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Mak Van 2017-06-08

Download nahi ho raha 380 MB mang raha

VamsiKrishna Chidipothu 2017-06-08

Latest update brings up worst bug. You can only download the magazine's but you can't read them. No matter how many times you try to open it , it does not open. Devs update it ASAP.

Pranay Vamshi 2017-06-07

Nic app

Shivakumar B 2017-06-07

No response to problems I reported.........

Ajay Kotiya 2017-06-07

I can download any magazine but not be open any magazine. Some bug in this app. Please i can't read my favourite magazines.

Vk Williams 2017-06-06


Md Mujahed 2017-06-06

Not instarad

Akshaykumar g 2017-06-06

Very bad app don't install

shweta kumari 2017-06-05

Very bad app

ramu rajakannu 2017-06-05

Too good

khurshid ansari 2017-06-05

Login faualar


Jaipal kumar

ajay kumar 2017-06-04

Love that's

Mohd Thasheer 2017-06-03

How to win tickets it fake???


Its mb are too much


Cannot view downloaded magazines in the app.. Just a blank screen

Ashraf Niyaz 2017-05-30

Tried to open the app and struck with never ending loading loop icon. Instead of improving they've planted bugs in almost all jio apps.

Krishnaraj Ganesan 2017-05-28

Doesn't open the book after downloading. Hated it


Down to Earth magazine not downloading after continuously trying from months.

Venkatesh.c.g Govindappa 2017-05-28

Problem with download magazine saying no internet and login later like this

Madhukeshwar B 2017-05-27

Where is Kannada language?

Arijit singh -the voice 2017-05-23

Hello jio mags. Congrats for your achievements. I'm​using jio mags. And I have an advice for you. You can provide books in this app like google play books. You can also add audio books in this app. With this update jio mags will grow faster. You can also launch app named jiobooks. I hope you will definitely like this advise.

Jugal James 2017-05-23

Can't download magazines. Shows session expired.

Himanshu Singhal 2017-05-23

Wht the hell is this worst app ever



Polanki Raju 2017-05-21

Telugu language no

Sh lelet Elmun 2017-05-20

Failed log in, try again! What is this supposed to mean? As suggested I contact customer care via email, it's been a month now, haven't heard any response from customer care service. I'm unable to sign in, forget about logging in and out

kalim malek 2017-05-19

Ananya anya....kyu har. Jagah ye. Link sher. Kar rahi ho ? Lagta he tumhe 50rupiah jaroorat. He

Prince Malik 2017-05-18

Magazine couldn't be download. Always show me massage session expired. Please fix it.

Supriya Adhya 2017-05-18

Lack of story books like Shakespeare's collection & so on

Vijay Kumar 2017-05-18

No service in our area @maljipada, lodha dham, vasai (e), Thane.

Manit Kaushik 2017-05-18

Not working on my Lyf Earth-2 handset after updating. Icon is not showing anywhere as installed app, but it exists in AppsManagement Setting. When I open it on PlayStore it shows uninstall and open options. I have tried to fix this problem, but efforts went in vain.


Worse app ever for reading

anubhav shivhare 2017-05-16

Its totally worst

Kanha Tiwari 2017-05-15

Y I m not getting India vs pakiatn tickit it's a fake..Relay my question....???,

Ajayrao Ajayrao 2017-05-15

Not suffort the Kannada , I hate the appa all Karnataka people

Sankar Govindaraju 2017-05-14

I'm not able to download any magazine.. Error:"no internet connection or no response from server" I have good signal, everything else is working, no problem with internet connection..

Virendra Singh Choudhary 2017-05-14

Faltu ka data khati h .

Praveen Verma 2017-05-13

Whenever I try to download any magazine it reports error as 'your session is timed out' and sometimes 'No internet connection'. Please resolve the issue


too slow 2 open

bhavin patel 2017-05-12

When i try to download magazine every time show server error


Not nice v.v. porr

siddharthnac 2017-05-11

Very slow performance.Updates have made it more pathetic.Also JIO net speed goes down once u open.JIO mags often says that Server not available ,on JIO sim. See the irony !

Niranjan Reddiar 2017-05-10

It's not opening I am trying many hours to open and many time it's not download also I am using jio only but it shows use jio sim to download

Hirakjyoti Baruah 2017-05-09


Prasanta Dangoria 2017-05-09

The app is not opening at all. Earlier I used to download magazine from Jio mag but the trouble started recently. Please fix it soon.

afroz siddiqui 2017-05-08

It takes too much time to load. Just a wastage of time.

Ramya Arun 2017-05-08

Why does a magazine app require permission to make calls/reroute calls?!!! Why does it need my device location?! Unable to use app if I sent permission to make calls. Uninstalled the app.

masood hussain 2017-05-08

Worst app

Raghav's P 2017-05-08

Slow and not indian magazine

Balaji N. 2017-05-07

Sharing of the data on location etc. is mandatory. Can't fathom why.

Shubhendra vikram singh 2017-05-07

It's not working in my phone shows no internet connection and also pops session error and connection issUe

Gopal Nikam 2017-05-07

मराठी हिंदी मैकज़ीन्स इतनी कम क्या है इस मे..

Yasin Saiyad 2017-05-07

Hindi language ki ek bhi book nahi hai I hate app

man singh 2017-05-06

Very slowly hai

niraj gaikwad 2017-05-06

It's very bad

Jay Chopra 2017-05-06

Its not opening

meenakshi kanungo 2017-05-05

Hey jio mag u have just played game with us ,u told that we can get Justin bieber concert tickets how? U r only playing game with us so that ur app can be installed by all!!!!!!!!and u have told we will get it for free!!!! I'm waiting for ur reply !!

Sumit Mitra 2017-05-05

Whear is the top bengali Magazines?

Praveenraj Ezhil 2017-05-04

Got a pop up like get a chance to win Justin Bieber concert tickets then only i downloaded that, but nothing is showing for contest... !!!!

Alok Pandey 2017-05-04

downloaded app because it said it will give free justin bieber concert tickets. Didn't get anything reply or i m going to uninstall

jaybrata roy 2017-05-04

It really needs improvement. It doesn't scroll down n up easily.

Harish Khan 2017-05-04

Y u asked to download and get ipl match ticket? Fooled me

Prithu Goel 2017-05-04

Download magazines dose not open

Watch Unique 2017-05-04



How will i get my justin bieber concert tickets....?

Parth 2017-05-04

I got a suggestion that if I install this app I will get free ipl tickets. But after.installation, there was no option to claim or contest for the same. I however knew it before hand it's bogus still I was hoping to get one. Now it's showing tickets to Justin Beiber concert.

Samantha ruth prabhu 2017-05-04

its slow in downloading

Shahab Mohammed 2017-05-03


manojkumar singh 2017-05-03

Not good It always shows no internet connection or no response from server

Lokesh Bhavsar 2017-05-02

Very Biased App. Projecting Modi and BJP. And criticising the opponents.

Achintya K V S 2017-05-02

Too many unnecessary notifications annoying notifications

parth chatpat 2017-05-01

I am not able to open this app.

Amit Bhatt 2017-05-01

Worst app ..Not able to download article from app..Always show no internet connection or server is not able to download..Though internet signal are very good

Sudhir Kumar 2017-04-30



Unable to download the magazines because it say '' no response from the server"!!!

Dhaval Mehta 2017-04-28

Why does this application download password protected files. We pay Jio to use this application. We are not free users anymore. Allow us to read downloaded pdf in other application like Adobe reader.

Abhishek Kamilya 2017-04-27

Contents are good but when trying to download it shows " no internet or server not respondin" and it continues over time. If the problem is fixed then would like to rate 5 star.

Ashwin Mangeshkar 2017-04-27

I cannot even download a single magazine! I raised a feedback issue through the app but no response! What is the use of showing the download button?


I am not recieving the otp to sign up.

Akshay Gowda 2017-04-26

There no article in" Kannada"

Devesh Kumar yadav 2017-04-26

One of the worst app in my mobile ...Need improvement for news update

Sai Bala 2017-04-25

Waste app


Just remove.

ashutosh singhal 2017-04-25

When I click to download any magzine it always shows no internet connection or server not responding and at same time internet connection working very good please fix it

Sufail Abdulla 2017-04-25

Not achieves one star

vishnu rajan 2017-04-25

Waste of time

Gour Halder 2017-04-25


anand saurav 2017-04-24


Kashish Puri 2017-04-24

Not able to download any issue or article

Shashidhar M.S 2017-04-24

I don't understand why the app needs mandatory access to location and make phone calls. Uninstalled it as it doesn't work without this access.

Drusilla Pereira 2017-04-24

Asks for permissions to access phone calls, so uninstalled.

Ias Mcm 2017-04-24

Please add Yojna, kurukshetra, abhivyakti civil services, Pratiyogita darpan.


I have downloaded magazines but can't open them. How to read these.

Prince Pandey 2017-04-23

Why I am not able to download? I am on jio 4G sim, then too, a message always pops showing to be on Jio4G sim....! I have already logged in using jio id, then why so? And, hey jio team, why all your apps asks so many permissions? Why you asked to access my pjonebook and call log to let me use your apps? Its unfair!

Abin Joy 2017-04-23

Non jio users can use it or not

Dr. Arshad Azeez 2017-04-23

Why does this app need permission to access my calls, contacts, my location, mic and all???? It's a magazine app only.....

Vaibhav Goswami 2017-04-23

Can't download the magazines. Have to reinstall. Says "couldn't connect to the server"

Be Honest 2017-04-23

Worst app from jio , app is not res ponding at all, no thumbnails , can't download anything.


Why promote mags of companies which are anti Indian? Shall I stop using Jio???

Bhanu jbd 2017-04-23

It's so ridiculous. What are you all are doing with this application, i don't even understand. I don't make sense what is the need of call permission in an app for magzine????

kk chatterjee 2017-04-22

Worst app

Ankur Pandey 2017-04-22

Very bad

sappy Sap 2017-04-22


LINTU RAJ 2017-04-22

While downloading magazine it is showing some error


Always showing SESSION EXPIRED

Abhishek Vasant 2017-04-22

Magazines when downloaded it is not opening

Manash Pratim 2017-04-21



Unable to download magazines "session expired" error message pops up.

Milind Vyas 2017-04-21

Accessing through JioFi still it says you must be on JioSim to download the contents. Can't download anything,

Sachin Patil 2017-04-20


Surendhar SE 2017-04-20

Don't make apps to run in the background. It takes lot's of ram

Baabu.r Babu 2017-04-20

All jio apps paper cinema music for it open and server error message only displayed. Jio has to solve server issues first.


Show Connection failed

abhishek kumar anant 2017-04-19

Add jagran josh hindi version as soon as possible why update is very bad you removed magzine

lakshmi sathiya 2017-04-18

App not at all starting. The app is stuck on the jiomag screen. Help me out with this one plz .


Crappy ads just flying over all the time.

Akhilesh Godiyal 2017-04-17

Now I have a decent phone size but this app is not optimized for phone reading.. As the text size is too small.. Good for someone who only looks at magazines and does not read them.. I didn't like it

Sharanu Ammapur 2017-04-17

Not refunded my money

Harshit Kumar 2017-04-16

No responce from server . magazines are not downloading

Paresh Kapadia 2017-04-16

App requires odd permissions to send n receive calls? Why? Won't even install if you deny those permissions. Not worth it in my opinion...

Jasvinder Singh 2017-04-15

Not installing

Akash Raheja 2017-04-15

The app is not even opening...just loading is going on and is just stucked there.

Praveen Kumar 2017-04-14

Very slow. Loading progress is displayed always

अनिल राय 2017-04-14

Ghatiya app, books download ke bad padh nahi sakte.

anurag muli 2017-04-14

I am not able to open magazines I have downloaded.

Brijraj Jadeja 2017-04-13

Not able to download any magazines, says no internet connection or no response from server


This aapis good but not bad

Madavaraj S 2017-04-12

We are unable to view Magazines. "Session Expired" message thrown. Rectify the same immediately.

Mandeep Kaur 2017-04-12

App does not install on my device.whenever I try to install it shows the message download pending, but progress bar does not move even after a lot of time waiting.

Amol Kale 2017-04-12

Why do you enforce for update? I don't need update When I want I will update

Dipti Sinvhal 2017-04-11

App doesn't work. Unable to download any mags

chenniyangiri S 2017-04-11

Permissions problem I can't change language and others worst app

Bishnu Prasad Choudhury 2017-04-11

The worst magazine app ever. I have downloaded this app and I am in Jio net but the initial red circle is going round and round for almost 30 minutes. Not even able to enter inside the app.

Geordie Job Pottas 2017-04-10

Forcing to update out else it won't open. Whether to update or not is my choice!

Dilip Waghela 2017-04-10

Not working from last few days, plz solve bugs as early as possible

Dr. Yogesh Borse 2017-04-10

Worst app, just for this app I have continued with jio, now its big disappointment . Not able to load a single magazine .

Madhan Kumar Selvaraj 2017-04-10

App is loading for more than an hour and it stays in first activity itself. Please fix this bug

parvathy baburaj 2017-04-09

Can't even download else should I rate this???? Why is it not downloading???trying for many times!!!

abhishek pyasi 2017-04-08

I am not able to download magazines than what is use of this app

Dave Sanjay 2017-04-07

Not at all working shows network error...

Rupam Debroy 2017-04-07

I am able to download megazines, but they are not open after downloading, I am unable to read,

Dhruv Mewada 2017-04-07

Unnecessary permission overload when app is started

Shubham Gupta 2017-04-06

I have save 3 magazine and highlight some of the main points on it for review again but today when i open the app it says you have nothing saved till now and looks the app is newly installed. What is this?

Sayantan Ghosh 2017-04-06

always shows no internet connection or no response from the server.

toyaj shukla 2017-04-06

Nice job and the way of this message in this messa

Devendra Saini 2017-04-04

Before downloading this app I have gone through the reviews​. Very disappointing. I was thinking to read some devotional magazines​ but after reading a lot of disappointing reviews I decided not to download this application.

Rotluanga Sailo 2017-04-04

Stuck in loading page

Anil Jangu Bishnoi 2017-04-03

Total useless,i cant download" cricket today magazine, its show ' session expired, can you solve this problem??

Yash Mehta 2017-04-02

This application requires permission to make calls and modify outgoing call route (?). Why would a magazine app need that? Even after giving it those permissions, it refuses to open on a xiaomi mi4, using jiofi (Jio WiFi)

anandha kk 2017-04-02

It is very worst. And even I tried to download the mags. Every time I got the message like server busy. I did not get any response see.

Saroj Bala 2017-04-02

Too slow even in good data connection

Avinash Korat 2017-04-01

WTF for this app cz this app is not working and not even start.. Total waste of data for that app. I pay 303 rupee for that app bt it can't work so total waste.

harmohinder singh 2017-04-01

Not downloading mags. No internet connection or response from server .

CHINNA GOND 2017-04-01

Most likely

Akhilesh M Nair 2017-04-01

This app would not even open on my honor 6x

mohor bhattacharjee 2017-04-01

Download issues.. kindly solve


I couldn't login this apps....

pradeep shetty 2017-04-01

It's not working

Naved shaikh 2017-04-01

Not able to open when installed. It continuously shows opening and result is bullshit

Basanta V 2017-03-31

Worst app it is not responsible not working

Soundarya P 2017-03-31

Worst update.first itself nice.cant able to download in new version

Vivek Deveshwar 2017-03-31

Same permissions problem as jio newspaper app, I am unable to make it work after install... because to work it needs permissions to Phone for "reroute outgoing calls" and "read call log", and if I deny it won't even start. What exactly does a magazine reading app need to read your call log or reroute outgoing calls for? Wiling to try it if these permissions are removed.

Charan Gogana 2017-03-31

All the Jio apps require a lot of revamping. Though the productivity of the apps are good, lookswise they are far behind the brand Jio. Jio is ultrafast,but its apps are laggy and lethargic with bugs. So the only goal should be making Jio apps on par with jio brand!!!

Ashutosh Tripathy 2017-03-30

No magazines is being downloaded from the application

Bhat Tawseef 2017-03-29

Jio show me download it app u get 300 mb but itz fake

bhairab biswas 2017-03-28

Bengali magazine not up to date so...

Mrinal Mayank 2017-03-28

Very much disappointed. The application didn't open up after installation. Initially I got the error of not connecting to server and later no message just the starting red display continued to show up.

Kishan Mishra 2017-03-27

Unable to download magazines. It says you should be on jio 4g sim despite using the same on my fully updated Samsung's galaxy j5 smartphone.

sudeep banerjee 2017-03-27

Good for nothing doesn't work at all

Sudhakar .S 2017-03-26

Waste app. The PDF cannot be opened by other apps.

Mahendra NAGARLE MAHADEVAPPA 2017-03-26

Old app has stopped working. New one is not getting downloaded

Mamta Ukey 2017-03-26


Dhirender Singh Khichi 2017-03-26

Not loading any magazine.... Always shows nwk error

Upender Singh Adhikari 2017-03-26

The server frequency is very slow ...quite dissapointed

Sandarbh Maurya 2017-03-25

No one magazine is downloaded, please do the needful, after resolve the problem then this is very best app for all users.

Gaseous Barack 2017-03-25

Jio is Worst #JiW


You don't have any joke books in your kids section but my children like jokes

totan bhattacharyya 2017-03-24

I have not used it as it doesn't have The Economist magazine. Can you please tell me when you are going to add The Economist.

Antony Marianathan 2017-03-24

Mags display not rotating to landscape mode

SK TOTON 2017-03-24


Agampartapsingh Gill 2017-03-24

You haven't kept punjabi its really disappointing

रवि बाबु 2017-03-23


mohamed kassim 2017-03-23


Saif Ali 2017-03-23

It s not bad....but u can't say it s modernable

Samir Samir 2017-03-21

Not updating

rajesh g singh 2017-03-21

Boring and infused....

श्री कृष्णा 2017-03-20

Why the pdf is password protected we can't read too long on mobile. Please remove this feature.

Mayank Sharma 2017-03-20

Not able to download anything. It says that server isn't responding. Looks like Jio will also be poor service provider like reliance communication. I am very very disappointed.

akshay iyer 2017-03-20

Not working on my Lenovo k4 note it is stuck on the startup screen

Augustus Jerry 2017-03-18

Language selection isn't working fix it plz

iliyas ahmed 2017-03-17

IAM unable to open Maxine even after downloading. The downloaded Maxine doesn't​ open

Paresh Jinjala 2017-03-16


Ani Avi 2017-03-16

Doesn't work in my house. Always shows error in connecting with Jio network. Actually the jio network gives me a speed of 15 to 20 Kbps

Gaurang Baga 2017-03-16

It's too annoying..! When I don't want to download any app..! Why don't thay stop suggesting ..?


Y jio net u n down

moby mathew 2017-03-16

Cangt download any magazines

Hemant Gautam 2017-03-15

Pay ATTENTION plz , don't use MY JIO app to do any kind of recharge on your sim. Don't do any payment of any recharge or prime membership using this app because if your transaction failed and money got deduct from your bank account . you won't get your money back. Bank also refuse to help and as usual Jio customer care is worst in its service.


1star because of 4g voice app

sai charan 2017-03-14

No more regional picks example శ్రీ పీఠం,బాలభారతం,తెలుగు వెలుగు.

How to download and install JioMags - Premium Magazines on Android/PC

To enjoy JioMags - Premium Magazines app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
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Download pure JioMags - Premium Magazines file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
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  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure JioMags - Premium Magazines file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen

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