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App doesn't even open! It shows Error processing your request when I try to login

raju sharma 2017-06-08

Superb app by back is good policy .it works fast and it has good features.

ESHAN BOSE 2017-06-08


Chhavi Prakash 2017-06-08

Every time Error while processing log in request

Pritam Gadhari 2017-06-08

Totally bad app do not install this app my 200 rs is deducted from my bank account and also not added to jio money verrry bad response from jio

Rahul Gautam 2017-06-08

Rahul Gautma

Yoga Kshem Ritambhar 2017-06-08

This is a fraud app bhul kr bhi isse transaction na kre...transaction failed hone k baad money return nahi krte h...upper se customer care waale jhut bolte h...request derz kraane k baad v ye apne mn se settlement kr dete's a fraud team... So dear user don't try this aap ...its doing Totally fraud work

my haven 2017-06-08

Best apps.....

Bad app akhilesh rathaur 2017-06-08

Not install

Sudhaker Talari 2017-06-08



Not able to do bank transfer and help support never reply

Arwin Aravind 2017-06-08

I have recharged with 99 using my jio money but there is no 50% cash back is given to me this makes me too worried

Babul Ali 2017-06-08

Jio wallet not open my jio wallet number jio very bad apps

Kiran SB 2017-06-08

Worst Customer Care.. Accidentally I recharged a wrong number and they totally denied to refund the money..Better Use something like Paytm to recharge....





kanhaya shahu 2017-06-08


Ella Swamy 2017-06-08

worst app in milkyway galaxy

saaquib mustafa 2017-06-08

Problem in creating account... Whenever i set password, an space i taken automatically and message pops up saying that a password cannot contain space.

durjoy paul 2017-06-08



Jio money totally fraud company I recharge my number 309 rupees recharge was successfully done but again after 10 second the same number automatically recharged and my amount deducted 309 I called jio came I told my problem so they said me my 309 refund will get in 2 days now is 2 month I didn't got my money back please don't download this application because you're not get your refund money........ jio company Moradabad

Rakesh Parkala 2017-06-08

Worst app

nellikanti venkatesh 2017-06-08


wasim ansari 2017-06-08

Very bad app. It gives msg for recharge success, while recharge is not done.. and after 2-3 days it shows failure in history. Everytime it fails to deliver service. No need to install.

ROHIT KUMAR 2017-06-08

Rohit Kumar

Harvinder Singh 2017-06-08

Worst app...can't log in the app for last 2 months. I answered the security questions correctly but still not able to log in.

Babuli Sethi 2017-06-08

This is a very good Wallet App, I got instant discount every time through Jio coupon when recharge 303 and above. No need cash back. Thank you Jio...

kishlay kumar 2017-06-07


Nitin Satra 2017-06-07

BiGEST CHOr COMPANY. My account block every week without any reason. EVEN DIDN'T ALLOWED ME TO Transaction . Plz refund my money ticket number Thank you for contacting JioMoney. We are working on your request. Your service request number is SR1713186715. Please use this number for any future reference. Please urgently solved. No one will share card details as per RBI GUIDELINES and personal security reason . Please refund money to original generate transaction. From which you received money (Kotak) refund money to them .

Ravi Prakash 2017-06-07

Worse app it,s not able to get even 1 star 46 /- charge per 1000 transfer & after paying this amount u still not able to transfer more than 2000 totally faltu app plz do not use this

Bhavani Sankar 2017-06-07

My mpin code forgot plz send me

satyajit parui 2017-06-07

Bad app... আমি jio sim এ 249 rs recharge করেছিলাম। টাকা account থেকে কাটা হল,কিন্তু jio sim টি রিচার্জ হলো না।

Karthik R 2017-06-07

Tooo dad app

Soma Shekar 2017-06-07

Jio money is unreliable. I had filled₹500 and uses ₹309 for recharge. Rest of the money vanished for no reason... Jio money account is not even showing the account history to check the transaction... i have sent mail regarding this. But no replay as on date. Don't fill any money into Jio money.

prateek kapoor 2017-06-07


Amit kumar 2017-06-07

Very bad app

akhilesh katare 2017-06-07

Jio money application is not even opening in my cell phone....I am not able to do recharges.and how can I redeem Cashback????

Abdul Wase 2017-06-07

Easy n smart

Rakesh Jha 2017-06-07

It's nice to make payment easy and simple

Surendra Kumar Rai 2017-06-07

This app is the best of all.

pranaykumar vemuri 2017-06-07

This is really good app

Smita Deshpande 2017-06-07

sorry but need to much means toooo much work on this app..dont find it users friendly at all .. very poor 1 star

Eldho Paul 2017-06-07

worst app... n worst customer service...

Raviraj Deshmukh 2017-06-07

Difficult to use

rohit kumar 2017-06-07

Best for jio recharge

sudam pradhan 2017-06-07

I love you my jio

Hanumant kumar 2017-06-07


madan namdeo 2017-06-07

Worst App. Please do not use this App for mobile recharge any other billing. I tried to recharge Reliance GSM mobile on 16.05.2017. Logged two complaints SR1715004140 and SR1714196510 but now they are denying to refund Rs205 by saying that 'Jio-Money' status is successful. They provided me a Transaction No- JIO7136076815462122. Based on this I reached out to Reliance GSM to fix the issue but I got surprised by knowing that they did not get any money from the Jio-Money. This should be done by the Jio-Money but I did. So in this way Ambani's company is cheating us. No refund and no balance till date and now both (Jio-Money and Reliance GSM) are denying to refund my money Rs205. Recharge done for Reliance Smart not for Reliance Jio. Till date neither got mobile balance nor refund.


Mpin I canfues

Chitrarup Chattaraj 2017-06-07

Don't use this type of wallet-Worst wallet didn't get the cashback for booking a BookMyShow ticket on the offer time and the worst customer service didn't get any reply of my mail or messages writing for 10 times I have emailed my problem to customer care they never replied. Only a ticket is generated. Don't use this type of wallet. If u can't reply why tell people to mail issue.. There should be a phone no helpline...

Vanny Pandey 2017-06-07

Worst app , not got my refund , 2 months passed , really worst. No customer care responce.

navneet kaushik 2017-06-07

Worst app..No cash back received after 7 money commit for 2days

Good naish raza 2017-06-07


Avinash Dhoni 2017-06-07

The app is good for transactions and cmng to transfer the charges are high and there is no problem In transfer money to bank and I got my cashbacks and refunds on time. And there is no rule of 30 dys after transfer to bank. Recharge is not failing. Love u Jio

Amit Kumar 2017-06-07

Jio money apps is the best best of the jio recharge

Dinesh Mourya 2017-06-07


Naveen Chaudhary 2017-06-07

Very useless app

H Bansh 2017-06-07

Good type

gadugu jagan 2017-06-07


imran khan 2017-06-07


Aadhyatm Verma 2017-06-06

Money only gets deducted


It will make India cashless

Yash Porwal 2017-06-06

I forgot my password and i am not able to login to my account i didint give dob at time of signup and now it is asking for dob to reset my password

Mayank Raj Verma 2017-06-06

Wao Yar

jitendra kumar pandey 2017-06-06

Customer service is bad Not going to use this app anymore Think 10k times before doing any transaction from jio money

Adarsh Verma 2017-06-06

Nice application


jio sequrity detected as "privacy risk app"...why ??

Jarvis AI 2017-06-06

Thank u for refund

sonu kesta 2017-06-06


Kaustabh Bose 2017-06-06

Acceptance in the market is very poor

Ashish Toshm 2017-06-06


osama Bin sami 2017-06-06

Maine Rs-309 Ka recharge kiya tha iss app se jisme 50 rupees cash back offer tha, Aaj 18 days ho chuke, but ab tk cash back naii hua, aakhir Qqqqq?????

Washim Akram 2017-06-06


saidha reddy 2017-06-06

Saydah reddy

vinay kumar Kushwaha 2017-06-06

They are cheater , they didn't provide proper cash back from Jio Wallet

Milind Pai 2017-06-06

After login it asks me to set 4 digit app password. But after entering it, It always says error in processing request. Facing this issue since 1 month.

Ajay Kumar 2017-06-06

Awesome wallet this app

Dinesh Batthala 2017-06-06

This is the worst app ihve ever seen.pls dont instal this apppppppp.....plss......

JASVIR DAGAR 2017-06-06


Tapas Saha 2017-06-06

0 star not handled easy.frend don't used this app.chited money.

Murali krishna Konduri 2017-06-06

I don't know why I'm using this app. Transaction charges for transferring money to bank account are similar to other apps. Bus ticket fare is much more than the actual. If you have to raise any complaints, you should keep transaction number. Though the service is poor

Ashish Das 2017-06-06

Froge app First it's advertising an offer... Then after some days Customer Care is saying that offer has ended before its start

Gopal Soni 2017-06-06

It doesn't give a cashback

Bhusan Boruah 2017-06-06

recharge with 51 . its shows transfer uncomplicated. but 51 deducted from my account. where my money goes????

kartikey Kumar 2017-06-06



I am requesting you friends pls dont use this and dont download its worst app for ever you can load money but you cant transfer to you bank it has only 2k limit for month with 4.9% charges its too high copering with other app. some other apps not even charging.. I loaded money 10k now am enable to transfer to my bank pls pls dont use....


Plz my money back otherwise I complain in high court this is totally fraud app plz don't use this .ever this app charge is so high

Neelesh Chatterjee 2017-06-05

Connect with more and more online payments like bms or through this we can book other cinema hall. Serve this kind of facilities. And also do fast this app. As this app is going to slow down my phone.


The best appp

Julesh Kumar 2017-06-05

Worst app

rahul panda 2017-06-05

very good

Shreetam Swain 2017-06-05

Its really the worst app ever.both my phone and Sims are new and when I opened this app it is showing that there already exists an account on your number

Shehbaz Shaikh 2017-06-05

worst app.done 4 309 recharge but didn't get single Penny in cashback

D Shukla 2017-06-05


Pankaj Boro 2017-06-05

State bank of India not received

vinod kumar 2017-06-05

Worst app....I couldn't signup

Shate Aabid 2017-06-05


Simu Surinder 2017-06-05

Plz dont install this app , recharge fails every time ,i had added 2000 rs and not able to recharge ,customer service is poor

Gulam Mohammed Mulla 2017-06-05

Very third class and hopeless service. They are not interested in my problem. They should close business.

Sameer Herenz 2017-06-05



This app is really giving me a pain, I recharged this app with 310 Rs for recharging my sim, the money was charged and the balance was cut, but my Sim was not recharged, now I'm unable to get a refund too. The transaction status shows recharge for sim but it wasn't done in the first place. Such a bitter experience and no body responds to the God damn number which was given to me as jio app customer service number. This is such a shame

charan Reddy 2017-06-05

₹50/- cashback is not working and i didn't get any cashback on jio dhan dhana recharge

Suman Paul 2017-06-05

cant recharge other than jio worst app

Umesh Taying 2017-06-05

All good but payment method is very slow... Just pay... Try other like bill desk very fast

Ritesh Roshan 2017-06-05

Not good cash back not received

BP singh Markam 2017-06-05

BP singh

Ajay Kharade 2017-06-05

The customer service is the worst among all digital wallet, I used it in the month of December in reliance mall aurangabad where I was being told there is 5 % cashback on using jio money, I made a purchase of 2000 rs and never got cashback inspite of creating 3 support tickets, forget the cashback there isn't any reply to the tickets as well, opening a wallet is easy but reliance need to learn to resolve query and tickets, long way to go No reply from the customer care after giving them complete details, the customer care is absent and send standard auto replies only

Atul Sargar 2017-06-05


Dance class 2017-06-05

Cheat app

Sima Biswas 2017-06-05

This app is not so good please dont download this app

saurabh kumar 2017-06-05

This is the worst app for money transfer and recharge. I've transferred two Times and both time money deducted from account but not received yet. Customer care don't support. Very bad app. Never use it.

Sunil Singh Chouhan 2017-06-04

मेरे द्वारा airtel dth का रिचार्ज jio money से किया गया मेरे द्वारा गलत customer id डल गया और रिचार्ज success हो गया अब कई बार शिकायत करने के बाद भी ये जिओ मनी वाले मेरे रुपये वापस नही कर रहे है जबकि airtel द्वारा रिचार्ज कैंसिल कर दिया गया है

Manash Pratim 2017-06-04

Same process as competitors, no money back

Patel Dhruv 2017-06-04

It's good this app But Some fild is not entered i.e. Landline fils(Some Compony not entered) and other are entere.

anjum mehra 2017-06-04

Its fraud app. Dont use this app for your cashback offers. They will refuse to give cashbacks. They dnt even given filmy weekend cashback. And dnt use cashback deals option purchase anything because they will confess that transaction has been proceed.

sanjay yadav 2017-06-04

Money Transfer to bank is so costly. Don't use it

Ankit Kumar 2017-06-04

Very Nice

Anil ahanthem 2017-06-04

V v bad,they run by ivr machine.all Da time for reaching c.c ,u ll love to listen tune for as u can , for 5,7 hrs.gud job...plz dnt add more than 50 bucks, no refund sys,no c.c, no mail reply, i have 4 reference complain no which was lodge through jio care but they also nt able to help.jst give me a single reply ,plz dnt believe it,

Rajdeep Singh 2017-06-04

Good app But Bank transfer Charges Are very high compared to other wallet apps cashback offers were too good previously but now no cashback offers available with jio money currently no use of jio money now

Vijendra Kushwaha 2017-06-04

Money deducted from my account 250 rupes but given back.....customercare also not reciving call for complain frowd...fake...please donot uses regurarly....Its my opinion....!!! _____-VJ_Vickey

Vikas Thakur 2017-06-04

Develop our think

Srinivasan L 2017-06-04

A handy tool can be used anywhere

Dilu K 2017-06-04

Hell App..tried to load a amount of 251 to account..failed..and i lost my cash from my bank account..when i contacted the customer..even they dont have the record of my transcation..after 20 mnts of debate..they are saying it will be back to your account after 7 can i trust this word...

Nice nahi bakwas app he sonu raj 2017-06-04

Bakwas nahi maha bakwas he

Ashim Datta 2017-06-04

Bakwas app bcoz password system is worst

Kapil Dev Sharma 2017-06-04


Saket Kumar 2017-06-04

Best app

Ramjee Ray 2017-06-04

This is a very useful app

sandhya rani Nandyala 2017-06-04

It's one of the most useless app which can't be used even at reliance outlets. The services offered by reliance were fake and bakhwaas. Idiotic people just trying to play with the public.

eTech Telugu 2017-06-04

Nice app but bank transfer is not instant like Paytm .

mandy begansa 2017-06-04

Worst app as per your request for my refund I filed the complaint via mail,query , customer care but no response from jio since 2 month Soni suggest you all its not a good app for e payment as compare to other wallet Thanks


Sk gujjar

Mahir Verma 2017-06-04

Worst App - My account gets blocked and I am not able to take my money out.

Akshay Mk 2017-06-04

Cool app

chotu kumar 2017-06-03

आंध्र प्रदेश ग्रामीण विकास बैंक नहीं है बैंक में पैसा ट्रांसफर करने के लिए 4 परसेंट बहुत ज्यादा है

sachin dongiri 2017-06-03

Worst app

Dhaval Mehta 2017-06-03

Why beta? Why do you not provide stable version? I don't think beta and stable matter here because both are buggy.

Ag Ganguly. 2017-06-03

Great App

Aman John Samuel 2017-06-03


tamilanda tube smart kannan neduvai 2017-06-03

Sir I am jio summer surprise offer active pannirukken 50% cash back used steps

aryan chaitanya 2017-06-03

It's good

Rajneesh Pal 2017-06-03


Prashant Ahir 2017-06-03

This app is very usefull app app very fast


Waste Of money and time straight forward Rest is up to you friends

Soumit Mohanty 2017-06-03

RuPay cards are not support'd. Why don't you allow it? Not everybody has a Visa or MasterCard or Maestro card.

n!K Ree 2017-06-03

It seems, developers all time goes into replying apologies to bad reviews rather than fixing bugs. Improve the app, we're waiting for it.

Abhishek Singh 2017-06-03

I love it

janasainikudu PLMR 2017-06-03


ok boss 2017-06-03

Not so satisfied


App size increases big

dipesh koli 2017-06-03

Very fast n secure app like it very much Also better than all other payment app

sabiruddin khan 2017-06-03

Very good

mehul chaniyara 2017-06-03

Not response no money transfer

Prahlad Deshmukh 2017-06-03

Mst app

Rajesh Singh 2017-06-03

Login problem, OTP not received


Very nice scheme for cashless system

rahul khurana 2017-06-03

fraud app charged for the failure transaction . eat my 3003 rupee. people should flag this app inappropriate so that google play remove it

Deepakbhai Deepakbhai 2017-06-03


Mahes Dev 2017-06-03

High percentage of commission for amt transaction... It's not informed before cash load

Dheeraj Badgoti 2017-06-03


Guru Prasad G 2017-06-03

Worst app. Don't use this wallet for worst case also. Mailed many times for the forgot password issue, no one respond back with valid answer. Also customer care ppl mentioned that they dont have any control on emails and backend team would take care of them. Possible we can give -10 rating for this app. This is the problem with you ppl. Its asking me to enter dob for resetting the password, but you ppl always saying like it would do OTP check without even knowing about your app. Worst nature.

Inder t 2017-06-03

My phone is lenovo is not work. I try more then 5 times with debit and credit cards but it is not able to do payment

Privacy Risk Vasu Vasu 2017-06-03

Jio money shares our call log. This may be privacy concern

Govind Balhara 2017-06-03

Till date I am satisfied with app except jio rs. 50 cash back late announcement

Vinayaka Musale 2017-06-03

Jio security app itself identifies Jio money at risk

Samadhan Patil 2017-06-03

Not working properly Take lots of time

Harpal Singh 2017-06-03


Priyabrata Sahu 2017-06-02


Tiwari Adesh 2017-06-02

No help done by jio money care. I continuesly mail for my problem but no reply and contact have done by their side. My money deducted from my wallet but recharge not done successfully.

sukhvinder thakur 2017-06-02

No zero star option. I will give zero star to jio money. I m not able to send my own money to bank account. Mailed many times to jio regarding this but no response.

Ravi Kiran 2017-06-02

Fake app last Friday (may 26th) I done a transaction Rs.161/-on BookMyShow through jiomoney 5 days completed but still I didn't get cash back & I also complained to jiomoney customer care service they were having same script """wait for 48hours complained raised"""


No rifand my bailens 253 rupaye

ashok inchal 2017-06-02

Worst app ever used . I didn't got cashback

rohithravish 2017-06-02

Never ever seen such a 3rd class app .....It's planned cheating from Jio... U can only add money and can't transfer to any bank account for 30 days ......Pathetic we can't pay for any Amazon or Flipkart shopping except Reliance stores ..... Never Download even to pay or recharge jio as well

Ravikumar Ravi 2017-06-02



Tamilselvan Tamil 2017-06-02


ANIL KUMAR 2017-06-02


Ankit Sharma 2017-06-02

Thank you Jio


Mai jio mony se bank account me paisa nahi bhej pa raha hoo q

Dev's Amazing T.V 2017-06-02

Ohhh is a great way to spend a lot of time

Kundan Mobile 2017-06-02

Good aap

Vallabh Patil 2017-06-02

Request for refund of money for more than a month, given all details. But still getting same reply like please elaborate your problem... What the hell. I want f...K Jio money and Jio care ..

Ankush Kumar 2017-06-02

Check this aap

Shahid Nazir 2017-06-02


Sumit sah 2017-06-02

Very bad wallet its better paytm wallet. it not support SBI debit card .

Seenu Surya 2017-06-02

It gets error with login too many bugs


Jio i want my money back. What the hell ur customer care is doing. Even after ur last automated reply no one contacted me and i too was not able to contact ur customer care. Guys we should protest. This is a big scam look how many of us has lost our money and jio is not going to give it back. Lets start a online campain against this and lets sent our complaints to TRAI and BANKING OMBUDSMAN. #Jiomoney#Lootingmoney#

Ankit Sharma 2017-06-02

I have mail many times to reset my password, but no reply ...


This worst app ever, if you recharge twice a number due to network problems they don't refund. They also reply to problems raised at care Centre. Totally disappointed

COEP- behind the scenes!! 2017-06-02

Worst app ....I forgot my password .And now my account is being locked out..

raju lingala 2017-06-02

Jio security app says Jio money is sharing call logs....

Tech Tick 2017-06-02

Start Jiochat Refer Program again

Aditya Jaysawal 2017-06-02

Best in class,smooth interface and secured payment gateway... Easy to find ifsc code on this app. Good security M pin

Robin Prakash 2017-06-02 money was deducted and didnt get my recharge although not refund too...its been 2 months i had complaint but get no response from jio...hated it

vikash kumar Shaw 2017-06-02


mahesh pratap singh 2017-06-02

Transactions fails ofently

Narsimha Kapoli 2017-06-02

Worst ap ever i have seen it cheated me on 309 jio jio offer dont install

Zubair Momin 2017-06-02


Sunil Ghumare 2017-06-02

It was good until today when i tried to open my would not accept my mPIN and I'm not getting an ATP because i want to change my password! Please do something about it ASAP!

How to download and install JioMoney Wallet on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMoney Wallet app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMoney Wallet file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMoney Wallet file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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