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rashmi jha 2017-06-07

Earlier I was able to download the magazines but now whenever I want to download any magazines it says that session has been expired....So Jio services kindly u can tell me about this issue.... Otherwise app is good

Ritanshu Singh 2017-06-06


Jitesh Prasad 2017-06-06

Add Kolkata city in news paper section.

Dilwar Hossen 2017-06-06


FIROZ 2017-06-03


VIKRAM KUMAR 2017-06-03


surya suvidha 2017-06-03

Its nice


Wrng infrmtion

Bharath swaroop Jogu 2017-06-02


arijit pradhan 2017-06-02

It's a great app....

Pawan Pandey 2017-05-31

Everything is fine but I cannot see the downloaded pdf file apart from Jio mags app.


Downloaded​ PDF files are password protected. They are not opening off-line (Adobe) with my account password. Steps. 1) log into Jio mag app. 2) download any magazine PDF 3) ensure it opens correctly from the app. 4) locate the PDF with a file manager. 5) try to open file with a PDF reader (I used Adobe). 6) it asks for password. Account password doesn't work.


This app is good but I want some aritical that it does not provide. Please do something so I can get something interesting aritical on technology

jitendra kumar 2017-05-29


kasim malik 2017-05-29


Ashish Jain 2017-05-28


HirdeshKumar Kulshreshtha 2017-05-28

Thanks good

Need more Efforts Bittu Ram 2017-05-27

Plezz add some mags like Kurukshetra, Yojana , etc for those preparing for civil services.I hope you will add those mags.

Saurodeep Basak 2017-05-26

A note worthy initiative. But a long way to go to earn 5 stars!

manjunatha manjegoda 2017-05-26

Jio is good

Amandeep gomez 2017-05-24

Good and crisp

richa gupta 2017-05-23


Atul Kumar 2017-05-23

very very bad app

Ronak Vaidya 2017-05-23

I just love this app. Giving 4 stars only because I am not able to get magazine "world focus" of April month. Why did you discontinue?

Himanshu Shekhar 2017-05-22

Very useful app

bhavesh awale 2017-05-20


ANAND KISHORE 2017-05-20

Very nice collection, but Need to be add more financial magazines like value research dalal Street and money outlook.

Raunak Agawal 2017-05-18


Mounesh Dodamani 2017-05-18

Hmm Haphmmm


I am unable to sign in in this app

Pravin Dhakecha 2017-05-17

Very nice app

Srivans Sharma 2017-05-17

Downloading speed slow And its PDF not open in any other PDF viewer and computer

Dhanush Thambinga Da 2017-05-14

Dear Jio team Pdf file password please sent me

Sudhanshu Narain 2017-05-14

Not all magazienes are available. Specially for education like Competition Success Review. Pharma Izzy etc.

Gaurav Singh 2017-05-13

Good app for reading magazines.. I request jio to make some app for students to provide them text books and reference books. Such as R. . Sharma for mathematics etc.

Bala Murugan 2017-05-13

it has for few pages. some pages are missing

Vishal Chaudhary 2017-05-13

The thing is there is a tab ''third party'' it should not have a browser. But links to external browsers

Chitransh S 2017-05-12

No internet or server issue while downloading.

Suresh Kumar 2017-05-11


Momi Dutta 2017-05-10

Good for Reading

Manglendra kumar Rai 2017-05-09

It is a quite better app but not all the magazines available

Aditi Kharb 2017-05-09

It needs update everytime

COC baba 2017-05-05

Speed of internet is decreasing so I am not able to download apps

bhattacharjee tapan 2017-05-05

Whether it is free or not .

Mond Akheel 2017-05-05


Vimal Chouhan 2017-05-05

It is so nice app I loved has so many stories




Not like it but I like it

shivnandan kumar 2017-05-04


Kalyani Roy 2017-05-04

Good Good

sukhdeo shaw 2017-05-03



Facing issue in downloading.. Session expired!

Shah Dhaval 2017-05-01

Nice megagine app

Sagar Sahni 2017-05-01

Good app but educational magazines should be added students.

Jaman Meswania 2017-04-30



Before download the app I saw a notification that "win free tickets IPL "" but after update no results of the notification why?????

yogesh sharma 2017-04-29

Why so much notifications? It's overkill... No way to stop the nuisance... :-( Please stop, or I'll uninstall it


It,s helpful

Aakash Vakil 2017-04-28

Pretty good app and magazine content. Not experienced any lag or downloading problems so all good there. Stopped working on Samsung Galaxy Tab2 saying device not supported. Asks to update and then I get message device not supported. Content wise their team needs to bulk up content and add more options in areas of finance and equity markets, international magazines, science and geography etc.

sugan muthu 2017-04-28

It is not as fast as it was earlier. Feeling tensed in using it. Resolve this

Chandraprakash G 2017-04-26

Not even one Electric Vehicle magazine !!

vijay manghate 2017-04-26

Nice aap


my app does not response anytime

Pavan Ghai 2017-04-25


Nandu yadav 2017-04-25

Its a nice app

Montu Nath 2017-04-25


Chaitanya Sharma 2017-04-25

It's good but in my location (Boisar, Maharashtra) the jio network is to slow that we feel it as 3G network

Rocky Parmar 2017-04-25

All under one roof, good step to save money & paper

Deekshith Raaj 2017-04-25


Akash Garg 2017-04-25

Its just a normal app rather this app should also contain a books section also kindle are giving them on a costly amount you can give those books on a cheaper rate.

nilly kumari 2017-04-24

Quite good

bhargav reddy 2017-04-24



very helpful app it is..!

shuchismita Puhan 2017-04-24

Please add odia language



Amit Gupta 2017-04-22

I downloded few comics but I am unable to open. Please resolve this issue.


some other magazines also set in this app like swathi

Subham Shaw 2017-04-21

Its boring app in Reliance jio. U sud more improve in ds app. A speaker sud b attached, wen we press on ds option the news hears wd audio sach as Cricbuzz app. Even download option is most boring. . So, need some work in ds app. Thank u.!

Good ajit kumar 2017-04-20

Comic books v

mohdatif Ansari 2017-04-20


naresh kumar chaudhary 2017-04-19

Sir please add yojna and kurukshetra magazine also

digambar makhale 2017-04-17


Kushal r 2017-04-16

It's good a bit

Rajnish Kumar 2017-04-16

Everytime i try to download a show no internet connection or no response from server.although my net is running smoothly


Its a good app but some thing are bad in this app that have to work over it to the companies but this is best apps for all ages of human being and some magazines are not in this app like nanhey samrat in children magzine

Niloy Ghosh 2017-04-15

Would have been very useful to us students if you could add the MTG mathematics physics biology and chemistry today magazines. Looking forward for a response. Thank you

Advisor 2017-04-14

I liked it the most...

Ashwini Hegde 2017-04-14

I liked it but if I don't want to update,it does not leave us to close it

vicram kamlakar 2017-04-11

Please Add Surendra Mohan Pathak ji Hindi Novels.

shyda rao 2017-04-11

Could not download magazine. Always getting no response from the server.

jyothish kumar.j 2017-04-06

Every time when I try to download the magazine it shows pop up like " there is no internet connection or response from server" please fix this soon

Siben Ray 2017-04-06

i think team jio also added Assamese language too.... bcz the Assamese user didnt read it comfortably

Shaunak Patel 2017-04-06

There are issues with color saturation of the pages. I downloaded Stuff magazine just now, the cover page is poorly saturated while the next page with the one+ 3 advertisement is just fine. Please fix this.

babasaheb pawar 2017-04-05

Very good


Nice job

suchitra shivale 2017-04-04

I think that you should include marvel and DC magazine's


I cannot download it It comes that no connection or no response from server Please fix it as early as possible.

Binod Kumar 2017-04-03

This app will be help for everyone

rajan thukral 2017-04-01

System is slow

gan esh 2017-04-01

Pls give option to download as pdf

Subho Bag 2017-04-01

Very useful

vaibhav prabhu 2017-04-01

Error occurs every time i try to download a magazine

Mohit jindal 2017-03-31

Not able to download magazines as of now cof of some bug Please resolve the issue Updated version has same issue

ankit kumar 2017-03-31

This new update is worst.. I have already chosen plan 303 for this magazine only.. Now, today when i was downloading a magazine then it says, you should be on jio 4G network and no response from the server.. At the same time the net was working smoothly, but it magazine couldn't be downloaded.. And this problem also occurs in my jio app. It's not opening and pop shows that you must be on jio4G network.. Please plzzzz fix it as soon as possible.. Thank you...

VIMAL MURUGAN 2017-03-31

It is very useful

shashidhar babu 2017-03-29

Good one

Aashwin kumar Prusty 2017-03-28

Need update


Yellow yellow dirty fellow

Vipin Rawat 2017-03-27

इस बात से कोई भी इंकार नही कर सकता कि जियो बढ़िया सुविधाएं दे रहा है..मगर jio apps की बड़ी कमी ये है कि ये memory card में move नहीं होते,यूजर की phone memory बहुत ही जल्दी out of space हो जाती है। जहाँ तक JIO MAGS का सवाल है तो इसमें निम्नलिखित बड़ी कमियां है... 1-momry card में move ना होना 2-प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा पत्रिकाओ की कमी। 3-Hindi language पत्रिकाओं की कमी।


It's a good app for Android.

ashok swamiwala 2017-03-26


Ashish ranjan 2017-03-26

Sometimes app get stuck to download or open downloaded magazine. Plz sort the problem because of this lot of times i have to installed and uninstalled app.

rajesh manivannan 2017-03-26

Sometimes magazine downloads get stuck, only reinstalling the app works. Please add tamil magazine thuglak(துக்ளக்) to your collections.

Abhishek C 2017-03-26

Not able to listen the entire article. Only selections can be listened.

MD.FARHAN QUAZI 2017-03-25

Not a bad

Sanjay S 2017-03-25

Read tamil book like vikadan.. Please make it fast. We are waiting


Sabirul sk

seshapu srinu 2017-03-25


Ashish Sharma 2017-03-24

Not able to download Any magazine here , every time I try to download Any magazine it says " no internet connection or server isn't responding". Please fix it ASAP . Other than this app is good n u can get evey magazine for free.

Kiran Mohite 2017-03-24

Nice app

Jitender Singh Saini 2017-03-24


Satyam Pathak 2017-03-24



Educational magazines for class 11 and 12 science students should be added such as of MTG biology today, physics today and chemistry today. That will be very helpful for us.

Sutanshu Patel 2017-03-23

Pls add more comis in hindi like raj,tulsi etc

prakash jani 2017-03-23

Net speed

Cat Tech 2017-03-22


RAHUL SHARMA 2017-03-22

Hiii my lovely friends is good

Sourav Basu 2017-03-21

Hi teamJio, The app is very nice for everyone to read a news paper at handy.but I would like to request you guys to add some bengali newspaper and at the language selection keep bengali language so that like me lot of people get to know about the news in bengali. Hopping for a positive response from you and from your team. Regards, Sourav Basu


Does not have gaming mags .....I am a gamer and computer enthusiast unfortunately I was not able to find mags for them......There is only one mags on computer.....And none on gaming like digit...

Mukund Pawar 2017-03-21


Avnish Garg 2017-03-20

Without books with books

Vineeth Menon 2017-03-20

The collection is good. But recently I have noticed that you cannot view the magazines or download them.very frustrating when you only get a preview of the first page.

Jayesh modi 2017-03-20

Only English language ?

Sujay Sarkar 2017-03-20

Pls add few magazines for entrance exams Eg. Mtg, Arihant....

virender singh 2017-03-19

No idea

Jeyageetha Dhiyaneswar 2017-03-19


Prashant Chaubey 2017-03-18

Have option to store magazines in a separate folder, as everytime they are lost.

manoj gupta 2017-03-16


Shubham Bose 2017-03-16

Nice app

Ganesh Bhat 2017-03-16

Please someone let me know why all these permissions address required.

Siddharth Dwivedi 2017-03-15

Not a single Jio app is working via my JioFi after subscribing to Jio Prime. It shows nothing but a blank black screen with a message box "no internet connection"

Bala Mogi 2017-03-14

I want to more tamil magazine

Aapoorv Malpekar 2017-03-14

Superb idea for free magazine. But some major issue here. 1. Cannot download through Jio sim hence only wifi works. 2. Cannot change the language. Only english is set.

Vijay Shinde 2017-03-13

Add muscular development and flex bodybuilding magazines pls add this

Bijoy Koyilandy 2017-03-12

Downloading option to SD card not working now, SD card option hide now (Sony Xperia M)

Goudar G T Gururaj 2017-03-10

This is the best for all

Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 2017-03-10


ekta singh 2017-03-09

Not bad

Om Prakash Motiramani 2017-03-09

I I think that it is nice

DATTU PAGARE 2017-03-09

bar ahe

Amarendra Jha 2017-03-09

Now it works and very good app

Maharshi Kotak 2017-03-08

Kindly add competitive exam magazine. For gujarati latest facts in general knowledge. Success mirror etc

Kittu Thevar 2017-03-08


aish dwivedi 2017-03-07


Narayan Sahu 2017-03-06

It should be password protected...

Vasu Dev Sall 2017-03-06

Most of the time shows no internet connection.. while the jio 4G is enabled

Sushant & Piyush 2017-03-06

Please take back Nandan...

Md. Wakil Ansari 2017-03-05


Anees Mir 2017-03-04

Please add Yojana and Kurukshetra from Publications Division

vasanth kumar 2017-03-04

Some Tamil magazine is not added please added

Anshuman Sharma 2017-03-02

Overall the app is good. But few magazines like the mathematics today, chemistry today are not available

Koteswararao Sabbineni 2017-03-02


Hero wwmeta 2017-03-02


subu apa 2017-03-02


Santhosh Dental 2017-03-01


Rajesh Bakshi 2017-03-01


Samriddhi Banerjee 2017-03-01

It was working fine but after the update it says I have to have a jio 4g sim... I already have that sim and have logged into my account through that sim. Can't download magazines. Fix it asap.


It's OK

Rakhi Rastogi 2017-02-27

An app for Windows devices will be useful

Babita Singh 2017-02-25

the app is great, but there is a bug even after clearing background apps it automatically turns on in background, and some time pop up when you unlock your device.

Shivanshu Chaudhary 2017-02-25


Kaustubh Chuke 2017-02-24

Nice but sticky app... Stays in process even when closed

Chinmay Tiwari 2017-02-24

It is good but it contains only that magazine which are popular. I can't get great magazine like avengers etc

Sukendu SB Rai DebBarma 2017-02-24


Keerthi Kumar 2017-02-24

To slow not responding anymore about we chat r call etc

Ujwal Talele 2017-02-23

The app is good. I just downloaded the app for few magazine which will be helpful for me in my curriculum like `science` and `nature,and the thing of shame is that,both of these magazins are not there.....Let's hope you people try to have them.

Rajesh Chauhan 2017-02-23

Good Good

ashik dx 2017-02-23

Its a good one,but we need inbuilt dictionary

lakshmi upadhyay 2017-02-23

always ask update

sona Dash 2017-02-22


Shreemanta Chattaraj 2017-02-22

I usually read Bengali magazines but from middle of the January, the particular magazines are not shown in this app.

Gulshan Raj 2017-02-22

Good but not excellent

Hasrat Ansari 2017-02-21


Ranjan kumar Swain chiku 2017-02-21

It's not available for odia language

jimish chauhan 2017-02-20

Please add smart investment financial weekly ( for share market basic knowledge) in your collection. Then I will give you 5 STAR rating.

Pankaj Tayde 2017-02-19

Many Books are not opening completely... there are just previews. Are they free or will have to purchase them??

Nagarenu Nagarenu 2017-02-18

Super.nakkeeran Tamil enna achu open aakala.?

Sulabha Vaidya 2017-02-17

Good informative app..very useful..but PDF which is saved in sd card cannot be is saying that.."PDF is password protected.."then what is the use of save to sd card feature??

rupam kathkatia 2017-02-17


Kumar Guru 2017-02-17


Deepjyoti Boro 2017-02-15

News linking channel and live netwrk

Pranati Hansda 2017-02-14

Dont know

suraj kumar 2017-02-14


pawan kumar 2017-02-14

After this update I am unable to read magazine offline after saving to my sdcard.

Kishor Belan 2017-02-12


Mohammed Saqib Shaikh 2017-02-12

Add some education science commerce engineering ebooks

Sreejith B Raj 2017-02-11

Not able to download. Even though while on Jio Network also it's showing not connected to server. Kindly support

charan singh 2017-02-11

Hello Jio Thanks to providing wideservices to us. Magzines downloaded in SD card its ok but how can we read from sd card.. password must to open a magzine what importance of downloading magzines in sd card?

Deepali Das 2017-02-09


ajay kumar 2017-02-09

This app is very gud

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