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Not good. Krishan Mohan Sethi 2016-09-18

But no net speed so its difficult to watch any movie, speed in ludhiana is just 16 kbps, even less than 2g, its just hype. Nothing like 4g, all doubt concept is good itcould be new netflix but net speed is a real hurdle. People will leave network after free offer expires.

vaibhav'noddy' Vashishtha 2017-02-01

This app is not working properly. There is No voice at all while playing a video.. Bug bugs bugs.. In fact video played at a very slow speed, I don't think it's bcz of network problem as network is working fine on other apps except on this.. Plz fix this

Connection error Adhikrao Mane 2016-09-11

It is shameful you're not able to solve most basic problem of connection error. Except Jio TV all are giving this problem. Mr. Mukesh seems to be busy with courting Mr. Modi. Till the time everyone has to wait.

Not issue 2016-09-19

Dear team jio, this app was not opening. It showing for retry even i am using 4g with max speed..rather all other apps of jio are working great.please fix it tht i will give it 5 stars

not good viewing experience Viraj N H 2016-09-12

the movie which was playing will get struck in a single image but the sound keepon playing and the movie many times skips the contents in between resulting in a very bad experience

All jio apps not working vivek samdhyan 2016-09-24

All jio apps not working. The problem is with everyone. The error comes couldn't connect to server. Everyone here in kurukshetra(haryana) facing the problem.

Buffering anjali Vasudevan 2016-09-24

Cannot watch a movie without buffering..even if it's 4g..I took 3 hours to watch an almost 2 hours movie..same is the case with all the movies..

Abhilash Puri 2016-09-24

This app is not working properly every time I open this app the message comes up no internet connection. I mean what is this man please fix it.

Why preview offer closed Dolvick Natario 2016-09-22

I have applied for preview offer and got jio dim on 31st of August. Why I am getting preview offer then? Request to give back preview offer.

Not opening 2016-09-23

After updating the app it was not opening. I had got break to enjoy your .it was try again please see the and slove it soon as possible

Not able to watch properly Nakul Agrawal 2016-09-20

Agin and again some error occurs due to which video is unable to watch. Some unexpected error #50. Need to improve your app very much.

Network Atanu Das 2016-09-22

Having horrible network in my house when I am on the roof of 2ed floor I am getting 1tower and when I am in my room all towers gone!!!

Nice app shanthi choudary 2016-09-20

Nice app but plz update Telugu movies there r no Telugu movies at present and movie there r toooo old plz try to update latest movies

Bad thing shanidev CHAURASIA 2016-09-23

I don't know why u people force us to update ur apps for ur bug fixes and waste our mobile data.if u want us to update app pay for it

Update all cinema's sridhar chari 2016-09-23

Jio movies not updated all movies which available at outside so please update every all movies and keep all movies in jio cinema.

Not much content Mayank Bajaj 2016-09-12

It only has Indian movies and shows. There aren't many English movies here, only a handful of old English movies are there.

Buffering a lot after latest update Archit Patnaik 2016-09-21

This app used to be great with almost no buffering and HD quality but after the new update it keeps on buffering a lot.

jalsingh meena 2016-09-22

It not gives all movies & it also not gives latest movies. Only this app gives some selected movies.

arman ali 2016-09-24

All movie Video is not steaming only I can hear audio of any movie. Any solution pls I m using jiofi

server error DIBYA RANJAN 2016-09-24

Unable to use it each and every time server error and say check your network connection.

Mitthu Mishra 2016-09-24

Again and again showing connection error but net is working properly in other gio apps

Not in reach venu gopal 2016-09-24

Not in reach,no Telugu language and other regional besides Bengali Ahmad Tamil

ravi teja 2016-09-11

It was not supporting to my coolpad note 3 lite... Please update it

chetan jain 2016-09-20

Bcoz when i search any another movie...result is not found show

Not streaming eshank gupta 2016-09-18

Movies are not streaming any more. Keeps on loading forever

shabeer AP 2016-09-21

I want malayalam movies no malayalam movies in this list

No Hollywood serials Aditya Dubey 2016-09-22

It does not have any serials of flash or arrow it's lame

No Tamil movies... Prasanna Kasiviswanathan 2016-09-19

Jio team should add some regional movies to this app.

Sunita Choudhary 2016-09-22

There are no old movies and no latest songs are there

Gurwinder Ginda51 2016-09-24

I forgett my jio id how can a recover it .plz help me

narendra suthar 2016-09-19

After updating apps my accounts showing errors .

Server error Jitendra Surana 2016-09-22

Always server error not able to start what to do

Govind singh 2016-09-11

Getting hang and crashing again and again

Server problem since 2days Nihar Ranjan Swain 2016-09-24

Server problem since 2 days,plz solve it

Vikas Mistry 2016-09-12

No English TV series & music videos

IdRis Mohamed 2016-09-18

Need tamil movies and download option

Watching movie in slow motion Subrata G 2016-09-11

No sound,movie runs like slow motion

Not updated movie available Narsingh Santosh 2016-09-19

Not updated movie available

Telugu Bhupathi Varma P 2016-09-18

Telugu movies not uploaded.

Can't open shubham kapoor 2016-09-12

Always say network error.


the speed is very slow

Sanjeev Kumar 2017-01-11

Worst app I ever seen


Not easily available

Nilofar Khurshid 2016-09-10

Jio on demand owsam

Good once Chandan Goaswami 2016-09-10

I like it very much


network is very bad

Ok srinu katakam 2016-09-19

But not as much as

wazil a 2016-09-12

Waste collection

Not too good sandeep Dubey 2016-09-11

I dnt like this


jio is not good

kankan kalita 2016-09-23

no new movies.

Nice Shivam Singwane 2016-09-20

I lovvvvvvvvv

Cool app amriit pal 2016-09-19

Amazing video

Shaikh Abdullah 2016-09-21

Always error

Shivani Mishra 2016-09-23

Server error


Good service

Beyekar h Jitendra Tiwari 2016-09-24

Mha beyekar

Good Kumar Rakesh 2016-09-11

Very good

Alok tiwari Alok Tiwari 2016-09-24

Very good

hairun nisha 2016-09-24


Sanjeeb Das Sanjeeb Dad 2016-09-23


MuhammedSahir Sahi 2016-09-17


Ad Azad Hussain 2016-09-10


Kevu keka Sarves Talasu 2016-09-23


Alkesh Alkesh Gondaliya 2016-09-13


good Faraz Khan 2016-09-22


OK mahesh kumar 2016-09-11



A lot of movies are not available for download. And Whts available it takes much more internet data then required. And download is very slow. And it unnecessary asks for jio network even when it's already connected. It's a hassle to use this app


Plzz add Humpty sharma ki dulhania movie plzzz

biru mondal 2017-06-07


Ayan Roy 2017-06-05

I am an Amazon Prime user. I will tell you why I deducted three stars in my rating. 1. Slow Download : was trying to download "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" . And Amazon Prime app download was also running at the same time. I downloaded 1 movie and 25% completed other in Amazon app. But The Reluctant Fundamentalist was reluctantly lagging at 7% max. 2. No option to pause download or toggle data mode: Like seriously what is this app, a data hogger?? I should have the choice to decide which data I spend on downloading such huge movies. No such toggle options, also no option to pause download, you have to delete the download. Earned a negative star effortlessly. 3. No personalisation: I watched a movie and forget to put it in the watchlist. "Where is the Recently Watched List?" *Downgrades* Now how did it earned two stars 1. Free: Amazon app costs Rs. 500 per year, this app is


All old movies


Mukul Mehra 2017-06-03

Not Good app. Now unlimited night data is also discontinued so there's no use of this App a movie size is more than 1 GB but with current Jio plan I can't view or save movie in my phone because my All data gets exhausted even before movie is complete or saved offline... Start unlimited night data again and Add an option to save movies to SD card then I will give 5 stars...


download video play only this app

Tejas Wadekar 2017-06-02

chromecast stream gets stuck after few minutes. plz chk n rectify issue.

jay dave 2017-06-01

In casting via Chromecast there are so many flaws. It hangs so many times. Takes much time in buffering when try to play via Chromecast

Ramu Gopasandra 2017-06-01

Doesn't play downloaded movies after update

Anita Rastogi 2017-06-01


Bikash kumar 2017-05-31

More better

Ravikumar MG 2017-05-31

Movies are not downloading. Crashing again and again.

Neha Khot 2017-05-31

Very slow downloading

Sanjeev Chawan 2017-05-30

After updating to new version, unable to watch movies and it is not loading up too. So only two *s

pranesh lakshmanasamy 2017-05-29

Kabali is the SouthIndian movie...and you have given only in hindi...why cant also give in south languages?!!

Akshay Jagtap 2017-05-29

After the update of Chromecast, video are not playing properly on mobile and not on Chromecast. Video get stuck on Chromecast on 18 sec and then starts from beginning.

Ravi Paswan 2017-05-29

Good app

aneesh flex 2017-05-28


INDAL KUMAR 2017-05-27

Indal kumar


Jio net is very slow i use it only 300mb after this using the speed of the internet is only 16kbps......bad experience i dislike it

naseem malik 2017-05-26

No English dub Hinde movies

Heena Khandelwal 2017-05-26

Definitely the worst app ever.. the first thing that you will do after installing the app is uninstalling it..

Haider Bwn 2017-05-26

App is good. Plz add bengali movie in this app. Thanks

Ved Prakash Singh 2017-05-26

Jio has very bad network It doesn't connects Greatly disappointed

Sufisk Safiksk 2017-05-26


Bhavesh Koralwala 2017-05-25

Video quality is very good.but on this app,i cant see or download new realize movies.

Prashanth T 2017-05-25

Look at the Tamil collection and you'll laugh. Subtitles missing for English movies is a big drawback. Edit: Didn't expect a reply, 1 star up. As for suggestions, Dharmadurai, Uriyadi, Visaranai, Joker are some of the recent movies that enjoy a big fan following. Might sound ironic but, basically its Non-commercial movies, I'd like to see here.

Nels Kurian 2017-05-25

Chromecast option is not working for me....Their is no option as such..

Ajay Tandon 2017-05-25


Indrani Bhowmik 2017-05-24

Sound quality is very bad

bandari venkatesh 2017-05-23

Can you please tell me how can I move my download files to my SD card because the app doesn't move to SD card and my internal storage was low iwant to looking for unistall this app

Pranav Soni 2017-05-23

Awesome app but some glitches. When I click on full-screen option, the app closes.

Shaan Shine 2017-05-22

why you need access of SMS ?? As it is a cinema app. whats going on Pepole ??

Nikheel Kumar 2017-05-22

Would have been great, if there was a support for Google chromecast


It is didn't update

Anirudh Kumain 2017-05-21


AMAR HARSH 2017-05-21

Super loser Apps

Siddharth Pandey 2017-05-19

Full of shitty mediocre Bolly movies.. No classics.. Not much GOOD Hollywood movies

sunil Goswami 2017-05-18

doesnt work on slow speed jio internet

himanshu jain 2017-05-18

Koi new movie hi nii hai sari purani hai

Bhavin Rathod 2017-05-17

Smart download is not working since long time.


It is not a good app please don't down load this

Virinder Suri 2017-05-16

Your connectivity in voice/video calling is very poor.Your organisers unable to handle present huge chunk of customer.

ROHITH ROHITH 2017-05-15

Lot of good movies are not available in off line cant able to search our favourite movies. No sub titles. I wonder this is a movie download app are its a kind of app that giving preference to hindi and punjabi movies


Very poor choice of Hollywood/English Movies. Mostly B or C Grade movies unfit for wasting time! Why can't users continue watching a show on WIFI when JIO signals are weak or network is congested? Since JIO is unable to provide reliable & regular internet, the least it can do is allow users to continue watch on WiFi! Movies do not immediately start playing on touching the respective movie icon. Movies play only after several unsuccessful attempts. Even adding to our 'watch later watchlist' is a long ordeal since most attempts to do so are unsuccessful. Very low volume for voice & poor/faint audio for the movies Dialogues. No sub-titles nor closed captions. Movies stop/freeze/hang frequently. Error messages:are constantly displayed like 'We just encountered an unexpected Error. Please try again [#50]', & 'Unsble to process your request right now'. Strangely, movies start to play automatically without reason even while attempting to browse through the selection of Movies to add in the watchlist for viewing later. This consumes our precious DATA unnecessarily. Please rectify this DEFECT soonest. Please emulate AMAZON PRIME & the excellent way they display full information about the Movie, it's story, movie's starcast & photos with names of actors & information about the director & his past movies, running time etc. All this helps viewers to decide which movies to watch next. Please introduce the OSCAR WINNING MOVIES GENRE. Please provide better selection of movies in the CRIME, THRILLER, MYSTERY, ACTION genres. Please display sub-titles/captions for English Movies. Selection of movies as per Multiple Genre options does not work. When selected Crime/Mystery /Action/Western genre of movies, displayed selection includes ALL SORTS like Animation, Drama, & other unwanted genres! Extremely disappointing & colossal waste of time & energy! How can you overlook such SEARCH OPTIONS? Frequent Pixellation of images & very low sound quality. Very high battery consumption! Hardly 2 hours of movie viewing possible with the 1GB data limit available! Uneconomical to use after free offer stops.


As soon as I opened.. it there are many channels available.. except star plus.. u should add starplus also!! I just uninstalled it..

Vivek Ghedia 2017-05-14

This app would much more better if one can use wifi to access movies. Due to data limitation. No can can watch full movie its only possible to watch moviea if wifi is acessable.


You told that unlimited access to jio apps that's disgusting what happens when our 1gb of expires and its not loading we are unable to watch movies. This is not the unlimited access to apps .I am watching movies by saving in ofline in jio happy hours but now its not there then why I should watch movies by wasting my money. Better I can switch to any other operators tell me .answer me?

sailesh kumar 2017-05-14

Very poor service. Take long time to load.

Vatsal Agrawal 2017-05-13

No subtitles for english movies. Other like hotstar provide subtitles for hindi movie also.

Pramod Kumar Mahato 2017-05-12

Downloading k bad play krne pr kewl sound aa rha hai picture nhi

aman prajapati 2017-05-12


SHABNAM KHAN 2017-05-12

No offline download option available

RAJ PATEL 2017-05-12

Sorry but there is no subtitles feacher of movies Please add this subtitles button


Jio is really small network., because used early its fine.., but after some days they reduces the speed...

Priyanka Shah 2017-05-11

Offline downloaded movies stop after every two minutes...fed up...

Shrenik Shah 2017-05-10

Working too slowly


App is not opening in my Panasonic eluga


It is good but downloading process is very slow:

shihab vb 2017-05-08

I don't get download option What I do

Aman Tiwary 2017-05-08

I think good

Dileep M Nambiar 2017-05-08

Shows error message that you must be a Jio subscriber even after logging in to Jio account.

Manju Sharma 2017-05-07

Consumes high data even when video quality is set to 'Low' (compared to other streaming apps) and sometimes subtitles won't work.

aman king 2017-05-07


Harvinder Singh 2017-05-07

Download is not good it stops when screen offs and no option to pause

Charlie Kate 2017-05-07


Siddharth Kapoor 2017-05-07

Play add some new English movies also like Minions for my children some animated movies

Slow internet 2017-05-06

Jio Internet sucks terribly in my area..whereas Airtel network is giving the best Internet. ..Even after recharging with 309 still am getting slow internet...please help or

Mohd Khader 2017-05-06

It's work slowly. Videos are streaming slowly. It's jio Network problem. It's not 4G it is a 2G

rajender rawat 2017-05-06


Vanisha Singh 2017-05-06

No harry potter movies Why?

Preety Saxena 2017-05-05

App is totally rubbish coz when I want saw any tv show it's always said not subscribe

mr. dk yadav 2017-05-04

Totally worst Downloaded movies are not playing and movies are still downloading after completing 100% I waist my data to downloading movies on Jio app

Rajendra 2017-05-04

Not able to download movies. Re downloading started after 15 - 20% again & again. Even watching in low quality, data consumed more that 1 GB. Selection of language not available in all headers.

Samarth Chandrakar 2017-05-04

I downloaded a movie offline, but it kept on legging, it hanged about 17 times while I was watching. Totally disappointed.

sagar sharma 2017-05-03

Automatic download option is again missing, to download between 2am to 5am

Parthapratim Mondal 2017-05-03

App can't be opened in my redmi note 4

M Devan 2017-05-03

Its awesum app that acceptable by low mb users

Bijay Adhikari 2017-05-03

data consume to high

Vivek Singh 2017-05-02

Does't give latest movies fastly like bahubali 2


Veer zarra movie here also not available...


It's a little better

mausam kumar 2017-05-01

This is bad app

Md.akbar Ahmed 2017-05-01

Download Option Not Showing In Redmi 2 prime please Fix it Soon!!!!

Bishnoi's channel 2017-05-01

Use ok jatt

Sony George Thomas 2017-05-01

The movies are not updated in regional languages. Some movies are placed in the wrong section.


Very bad not download fast in jio sim

Irshad Mirza 2017-04-30

This app is not opening in my redmi handset.. Wrost app

Danish kumar jagotra 2017-04-30

It comes so much data just to watch one movie it's better to use youtube in that case.

Narinder bhullar 2017-04-30

Installation failed on le eco 2 mobile...

Purushottam kumar 2017-04-29

Better app

supercool ash 2017-04-29



app is very fast

Praveen Mishra 2017-04-29

App is not opening in my redmi 3s

suji beh 2017-04-28


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