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its for the older version chaitra ramesh 2016-09-23

i wolud have given 5 stars if the new version have'nt troubling me to open it... since i updated im nt able to open app... whenever i open it says " there are sum errors connecting to server.. please check the network connections and retry" i dono y it shws whn my network connection is working very well.. please fix this problem as soon as possible

Add movies of marvel superheroes Naushad Ahmad 2016-09-23

Non of the movie of super hero of marvel studios is available in the app. Please add those also.. and add an option of downloading movies atleast like YouTube offline feature because while watching a movie of size 1-2GB it consumes more than 5 GB. Which would be accepted by all users till welcome offer but not after that.

Movies in hindi arjun bhardwaj 2016-09-22

Hello sir ...i really like this app...i have a request please show the hollywood movie in hindi language so i can show the movie to my elder and my uncle and aunty...i will be greatfull to you if u can show hollywood movies in multilanguange like hindi and others..waiting for your reply

Satyajeet Mohanty 2016-09-24

First it was OK.. Then now it's showing error in connection. i am a jio user and my Internet connection is working well. uninstalled and reinstalled it..but not working. Plz fix's a great app

Its OK.. Anuj Sharma 2016-09-18

Pl allow the JioCinema & JioTV app to cast tv screen as we can do with YouTube player while watching contents!! So that the movie/show can be watched on a bigger screen!!

Mahesh Gowda 2016-09-18

App is good but while watching movie, the video freezes and audio goes back for about 10-30 seconds and plays again. This happens many time and its irritating. Plz fix this.

Vishal Dhiman 2016-09-23

It worked fine till yesterday .but today it is showing error "Currently we are facing issue in authenticating your account . please try again later SSO 05001" :(

Lack of collection Anmol Gutty 2016-09-18

Firstly thanks for replying. I searched for conjuring and Annabelle but they weren't there. I guess the number of English movies is still less.

One thing missing... vinayak shukla 2016-09-20

There should be a download option,without net if one wishes to see videos there is neither save offline,neither download option.bring it..

Need more films harshal naik 2016-09-12

There are hardly any good movies. Not much choice in comedy,Action & R rated content for hwood movies. Pls add movies.

Needs improvement Sreelakshmi Nair 2016-09-21

In spite of all 4G, I had to cancel watching movie due to buffering. Need option like download and watch later feature.

Plz add hollywood movies dubbed in hindi . Yogesh Kumar 2016-09-12

this is your app is good but i wanna see hollywood movies in hindi plz add hindi dubbed hollywood movies.

Avi Jangra 2016-09-18

There is big every movie audio and video balance is diturbed. Sound came earlier then scenes.

Slow internet Himanshu Singh 2016-09-12

Respected sir, I am using Lyf handset wind 1 but the speed of jio is now very slow what can I do now

Connection error Ankit Aggarwal 2016-09-24

Not getting connected... Can't able to open many jio apps like jio music jio cinema etc. Help me out


Nice app but lacks Chrome-cast support Should come up with support with various casting devices.

Mohd Abuzar 2016-09-20

My jio cinema is not working properly it always shows that there is error in connection .

Movies number limited 2016-09-20

Very limited number of movies available. And there is limited number of bengali movie :/

Subtitles not available Zuber Garasia 2016-09-20

Guys please add subtitles, this is the only prob . other then it the app is superb

Connection error Deepak Bazzad 2016-09-24

Now it says connection error even with good intrnt connection so boring now

Buffering issue Jasdeep Singh 2016-09-22

To much buffering not a good experience when watching in high quality.

Liked it before but now showing errors.. Mona Patel 2016-09-20

Even after updating errors are coming..can't see any of the show...

Shilpi Chatterjee 2016-09-18

It would be better if some more horror nd new movies are added

Doesn't connect sometimes Arush Singla 2016-09-24

Inspite of having full connection it isn't connecting to jio 4g

pavan kumar 2016-09-22

Its ok but There are no Telugu movies only one movie linga,

Need Chromecast suppot Mr.Tondon K 2016-09-23

It's a good app but it should be able to support chromecast

MUNNA KUMAR 2016-09-12

I am like jio cinema. Here available a lots of movies.

Jio cinema nisha sain01 2016-09-23

Why it's showing subscription check failed click retry

No subtitles Sunita Malviya 2016-09-19

Kindly add English subtitles in Hollywood movies.

Ak Kashyap 2016-09-22

Network nhi ate call karne par no busy batata h

No subtitles Rihan Juvi 2016-09-24

Lack of subtitles in all movies...pls update...

Giving crash report Prikshit Kalia 2016-09-24

This app is giving crash report from tomorrow

Chromecast support required. PRADEEP PANDEY 2016-09-18

Can u please provide chromecast support..?

just okk 2016-09-24

create a new id for every one single app


It really good to promote digital INDIA

Malayalam??? Sony James 2016-09-21

Pls include movies in malayalam too

Shahrukh King 2016-09-23

Upload cute Kameena Bollywood Movie

Ray Nath 2016-09-18

The quality of sound is not good.

durgesh sharma 2016-09-11

No Hindi dubbed Bollywood movies

Not so good dad mittal 2016-09-22

It has old content...not good...

No update AJAY KUMAR 2016-09-20

Please update some new movies

Jio good Sudheer Chowdary Damuluri 2016-09-20

All movie new wow net 48hrs

dheeraj jain 2016-09-18

It's always get buffering.

App not responding Ramesh Babu 2016-09-20

Frequently app is crashing

naveen chamaria 2016-09-23

Can we download movies????

T.K.MUTHU RAJAN 2016-09-20

Why no Tamil movies ?????

Ranjeet Kumar 2016-09-22

अच्छा है।

Jio 2016-09-12

Useful but lack of tower

siddhartha soumya dash 2016-09-19

More movies are missing

It's ok dhiren rawat 2016-09-23

In my area speed not 4G

Good but new collection of movies not found VIKAS SAXENA 2016-09-21

I m waiting new movies

Anirudh Chaturvedula 2016-09-23

No much Telugu movies

No movies 2016-09-24

No new sawuth movies

Audio Nayan Baranwal 2016-09-19

Audio is not coming

Irfan Baig 2016-09-18

want commedy cinema

Server error Vardhman Distributor 2016-09-18

Not able to update

Good 2016-09-11

Good zakir shaikh

Arun kumar 2016-09-23

Add Tamil movies

Average 2016-09-20

Not good movies

Good raghuvir jadeja 2016-09-10

Good service

Bkdag md Faizulquamar 2016-09-20

Love thisapp

Mast AYUSH TRIVEDI 2016-09-19


Info Krish Araina 2016-09-11


Tiwari Vijay 2016-09-24

Jio cinema

RAVI KUMAR 2016-09-24


Vinay Vinay 2016-09-19

Very nice

VINAY KUMAR 2016-09-23

Very nice

Narsaram Parkash Badhiya 2016-09-11


It'ok.... Abbasbhai I Dhukka 2016-09-20

Liked it

RUPALI GHOSH 2016-09-20


Balaji Biradar 2016-09-23

Not bad



rajan kumar raj 2016-09-11


Very nice Rajendrasinh Zala 2016-09-19


Jio ravi modi 2016-09-18


jigar bodana 2016-09-12


Bhavya Manohar T 2016-09-11


Anand Reddy 2016-09-23


Ansar Shaik 2016-09-12


Tayyab Azmi 2016-09-12


Nice Falak Azmi 2016-09-12


fine MD Sonu 2016-09-11


Rishi Gupta 2016-09-20


Soma Anil 2016-09-20


Anjaiah B 2016-09-23


Jio Harish Jain 2016-09-23


Super Santhu Msn 2016-09-21


Sushma BV 2016-09-12


Ok Chandan Kumar 2016-09-19



I think allways good

Saurabh Kushwaha 2017-06-08

Fantastic application by JIO.


Very very low loding


Plzzzz i request you to upload new episodes of beyadh n kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi......they are not uploaded after 31May..... Plz upload then.....

Vijay Shrivastava 2017-06-08

Due to poor connectivity of jeo net. Nobody's con't see a bit of movie or scenery . Very poor 4G service of gio net at Sikkim . rangpo city

Sahana Parween 2017-06-08

It's okk

roji pansotra 2017-06-08

I like it very much

Mobom Koyu 2017-06-07

Nc one

NEW HELL 2017-06-07

There should be hollywood movies dubbed in hindi

shakthi vijay 2017-06-07



No collection of new movies

arjun verma 2017-06-06

Plz add DUBBED MOVIES section for South indian to hindi


They should also add latest punjabi movies also.


All well this app


Facing issue with casting. Cast icon not coming up when opening app or playing video. Though Chromecast is connected. Was coming till yesterday but not today. Pls fix.


This app is good but they have too add more movies and channels

Sabir Hussain Madrasi 2017-06-05

No update of new episodes takes place

Rajesh m 2017-06-05

Not too many movie. It's better

satyendra swami 2017-06-05

Should be added new movie ASAP.



RAJEEV JATAV 2017-06-05

its very very good aap jio☺

sathya mani 2017-06-05


Anil Kumar 2017-06-04

It's good but not better than other apps and I think it's not better than Google movies

Aamir Khan 2017-06-04

It's a brilliant app

Rahul Singh 2017-06-04

Rahul Singh

Aabhishek Dubey 2017-06-04



Please provide subtitles for movies

Shibu Das 2017-06-04

It doesnt contain every film.

Prashant Jain 2017-06-04

Should add more movies


Thisapp is not full range. No clear video.poor net work in jio


Needto be more fast


Lets see... Hw fantastic is this

Raja Priyan 2017-06-03


Vinay Sing 2017-06-03

Nice app



Karan Patel 2017-06-02

Wery ice app .

CS Tanmay Kumar Saha 2017-06-02

App is ok.... But needs more latest hindi as well as english movies.....

nasir iqball 2017-06-02

Remove adds

kiran rathod1122 2017-06-02

Love it

lokesh muhil 2017-06-02

Like it

Rekha Rani 2017-06-02

Nice one

Urmiवल्ला वल्ला। कोई ज़विब नही है। Joshi 2017-06-02

I want old Hindi Pak Gazl Songs

Nikhil Patil 2017-06-01

Adding Chromecast support is a great move. However, the control buttons displayed once playback starts (while casting) are useless - you click on anything and it just pauses the movie. Can't turn on subtitles, can't switch quality. Chromecast support without controls is like a TV without a remote.

Samson Dharmaraj 2017-06-01

They should add more movies like of marvel universe and other latest movies.. and work on the soeed of download, as it is very slow even with fast networks.. 5 stars if the download speed was gud and few more latest stuff.. few popular shows and movies couldnt find.. but good app .. overall

Harin Bansal 2017-06-01

Comparing to Airtel movies, still many english serials are missing from the Jio Cinemas. Add as many foreign serials as possible, e.g. Friends, Big Bang Theory and many more

asdfghj 8374214652 2017-05-31


Asish ranjan 2017-05-31

Good intertenment

Subham Saha 2017-05-31

It gives the ftr chrome cast but we have to buy it

G Mukesh 2017-05-30

Very good app

abhay pratap 2017-05-30



Jio cinema is not opening.....

Gulshan St 2017-05-30


Vinay Yadav 2017-05-30

Also add Video songs

Siddhanth Shankar 2017-05-30

Keep the collection up to date till the latest release. Other wise good app.

kishor hari haran 2017-05-30

Need to improve in giving subs for other language movies except hollywood movies

parul chaturvedi 2017-05-30

Movies like jolly llb2,bahubali-1 and many more are not included in the app

ramesha ekkeri ningappa 2017-05-30

Why many disney movies is not available to download.


Does it allow to watch the Ellen degeneres show or friends series n does it includes the movies like man of steel or batman v superman ...if it does so I didn't find them...its just ridiculous....can't watch the favorite movies or shows so its obviously useless

Nitish Kumar 2017-05-30

Jio cinema app is very good but it work very slow so please repair the this app.

Brinda Pazhanivel 2017-05-30

Uninterrupted service needed... Often fails

Vinayaka Kulkarni 2017-05-30

Chromecast support is not working properly


Good App....


I think this aap is for those people who want to saw movie and they don't have TV in his home it's okkkk I think

Sk. Lal Ahmed lalu 2017-05-29

Good For watching

tejpal 03 2017-05-29

To good

Harish Manglani 2017-05-29

Its nice app


Better feeling

Bhaskar Bora 2017-05-29

Nice apps..


Very good app, now with Chromecast support. What to say? Excellent!

A Nagaraj 2017-05-29


radha krishna 2017-05-29

Would give 5 star if the Chrome cast feature is visible After this update. But it isn't visible anywhere. How would I be using Jio internet if I am connecting through WiFi router. Also Chrome cast connects to WiFi routers only. Not to mobile hotspot.


Not bad for the 4G users

Vishobh V V 2017-05-28

Does not support Chromecast

Niranjan Pareek 2017-05-28

It's good


It's good more nothing to say

Karthik Keyan 2017-05-28


Annu Rana 2017-05-28

Displays limited films only

latha mn 2017-05-28


Sargam Sharma 2017-05-28

Add some new english movies

shaf Warrior 2017-05-28

Jio is wrking pathetic not able to watch any



vipul vora 2017-05-27

No new movies available

bimal thomas 2017-05-27

Download feature not working properly, it automatically goes to que. Please rectify. Android Nougat 7.0 Moto G4 Plus.

Aayaj Shaikh 2017-05-27

Speed is so slow improve it


Add new seasons to the existing English shows (esp Grey's anatomy) new movies and new shows in english

Rakesh Kumar 2017-05-27


King Shawn 2017-05-27

Need subtitles for all movies

Jai Prakash 2017-05-27

We cant download bahubali 2 on this aap If we can plz tell me how we can bahubali 2 on this aap


No latest movies

Mukul vashisth 2017-05-26

Nayi movie nahin h yrrr isme

Mustafa Sab 2017-05-26

Slow app. Very slow

Ashish Kumar 2017-05-26

It's good but new movies no available on this app

Rajat Gupta 2017-05-26

Spoke too soon, Chromecast button is not showing after update even after reinstalling. Disappointed :(

Amit Negi 2017-05-26

Not better than previous version

Raj Prasad 2017-05-25

It is a good app but it needs some improvement

Laxminarayan Mishra 2017-05-25

It is a good application form film

manit bhaskar 2017-05-25

New chrome cast feature is not working for me. No option to connect my smart phone with my smart TV.. If this happens then certainly a 5 start

Sumeet Soni 2017-05-25

Add DLNA support, otherwise good app.


Can't load in low data ..buffers so many time ...just irritating..


There are not movies that we want...only old one.... And now it is showing that vedios cannot be played because you are not jio member... Please fix this

Priyesh Tiwari 2017-05-25

Not a big collection of movies

Ansari Assis 2017-05-25


sujit mote 2017-05-24

Downloaded movie is not playing properly on lyf smartphone

vivek pandey 2017-05-24

I'm giving 3/5 because of it's high data use . 1h play in 1GB ( at low quality )

Bhisham Kumar gupta 2017-05-24

Better no than more app


It could have been better!

sabir khan 2017-05-24

sabir ali khan


Can't save files to share offlinely

PRAVEEN KUMAR 2017-05-23

Downloading of movies are limited

Rajesh Malla 2017-05-23

Everything good.. But Bafering problem...



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  • Download pure JioCinema Movies TV Music file here and save to your device
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