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Posted by Angshuman Parashar 2016-09-21

My jio account does not sync with hotstar app..... When i open jio tv and use my jio account to open hotstar app to open channels such star select HD.... Login fails everytime even after updating... Very dissappointed

Posted by Mohan Swaroop 2016-09-23

I can't play premium channel even though I have jio sim when I click Vijay TV it leads me to hotstar .. there it say subscribe with jio.. when I clicked that.. it makes me to choose the browser.. someone help

Network problem.Posted by 2016-09-25

As u heard that dis gives multiple faculty. But it doesn't ,to watch a particular show I have to connect it again n again..In short,,, I am not heartly happy as well as satisfied by dis...

IssuesPosted by Shubham Maheshwari 2016-10-04

I like this app very much but some issues are solved like hotstar remove from it your because hotstar never start only buffering of video or more data used so kindly fix this issue

Posted by Dharam Shaw 2016-09-23

Don't know why, but the app has started crashing the second day itself. Tried reinstalling. No change. Using a coolpad note 3 lite. Any one have any suggestions??

Good but some problemPosted by 2016-09-25

I can't play star sports without hot star app....whenever i click on the starsports it directly goes to the play store and show hot star app to install

PoorPosted by Salma Khan 2016-09-28

Very poor service. We have not any option of picture quality setting. As your net speed is very poor, so it's downloading and downloading regularly.

Posted by Sourabh Sachan 2016-09-10

Application do not support google chromecast device. with out casting to tv app is useless. no body is going to see it on small screen of mobile.

Posted by gaurav Kumar 2016-09-24

When it bcomes Jio TV all star sports not broadcasting now for cricket lovers it becomes "dubba डब्बा हो। गया ये app

Posted by Rohit Patil 2016-09-28

I am getting one error for every time,that is "this channel is not part of ur current subscription pack" for evry channel then what to do?

Help mePosted by Jagan Ms 2016-09-21

I am a jio subscriber. When I play any shows it prompts that 'this is not a part of your current subscription you need to subscribe '

Good bt poor managementPosted by anupam mohan 2016-09-11

Most hideous problem of Jio apps... The updates gt auto disabled..have to update the same app every single day.

Why jio 4g is slow??Posted by Yogender Choudhary 2016-09-11

Why jio 4g only works properly on play store.. its too slow on all jio apps.. i am using LYF EARTH 1

Jio TV livePosted by Pankaj Kumar 2016-10-04

This app is not start my LYF mobile..........? This aap is very bad on any andriod phone

Posted by 2016-09-11

It was working well but now Any channel i open It says to subscribe, please fix it

Not working many timesPosted by Rudra Sharma 2016-10-04

Many times Very slow. Mostly shows loading process but unable to watch programmes.

All Star Chennels are not working in Hotstar ApplicationPosted by Jay Shah 2016-09-12

I cant find Sign up procedure with jio in Hotstat, Star Chennels are not working

Not able to openPosted by Shivam khatwani 2016-09-11

When i click on the channel it shows please subscribe? Pls help me with this

Performance very poorPosted by FUTURE WATER GROUP DELHI 2016-10-04

Over all good tv apps but if u want change channel tn performance very poor.

Posted by Rohit aggroia 2016-09-12

It plays video from hotstar but the previous version play video from itself

Posted by 2016-09-11

Sir, I cannot access jio tv this is showing me I cannot subscribe this pack

Login problemPosted by Pritam Patil 2016-09-25

No login in Hotstar apps the error is Login Failure but Login in jio tv .

Not workingPosted by hitesh nakhwa 2016-10-04

After some time the live telecast stops and starts buffering in Jio net

Hate itPosted by Rahul Verma 2016-09-24

Bad doesnot work jio tv and jio music and jio cinema plzz reply me..

I couldn't watch the TVPosted by abhishek parashar 2016-09-11

As it shows a message to purchase the pack. N m not subscribed

Posted by Ghan Shyam Maurya 2016-10-04

अच्छा है मगर बढ़िया नहीं

Posted by Vidhya Rajwani 2016-09-29

Poor very poor update always suggesting hotstar what is this

SlowPosted by M Sohail 2016-09-28

The TV not play properly it's to slow again and again reload

WorstPosted by DHIRAJ GUPTA 2016-10-04

network issue. No signal no joi othe services bad network...

Posted by Varun Manchanda 2016-10-04

Signals are not so good,need to improve.Not happy with jio

Poor connectionPosted by 2016-09-21

Always buffering ...... Some times do not responding also

Problem in viewing star channelsPosted by Santosh Bartakke 2016-09-23

Star channels are not visible due to login problem error

Posted by Ekam walia 2016-09-24

Its doesn't allow to use show network error pn jio sim

Jio TV Not Working ProperlyPosted by Ramesh Mn 2016-09-29

It's says subscription is not available how to solve it

What about the hotstar premium membership?????Posted by sourav karmakar 2016-09-12

Why I am not getting the hotstar premium membership???

Posted by bhavesh gajara 2016-10-04

wtf is subscribe with hotstar a channel u like to see

Not playing in my mobilePosted by Pinkya G 2016-09-23

It's good but it's no performance in my gionee f103

Can't loginPosted by Rahul Dhull 2016-09-25

I am unable to login in jio tv. Can somebody help.

Posted by Cheekati Ravikumar 2016-09-11

Its not working on my phone what i do?????

Live tvPosted by 2016-10-04

The all programe is old live tv not running

Bad gualityPosted by Vimal Bhalawat 2016-09-11

Every channel is tatering after few min

Not linking with hotsarPosted by Luis Srini 2016-09-23

It goes hotstar but showing the channel

Not donePosted by mha gogs 2016-09-23

U done great things but not this one.

Not workingPosted by 2016-09-29

How to subscribe channel in jio tv

Posted by Stephen Cross 2016-10-04

Always buffring. Need improvement.

??Posted by Prachi Aggarwal 2016-09-11

Asking to sign in how to proceed

Posted by khursheed abdussalam 2016-09-28

Got started but app not opening

Work very slowPosted by Vikrant Yadav 2016-10-04

Channels are not easy to choose

Bakvas hai properly play nahi hota and Yaa only serials time table is correct movies matches time taPosted by anoushka sundaram 2017-01-11

Same for JIO music never works

ComplainPosted by Shivam Shrivas 2016-10-04

Buffering and very slow work.

Posted by vikash kumar 2016-10-04

accha hai bahut maza aata hai

Posted by 2016-09-25

Pure channel nahi chalte

Very goidPosted by 2016-09-29

This app is so much best

Posted by shivam maurya 2016-10-04

Showing error frequently

Not doing GreatPosted by Ankur Sangwan 2017-01-11

It stops Unfortunately..

Posted by Nelakurthi Gopikrishna 2016-10-04

Little lagging sometime

Posted by AKASH Dwivedi 2016-10-04

sometimes it wont work

Posted by Rajesh Patel 2016-10-04

All Call disconnected

Not openedPosted by BINAYA PADHY 2016-09-21

Most most waste app

Jio tvPosted by harsh tamrakar 2016-10-04

Because of hotstar

Posted by yogendra rathore 2016-09-21

Very slow network

Posted by shiyas gallery 2016-10-04

Low speed problem

Buffering annoysPosted by vilas bhole 2016-10-04

Needs improvement

Posted by 2016-09-11

Tajmul vakaliya

Valo..Posted by Subhajit Jana 2016-10-04

All time masti

Posted by RITESH KUMAR 2016-09-23

I like this

Posted by muzammil shaikh 2016-09-23

Nice, app

AkshatPosted by jeetu mena 2016-09-24


Posted by Ramanand Pal 2016-09-28

Very Good

MuzammilmansooriPosted by 2016-10-04


Posted by Nishant Raj 2016-10-04


OkPosted by Murlidhar Prasad 2016-09-11

Just ok

Actually nicePosted by Swapnil Tiwari 2016-09-23


Do hmm hPosted by Angel God 2016-09-25

VCR had

JioPosted by Nirmal Sharma 2016-09-11


Posted by Abdur Rahanan Ukil 2016-09-23


S.kPosted by Shashi Kumar 2016-09-25


Posted by Aditya Verma 2016-10-04


VISTAPosted by Venkatesh Samanta 2016-09-23


Posted by Monu Gupta 2016-09-23


Posted by ramanil gupta 2016-09-23


T.vPosted by RONIT SINHA 2016-09-25


Posted by CHAUDHARI ASHOK 2016-09-24


Jio TVPosted by Chidananda Chida 2016-10-04


HPosted by Sikan Patro 2016-09-29


Posted by SANTOSHKUMAR NAIKWADI 2016-09-28


Posted by mohammad umar 2017-06-08

It always says to update but it is not updated and need to improve in video quality.

Posted by random singh 2017-06-08

App is bad it's not good like previous app

Posted by Harsha HD 2017-06-08

Please design user interfaces that is comfertable to visually challenged

Posted by 2017-06-08

Due to new update we are facing new issue. Kindly update the app r solve the respective issues from users. 1) if we want to watch any  HD live channels it's going to hotstar ,but we can't access those channels through it.(ex: maa movies maa gold HD). Kindly solve this issue pls we are facing problem with this channels only 2) downloaded files are not able 2 open.

Posted by Naval Yalgam 2017-06-08

Earlier it works flowlessly without any issue. But now all the time the channel is buffering. And infact the app is closed oftentimes. Second thing this mobile app doesn't support cast feature while most popular streaming app support this feature. Another 1 thing is this app not support for TV on the other hand jio cinema app support that feature. This is the sucking app

Posted by Jay Shah 2017-06-08

This latest version not working properly as further work

Posted by Krishnan Jaya 2017-06-08


Posted by Dheeraj Rajgupta 2017-06-08

Very nice

Not working on android 4.4.4Posted by ATUL MANN 2017-06-08

The recent update has been made compulsory to install but its not working on my android 4.4.4 Please see to it, or at least remove the compulsion from the update so that I can enjoy the previous version of the app.

Posted by Adi Khan 2017-06-08

Bad app

Posted by Jaspal Mann 2017-06-08

So many bugs. Unable to play as it asks repeatedly to update and in play store shows open app option instead of update.

Posted by Laxmi Narayana 2017-06-08

So many times videos stracking

Posted by jayesh vaviya 2017-06-08

Please do not update

Posted by 2017-06-08

New version doesn't play well. Always say play after sometime..why this happening

Posted by mohammed yunus 2017-06-08

This updated version is too bad

Posted by Mrityunjoy Samanta 2017-06-08


Posted by tech a2z profit 2017-06-08


Posted by ASHISH JHA 2017-06-08

Not bad

Posted by TUSHAR NAGTILAK 2017-06-08


Posted by 2017-06-08

This app update not work on my nokia xl mobile

Posted by Shivaji Tadlewar 2017-06-08

Nice app

Posted by Padma Kumar 2017-06-08

The apps aren't opening??!!!!

Posted by Aaditya pati Patel 2017-06-08


Posted by Dharmandar Kumar 2017-06-08


Posted by 2017-06-08

After last update it is not working properly

Posted by Abhijeet Panday 2017-06-08

Very good app for jio

Posted by Ankit Yadav 2017-06-08

all things are good but the update is worst i was updated it few hours ago and now it will showing that something wents wrong pls try again and it doesn't open

Posted by DEEPAK JAIN 2017-06-08

after uupdation to new version, app was not able to start..... tried my ways but still not working

Posted by sathyaraj raj 2017-06-08

No fast

Posted by 2017-06-08

Very slow network....

Posted by Megha Shome 2017-06-07

Isn't good

Doesn't StartsPosted by Tech news 2017-06-07

Says error - something went wrong

Posted by Jitendra Singh 2017-06-07

When i tried to open the app it shows something went wrong please try again

Posted by Suryansh Dey 2017-06-07

Old verson was best new verson is bad please old verson to us

Posted by Debashis Chakraborty 2017-06-07

Network hardly available.

Posted by Aman Singh 111 2017-06-07

This app sucks

Posted by Jay Mokariya 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

Very slow loading.

Posted by Ravindhar Juluri 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

Video bohut slow chalraha hai

Posted by Nirmalya Sarkar 2017-06-07

the latest updated version is very poor..

Posted by Sunny Negi 2017-06-07

New version is not good very bad

Posted by KHAN IMRAN 2017-06-07

it was working well but now always showing to update the app but there's no update and its not responding also...

Posted by Mr Rezaul Karim 2017-06-07

Sry guys but the new update is very bad it jst sucks. No information about shows are perfect & everything is messed up. Plz fix the problms soon. I think the earlier update was the best one. Plzzz plzzz fix the bugs.

Posted by saran kr 2017-06-07

App so problem check please

Posted by karma gyatso bhutiia 2017-06-07

The updated version is useless

Posted by Dhinesh kumar 2017-06-07

Old version is better

Posted by Jay Shinde 2017-06-07

Not working properly

Posted by Sohel Khan 2017-06-07

This version is too bad previous version was perfect

Posted by Raj Masharu 2017-06-07

New version is not good..all time buffering only..Jio remove Ur errors..

Posted by Somnath Kayal 2017-06-07

Jio tv not working well now after updating...and consume much more data...

Posted by Vinay Shah 2017-06-07

After new updates, my jio tv app is not working with my Wi-fi,earlier there was no such problem. Just few days before I reported this issue in a mail to jiotv team,even after updating the whole mobile software as per suggestion given by jio team, the app is working only with jio mobile data,not my Wi - fi. I have poor coverage of jio signal at my location. Kindly resolve the issue so that i can run jio tv app with my wi-fi as i used to do earlier.

Posted by chirag sinojiya 2017-06-07

It was good before last update.. But after update all hd channels are taking us to Hotstar.. And Hotstar is not working properly in my area.. So i have to remove both from my phone.. Plz improve the app and remove hotstar link from it..

Posted by Kzm Mansuri 2017-06-07

Befring video not continue any video

Posted by shivsamb kore 2017-06-07

Nott a intersting...only buffering

Posted by benu madhab nayak 2017-06-07

Bad and very slow ,irritating kabhi time pe nahin khulta chii

Posted by kamesh lenka 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

Not good but very loss mobile data

Posted by Digvijay singh 2017-06-07

The problem has arisen since the last 2 update, could you please fix it or simply degrage it.

Posted by Ashish Patil 2017-06-07

Update is totally waste old version is good

Posted by runjun bhattacharya 2017-06-07

I give 2 Star because itz buffering lot. When I watch a TV show itz take more time tu open and buffering

Posted by ARUN KUMAR 2017-06-07

Useless update

Posted by Bharath M 2017-06-07

Not sure

Posted by govindaraju gopi not west food 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

Not working Bad network

Posted by 2017-06-07

Don't update plz its create problam

Posted by 2017-06-07

Network is bad in my home very bad

Posted by 2017-06-07

pls update the channels

Posted by Pruthvi Gummaraj 2017-06-07

10 days once this app is updated...I don't know wat it will update useless

Posted by Arpit Bajaj 2017-06-07

Not running in my vivo v5

Posted by A R Axom music 2017-06-07

Every day why update new version is not good I will be uninstall this app

Posted by sreedhar v bhatt 2017-06-07

Plz don't any update

Posted by Ramdas Yadav 2017-06-07

Very bad update

Posted by chaitanya thunuguntla 2017-06-07

App is not working

Posted by 2017-06-07

Not running after the update

Posted by RIYA AGRAHARI 2017-06-07

Good to see

Posted by 2017-06-06

very bad last upgrade

Posted by aryan raj 2017-06-06

Not better respond

Posted by sumanth kannuri 2017-06-06

Please try to keep cricket channels in jio tv app(Star sports) ,,it's directly opening hotstar app(the worst buffering app) and unable to open maa tv (Telugu)

Posted by ANKIT GOYAL 2017-06-06

Best for TV lovers

Posted by 2017-06-06

It's not working as expected.

Posted by kiran shetti 2017-06-06

New update jio tv not working...

Posted by RANJAY SINGH 2017-06-06

Beybladeit is very bad app it not work properly please don't install it

Posted by srinivasan annamalai 2017-06-06

Not going inside

Posted by Amandeep Kaur 2017-06-06

The earlier version was working all fine and not after updating the app...It's not even opening...without even showing the home page its crashing....I don't like it....

Posted by Watch, Learn And Entertainment 2017-06-06

Pahale se bakawas ho gaya hai pahle hi accha tha

Posted by 2017-06-06

It failed to connect. Always show to retry. I reinstall this app but this continue. Please help....

Posted by 2017-06-06

Wrong tv

Posted by Soni Gupta 2017-06-06

Very easy app but loading is very slow

Posted by jayanta dutta 2017-06-06

That's good

Posted by 2017-06-06

worst appp

Posted by Monu Ram 2017-06-06

It was working fine earlier but now after update it it showing "something went wrong and retry"

Posted by Nagesh s 2017-06-06


Posted by Rider Prathap 2017-06-06

App crashes after entering user name & password, unable to open it again.

Posted by The Geek Guy 2017-06-06

should add chanels like ngc

Posted by Ravi Mudaliar 2017-06-06

One of the prime reason for using this app is the catch up feature. The new update has destroyed this feature and it does not show the program of the same date. Anybody else facing this issue.

Posted by swarupa bose 2017-06-06

I agree with others comments regarding the problem of the new updated version

Posted by sameer Bawa 2017-06-06

New version is very bad..dont download it.its not working..

Posted by Janardan Chaudhari 2017-06-06

Many of the channels are not working after this update.

Posted by O.S. Sanju 2017-06-06

Old version is better , can't open some channels in this version. Very bad.

Posted by 2017-06-06

newer update is worst

Posted by Inayat Sheikh 2017-06-06

Ye to bakwas hai update huye bagair aage start hota hi nahi

Posted by Syed Abid 2017-06-06

It was a great app, but after updates it is going worst and worst. It is consuming data very fastly and Hardly you can watch it hr out less then it starts buffering.

Posted by Rohit Singh 2017-06-06

In tablet quality can't be adjusted please do needful as it's only open by default in hd clarity I want quality to be in default as auto clarity

Posted by 2017-06-06

In every 2 to 3 days it wants updated your app and we cant watch the catch up movies

Posted by Dinesh K 2017-06-06

Plz check the app it's not working after the bug fix update... Fix it ASAP

Posted by 2017-06-06

This app is very data consuming .why they forcely make us to update this app

Posted by shashikala bhovivaddar 2017-06-06

Nice ...

Posted by DIVYANSHU MAHTO 2017-06-06

After update not able to see a single show

Posted by seth jee 2017-06-06

New version is not good better than old version

Posted by Rahul Kumar 2017-06-06

I tjink this is a great app

Posted by suhas ingawale 2017-06-06

Unable to play error ..

Posted by Manoj Hembrom 2017-06-06

Old TV Channels are good,don't update the new tv Channels.

Posted by Praveena Sadangi 2017-06-06

Daily update karna he...

How to download and install JioTV Live Sports Movies Shows on Android/PC

To enjoy Jio TV app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure Jio TV file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure Jio TV file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen
You can download Jio TV on Android Mobile, PC (Windows 7,8,10) and Mac.

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