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yahaya Ayesha 2017-06-04

I couldnt able to download any magazine.It shows that no reply from server or no internet connection.

Dinesh meena 2017-06-03

Javana ram

Lights Life & Lens Photography 2017-06-01

It's keep getting crashed on MI Pad. Not able to read anything

Subham Saha 2017-05-30

My jio mags is showing no internet connection or server not responding. But my internet is good.. Fix this problem please

Srikanth kantha 2017-05-27

Sir give application for PC(windows) ..I want to c in read it is difficult in phone

Hitesh Kumar 2017-05-27

Error to open downloaded mags

Pritam Kumar 2017-05-26

Good aap

Shweta Singh 2017-05-26

Why can't I use it in some device other than that having Jio sim? Can't download anything with my tab even after logging in with Jio ID. How can I read the entire thing with my cellphone?

ankit patel 2017-05-25

Can't download it says "session expire"...

Sourav Sengupta 2017-05-23

Saptahik Bartman(13 May 2017) issue is missing. Please add that issue ASAP.

Suryakant Sadu 2017-05-23

App says no internet connection despite having... Suddenly says time out and crashesh.

Gyffg Gggffg 2017-05-22

Nice but doubt

Sajal Tiwari 2017-05-17

Not able to open downloaded magazines! The thumbnails of downloaded magazines in my library won't respond on touching.

alok thomas 2017-05-16

Be the leader

saif sf 2017-05-15


prahlad rawat 2017-05-14


Ketan Dubbewar 2017-05-13

I am not able to open any downloaded magazine... I have clicked magazine thumbnail for 100s of times but it is not opening!!!

Manish Gautam 2017-05-12

I find this app very informative and awesome as it has a nice collection of current articles and magazines. But problem is I am not able to download any magazine, it always says 'No internet or server error'. Can you please help fixing the same?

Avinandan Patra 2017-05-10

Bogus app, unable to download magazines for the last 3 days.

Sathish K.s 2017-05-10

Very less magazines in Kannada and Telugu language please add and upgrade app

Aayush Shukla 2017-05-07

योजना और कुरूक्षेत्र को जोड़े

Sk Md Ashadullah 2017-05-06

Same problem here it was not openning .


This is very bad when I was down loading very bad internet and also when Facebook is not open In time so take Care.

vivek choudhary 2017-05-05

I downloaded 13 magazine but there is no option to participate fir ipl match tickets..

Vishal Shrivas 2017-05-05

When i downloaded some mags on it ! The files was downloaded but they are not opening no responds from the app !

Naveen Kumar M S 2017-05-04

Downloaded magazines are not able to read they are not opening...Thankyou

vimal raj 2017-05-02

Need more books on banking and current affairs...Need ur help

Nihal Zayn Sha 2017-04-30


Mike Lokesh 2017-04-30

It's not opening stills loading fix the bug Jio

Riyaj Khan 2017-04-27

Good app but every time updates not good

Shubham Mishra 2017-04-26


Nikhil Dehariya 2017-04-23

Downloaded pages not opening



Ajay Dhar 2017-04-22

Mobile screen pey itna chota likha hua h jo to bs Jio aur aap logo ke mama log he pd skta h aur Hindi magazines kaha h bai log.Maaf kro bai mujhe apni ankho se pyar h,andha nhi hona mujhe.Magazine ko optimize karo mobile reading ke liye. Kuch to innovate karo agar market ko lead krna h to vrna Jio itihas he reh jayega

Ramesh Siliveru 2017-04-22

It s vgood

Himadri Sahu 2017-04-21


Tushar Kumar 2017-04-15

Lack of Magazines

Subramanian Viswanathan 2017-04-14

Magazine download is either very slow or never. As far as the separate jio connection for desktop, even after minimal usage get a s s that you have used 70% of limit. Voice calls never go from ipad. In all it's a unsatisfactory experience with jio.

muthu ramalingam 2017-04-12

Jio mag not transfer Whatsapp and any other social media in pdf . Why it always struggling to transfer even full connection of speed in net. Always asking password how to get password in jio

Binodananda Mishra 2017-04-10



Jio surprise but bad network in asansol

Anurag Chavan 2017-04-05

I tap to read the article but it says you need to be on your Jio SIM whereas I am on my Jio SIM.Please solve this as i am greatly dissatisfied


Please make app Smaller size

neha kushwaha 2017-04-03

I am not able to download mags. Everytime I click on download it says no internet connection or no response from the server. I am already joined jio prime. I am clueless Why it is showing no internet connection as I am downloading the mags with the jio network only.

Praveen Bhade 2017-04-03

I tried it on a friends phone and liked it.when I checked the permissions before installing I found out that it requires permissions to reroute my calls,reading my call logs and other permissions that a magazine app should not ask for. Waiting for a future version bereft of these permissions before I install it on my phone. The users who do not care about giving these permissions should go ahead and use it.the app itself is quite good.

Juhi Arora 2017-04-01

Its not working ..... i m trying to download magzine.... but it is showing no internet connection or no response from server ...asked in customer care ... no good response

saipraneeth k 2017-04-01

Not at all opening g for more hours

JOEMON KISHOR 2017-03-30

Did you took off night scheduling of mag downloads???

MASEN RAO 2017-03-27

I don't know

raj shekhar 2017-03-27

Nonsense! Why pdf file is Not opening in other app. Why pdf file needs password. This is what which makes this app is wasteless.

raj malhotra 2017-03-27


satyarohit k 2017-03-27

Recent update is saying that the device memory is full although it's not when I try to download a magazine


Edit app

chinna dasari 2017-03-25

Just cool


Good. But not many magazines are there

Murugesh Kv 2017-03-20

Worst app

vijay v 2017-03-20


Nobi Effects 2017-03-20

reading is very difficult always blue panel come and hide text in single tap on newspaper

Vishisht Srivastava 2017-03-19

After the recent update, the app doesn't let you download magazines. "Session Expired" message appears on screen.

Deepak Jain 2017-03-17

It's Totally useless

Vikram Vijay 2017-03-15

The app keeps opening by itself every now and then

Google 2017-03-15

instaemi dotcom 2017-03-09


chandra kant 2017-03-08

App doesn't open after updating

himanshu kushwah 2017-03-06

please add feature of landscape viewing for this app so it is easy to read on tab

Rounak Maheshwari 2017-03-05

App content is good but since it is not optimised for mobile reading. It is difficult to read content on the go. Jiomag please optimise for mobile reading

nidhi kumar 2017-03-03

It was very good initially but since few days it shows no internet connectivity inspite of having internet connectivity... Tried uninstalling and then reinstalling but no success

Kalpana Singh 2017-03-03

Force to installed


A lot of good content but don't score UX point. I am well wisher of Jio.But this app doesn't have chance when competting with some of world best mag app. SOME BAD I noticed a lot of space for header , footer strip not get hidden when Read Mode. Just look like you are reading PDF.

Baljit Singh 2017-02-28

OK app

Naveen Aradhya 2017-02-27

It's not Free

AMAR TRIPATHY 2017-02-26

There is no Savita Bhabhi or Vellama mags. Disappointed not to have any. But rest mags are nice.

Ameen Sabith 2017-02-25

Jio internet some times doesnt work with its apps like jio tv, mags, music etc. Also i am not able to read what i have downloaded in the app. I couldnt acces the downloaded mags in my library.

Damini Jaiswal 2017-02-25

Faltu kuch bhi nhi hai

Pratik Deka 2017-02-24

Bugs!!This app is giving problems after the recent updates. It's always running in the background without any reason.

sohel pinjari 2017-02-23

Add hindi or marathi articles i didnt find them?? Or give me instructions for how i read articles in hindi or marathi...

ajith b.o 2017-02-22

After putting magazine in Night download and when I opened the app it shown 7 magazine successfully Downloaded but only image of cover of magazine was Downloaded & not the whole magazine. Even 1 magazine out of 7 was completely Downloaded to read it offline.

Shaswati Dutta 2017-02-22

It has started giving problems since the last update, every time I unlock my phone it shows black lines racing down my screen and why do you need so many unnecessary permissions?

PRAVEER SINGH 2017-02-22

I gives it 2 star because this app is taking permission to make and manage phone call and contacts


please update the govmt question based current affair

goutham nk 2017-02-22

It's open in back ground always..difficult to receive calls also sometimes....try to do something for this issue. Otherwise it is good.

Raj Gada 2017-02-21

The app is good but only works on jio net not on wifi have to switch network for using it

gaurav Singh 2017-02-17

Continuously runs in background and affect other apps and show the adds too even the app is closed and always restart get the focus from other apps always..

Purushottam K 2017-02-13

Please update this app. Because it opens auromatically in background when i unlock the phone. Otherwise its a good app.

Bablu Alawa 2017-02-13


Saurabh Khatavkar 2017-02-12

Started facing problems after the recent update. This app can always be seen in the recent apps section, as though I had opened it. This happens every time I unlock my phone, even after removing it from the recent apps section.

soyeb malek 2017-02-11

Add job related news magazines

Sandesh G 2017-02-10

Keeps launching in the background even after closing it over and over again.

deepak singh 2017-02-09

Magazine not opening after download

Ajaj Pathan 2017-02-09


Ravi ReXxX 2017-02-08

Want more educational magazines to included in this app like- Arihant's Biology Spectrum, Physics today, Chemistry Today, Biology Today etc. Lack of useful educational monthly is main drawbacks for me. I wish and truly hope you include above monthlies in your data base


No more books for kids No more books for kids

Sankar Rajan 2017-02-07

It is forcing us to update. not able to access older versions.

GAURAV SINGH 2017-02-07

It runs continuously in background and affect and create problem for all apps, if clicking overview button, it always remain running and when remove it always run again and drain my battery also.....Please help


Sala 1 GB bit Jane par download naikhe hot

Sunny Patankar 2017-02-05

Even when I am using Jio 4g I cannot download a magazine why is this problem occurring ?? pls help

Saroj nice song for kids Rawat 2017-02-05


Bj Narshibhai Vora 2017-02-04


Sumaiya Ahmed 2017-02-03

Nice app

Harisankar s 2017-02-03

Its opening in background every now and then. Why does this need permission for calls and sms? After all its a reader app.

raghav rv 2017-02-03

Cant open the magazines downloaded with the latest update

Super Naveen Kamadod 2017-02-02

Very useful

Kishor Netam 2017-02-02

This app has wonderful collection of magzine but when I tried to download one of them it first hanged & then crashed.This app constantly restart which uses unnecessary data and causes irritation.

Shenbaga B 2017-02-02

Does not allow us to download. Error saying use 4GData for download.

shariq manzer 2017-02-01

Not connecting with internet

SKB SKB 2017-02-01

File should not be password protected

Sidhanta Pradhan 2017-01-31

It's password kya

Amit Lahiri 2017-01-31

Concept is good but the PDF files should not have been password protected. It would have been great if you could read the magazines without JIO mag app offline after downloading.

Amit kumar 2017-01-27

Need to improve

SANDEEP KUMAR R 2017-01-27

Even though am using jio network to download mags, it is showing an error as I should be on jio network to download it? What is the issue here?

How to download and install JioMags - Premium Magazines on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMags - Premium Magazines app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure JioMags - Premium Magazines file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMags - Premium Magazines file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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