money Mayur Prajapati 2016-10-02

Hi I have SBI Net Banking , n Unable to transfer money from SBI to JIO Money... What can I do ?

Transmission is good but Nazim Nayab 2016-10-25

Bank transfer charges is too high. Other competitor provides free transfer and less charges.

SUPERB abhishek kumar 2016-10-25

Excellent app for those peoples who are busy and not having the time for day to day payments

Poor rohan goel 2016-10-22

I hated it. Jio authority had said that they were giving 10,000Rs. But it's fake i hated out.

Useless Gopal Sharma 2016-10-17

Not able to download. Trying from last 24 hours to download it, but downloading not starting.

No offers ...App is working well Sunny Aher 2016-10-08

As per compare other apps you are not providing offers and discount otherwise good experience

Best app Suraj Ganer 2016-10-08

This is the best app for transaction i have ever used... Super fast... Just love this app..

Rk 2016-10-26

My First recharge failed and amount deducted from bank account but no refund from jio money.

Support...? Clive Thomas 2016-10-22

App support hi nahi kar rahi hain Error while processing request likah hu aa raha hain.....

Waste app from Jio Arvind Mohanty 2016-10-02

Jio money 10,000 offer coupon is of no use. Much of its offers are not available in my area.

Baal er app Arnab Ghosh 2016-10-14

Maximum payment options nei... Emnio sala jodi taka mere ney to amar iye mara jabe...!!

Nice one!!! Yash Bhadane 2016-10-07

Shevti AMBANI ani MODI chi idea aahe....... BHARAT MATA KI JAI..........proud to be INDIAN

Ullu banaya Shital Bongale 2016-11-02

Reliance shop me coupon mila app download kiya ma ki aakh kuch nahi mila ullu banaya ....

Harish Shanbhag 2016-10-17

Pathetic app, not sure how this was approved for financial services. Please don't use it.

Cheaters abhinav kumar 2016-10-15

Cheaters not refunding my money. It's been over 10 days. No one is helping in this issue.

Bad experience Nikhil Jain 2016-10-26

I recharged first time using jio money. It failed, money has been deducted from account.

y do u want control on my contacts,SMS, photos, call logs..... ... Pokuru Avinash Gupta 2016-10-21

.... Cheap tricks to get the user data... Not only u... All so called great app have ...

Not transfer to bank jyothi ravad 2016-10-18

Only problem wallet money not transfer to bank,,several times show's transaction failed.

Good App 2016-10-15

This is a very Good app for payment. I think Jio Money is Best Against Paytm And other.

Never responds. Krishna Prasad 2016-11-01

It never comes up. Server is too slow to respond. Been trying since 2 successive days.

Worrest app kalpesh choudhary 2016-10-29

Guy dont install this app its charges is very hight near 5% charge on each transaction

The phone ma ruppea the first to see the full amount of time to time Mohit Nandal 2016-10-24

The only one of my favourite colour is not the intended to provide a range of services

Money transfer EVERYTHING IS HERE 2016-09-29

When I send money in my Hdfc bank they say always failed why please solve this problem

Good app ashish mittal 2017-01-11

But I m from Haryana i m not able to pay DHBVN ELECTRICITY BILL I M PAYING WITH PAYTM

Super se bhi upar Sufyan Bangi 2016-10-29

Provide attractive cash back for Retailers. From mark mobile zone gulbarga karnataka.

Waste after three months jio Gokulraj dk 2016-10-15

I use jio three months and four month I recharge the network speed is 1g waste of jio

All in one Jayesh Chandak 2016-10-12

Everything's perfect. All work done here. Thank you reliance. Keep more n bring more.

Great app yagnesh ponkia 2016-10-01

Really works smoothly at Reliance Mart, should also acceptable to all leading stores.

Good Rajesh Kumar 2016-11-01

Plz introduce UPI & tie up with IRCTC ONLINE PAYMENT soon to compete with other

Not useful Nithin Francis 2016-10-30

When ever I have balance in the wallet it wouldn't work properly.Trying to cheat us

Very easy to use rafique syed 2016-10-04

Very easy to use but need good eco sysmtem as we find less vendors having jio money

Book my show cash back not recievrd harry goyal 2016-10-28

I use jio money for first time but I don't recieve cash back.. Provide information

Transaction from SBI Bank not available Sanjay Sinha 2016-10-26

It does not supports SBI Transaction... Then why not I will give it only 2 stars?

Still unable to log in.... RAJESH CHAUHAN 2016-09-30

Unable to log in, every time I tried it says " invalid date of birth" What to do ?

Mast app for Jim Carrey and Naresh Kumar 2016-10-13

Mast app for Jim Carrey and to the first time government is committed by an hour


please add support for nfc payment. please allow purchase on google playstore.

bakwas wallet Raza Rani 2016-10-14

pesa load lene k bad block ho jata h vary bad wallet plz don't use this wallet

no coupuns s sumanth 2016-10-27

U did not recieved my coupuns..offered bu reliance 10th anniversary..very bad

Need help 2016-10-22

What about iPhone 7 contest I am having barcode I have show to which merchant

Zahid akram. Md Zahid 2016-10-19

This application is very useful and very easy to use it.i liked it very much.

Er. Pankaj Garg 2016-10-07

Sir a app tuhadi bilkul nhi vadia , videocon company da recharge hi nhi hunda

Worst Sohan Kumar Hegde 2016-10-01

No proper response from jio team.i lost my barcode and cant generate new one

Not useful 2016-10-01

I think this app is use for nothing no offers and Cashback coupons are there

How to download and install JioMoney Wallet on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMoney Wallet app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMoney Wallet file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMoney Wallet file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen


Description of JioMoney Wallet

JioMoney – Your simple, smart and secure ‘one-app’ solution to everyday transactions on the go. JioMoney is much more than a wallet. It empowers you to pay everywhere in a cash-free way. With JioMoney, you can do mobile and DTH recharges, make everyday payments, send/receive money, pay insurance and other premiums, manage your finances, get great deals, and more:
• Make bill payments for MSEB, BSES, BEST, Mahanagar Gas, Gujarat Gas, GEB, and others
• Do your mobile recharge and pay bills for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Reliance, MTNL, Aircel, Uninor, Tata Docomo, Cellone, and others
• Pay for DTH recharges for Dish TV, Tata Sky, Airtel DTH, Videocon D2H, Sun Direct, BIG TV, and others
• Pay insurance premiums
• Pay for online shopping at leading stores like Archies, Bookmyshow, Clarks, Groupon, Imagica, Starbucks, and thousands more
• Send and receive money to and from family and friends
• Get great deals, coupons and cashback directly on your mobile phone from local merchants
• Digitize not just your money but also your loyalty points

Soon, JioMoney will be accepted by thousands of physical stores and shops across India, thus expanding your digital money’s reach.

JioMoney is a zip-zap-zoom experience. You can execute a transaction in a breeze, with the same ease and convenience of receiving a call on your handset. And it is as fast too – a typical transaction is completed within a few seconds.

With JioMoney, you get these unique advantages:

• Payment from and for the entire Reliance ecosystem – Reliance Retail, Digital Express, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Jewels, and other Reliance retail businesses
• Deep market penetration – Right from a mega mall to a neighborhood store
• Fast and convenient barcode scanning for physical merchants
• Easy transfer of JioMoney balance into your bank

Discover JioMoney. Rediscover digital money.

JioMoney Wallet on Google Play

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Reliance Payment Solutions Ltd.
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