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Indian no1 online jobPosted by Chiranjit Mahata 2017-01-11

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Hate this stupid appPosted by Anurag choudhary 2017-01-11

Take too much time to open don't download it a wastage of time. Try another options like voot and hotstar. And take too much time to seek and seek bar is nt so good sometimes seek bar don't work at all.

It don't have many channelsPosted by 2017-01-11

It don't have many channels like animax ,hungama tv,Disney xd, vh1, etc English entertainment channels like starworld , zcafe , etc . And some othere foreign language channels

Posted by 2017-01-11

Time pass & dali news live freetime song comedy holiday movie happy freinds fullenjoe GioTv but slow network thank you

Play and pause OptionPosted by NIRAJ pandey 2017-01-11

The best thing of jio TV is that you can pause and play the live TV. Anybody can see the previous program also if left.

Jio tvPosted by 2017-01-11

Sometimes it works nicely,BT frequently it stoppes..some channels r working properly BT some r NT too..

Best app for reality showsPosted by Siddesh chavadi 2017-01-11

A good app in which we can see the all the Indian most loved shows and channels

WorstPosted by Echchitha S.SHETTY 2017-01-11

Do u think we r jobless we r not fool's. Okay

Network errorPosted by Gunesh Kulkarni 2017-01-11

Working slow always buffering please improve lennovo k5 note

Good appPosted by Prashant Sutariya 2017-01-11

Jio TV is really good, I watching with out brake.

Not work countinuislyPosted by anand chaudhary 2017-01-11

Soo much time it will intrupted and not work.

Like live Posted by 2017-01-11

A very nice app I like it too much

FabulousPosted by 2017-01-11

5star is less for this application

Posted by ch venkatesh 2017-01-11

It's really good app thanks to jio

Posted by 2017-01-11

Good app but need some changes

Bakvas hai properly play nahi hota and Yaa only serials time table is correct movies matches time taPosted by anoushka sundaram 2017-01-11

Same for JIO music never works

Not doing GreatPosted by Ankur Sangwan 2017-01-11

It stops Unfortunately..

Gr8 appPosted by Ranjan Pandit 2017-01-11

Keep the good work going

BoostPosted by 2017-01-11

Good for all...

ExcellentPosted by 2017-01-11

CNBC & all

No 1Posted by DILIP DESAI 2017-01-11

Awesome Jio

chandanPosted by Chandan S 2017-01-11

i love it

Posted by Mayur Bhagat 2017-01-11

Good app

GopinathkarnavoorPosted by Gopi Nath 2017-01-11


Posted by Manjunatha Ds 2017-01-11


RezaPosted by 2017-01-11


Posted by Divya Umesh 2017-01-11


NicePosted by athul raja 2017-01-11


Posted by 2017-06-07

It's is supper

Posted by 2017-06-07

Nice app use full

Posted by shrikar kulkarni 2017-06-07

Sir I have downloaded updated version still it says to update Feed up

Posted by Deepak Talwar 2017-06-07

Improve more channel

Posted by 2017-06-07

Neq update bad

Posted by Neeladri Das 2017-06-07

It's d best app for online TV

Posted by Raj chakraborty 2017-06-07

Its awsum I loved it

Posted by Dipak Parmar 2017-06-07

App crashes on tablet

Posted by Ritick Phukan 2017-06-07

I like this app

Posted by Abhishek SHARMA 2017-06-07

New updated version is so bad it hangs and stops suddenly Previous version is far much better than this 5 stars for older version

Posted by Ashok Kumar 2017-06-07

Osem app

Posted by 2017-06-07

It's lovely app but slow loading

New update is very worstPosted by jay padaliya 2017-06-07

Posted by rahul yadav yadav rahul 2017-06-07

Nice jio tv

Posted by Narasimhulu Pala 2017-06-07

Please update star movies channel

Posted by Neeraj Kumar singh 2017-06-07

Do something

Posted by chintala chaitanya 2017-06-07

what an app

Posted by 2017-06-07

It's OK kind of

Posted by Ketul Bhatt 2017-06-07

No comments for jio TV as it is not upgradeable and is not working

Posted by dibyendu saha 2017-06-07

Pathetic... after the last update, it is not even opening

Posted by 2017-06-07

After updating it has become wrost we cannot open any channel from past we can only see the live channels old version was better

Posted by Raj Kumar Raj Kumar Yadav 2017-06-07

Rajkumar vdaday

Posted by Shilpi Sastry 2017-06-07

Virus in app, I installed & then redirected to browser

Posted by DHANJEE SINGH 2017-06-07


Posted by mukesh kumar 2017-06-07

I wish to give 0 star this time. The update version is worst of till all its padate , it consumes more n more data even after .... Not able to watch any channel . So please solve this problem jio team.

Posted by Anuj Tyagi 2017-06-07


Posted by dinesh kumar 2017-06-07

Ithe video not play only the audio come

Not working after updtPosted by pari gupta 2017-06-07


Posted by Ravi Kumar 2017-06-07

Thankfully to you

Posted by tarun sharma 2017-06-07

Amazing app

Posted by ajay singh chopra 2017-06-07

Where is big magic channel

Posted by Kavi Priyan 2017-06-07

Is this I'll like it!

Posted by anup kumar 2017-06-07

Sir my app isn't work properly...

Posted by Roshan Kumar 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

I am very happy because jio sim but jio tv perfomash very good so intall the apk

Posted by Viraj Pradhan 2017-06-07

A tv

Posted by Nayan Moni 2017-06-07

Its very good app

Posted by 2017-06-07

Atha eppo eth payee versiona adipoly

Posted by Rohit Dhangar 2017-06-07

superb....Thanks Jio TV

Posted by Raj Mehta 2017-06-07

This app s rlyy gd

Posted by sachin raghuwanshi 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

Add some more channels like star sports

Posted by Ram Kripal 2017-06-07

The app is wonderful but I am not able to use hotstar premium option

Posted by KAVITA RANI 2017-06-07

A lot of buffering there

Posted by goutham reddy 2017-06-07

Just nice

Posted by Narender jangu Bishnoi 2017-06-07


Posted by vipin sharma 2017-06-07

Its a wonder in jio... Thanku jio logo ko net use karne aur sikhane k liye

Posted by jayprakash mandal 2017-06-07


Posted by yogesh chand 2017-06-07

Purana jio tv ka sabse achcha apas tha jo turnt app open hokar sare serial and chenal dikha deta lekin naye jio app me to kulta bhi nahi h or koi chanel bhi nahi chalte thik se har vakt bufring hoti he ase man kar raha he reting bhi nhi du

Posted by 2017-06-07

I have no idea

Posted by maulik velani 2017-06-07

Older version was awesome . In latest version i cannot stream live music channels . There was no need of upgrade ,What is wrong with you!!!! Developers.

Posted by 2017-06-07

it is good because if anyone didn,t have tv so they can see tv in it

Posted by DHANANJAYA KARNAM 2017-06-07

Good app usable for live TV shows

Posted by thirupathi thirupathi Srinivasan 2017-06-07


Posted by ramesh lamba 2017-06-07

Good luck jio

Posted by Balveer Sidh 2017-06-07

Very useful app

Posted by narender narender 2017-06-07

the best apps

Posted by ranjan nayak 2017-06-07

This version not good, new update want

Posted by 2017-06-07


Posted by Dharm Paul kaundal 2017-06-07

Nice app

Posted by Mahamad Raffi 2017-06-07

some important channels are not available

Posted by Shamnas Mannarakkal 2017-06-07

Not working

Posted by SABEEHKAIF SK 2017-06-07


NicePosted by Alfu Shaikh 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

I think is suprb

Posted by Shuhaib Ali 2017-06-07

This version is not good as old version of this app. Dd national is not playing live during the cricket match. Although old version is the best experience on jio TV. Old version 4.1.36 is playing live dd national during the cricket matches. This version is not also good for blind jio tv users. Who use this app on android phones. Because this version is not accessible with TalkBack. Channel name is not access only programme name shows with TalkBack. So blind person is unable to use this app completely. Finally I would like to request for jio developer's, please make this app useful for us. I think that, original version of this app is the best now. Please make it useful. Thank you

Posted by Muneer Babu 2017-06-07

Not work all channel

Posted by Mohd Aamir Ansari 2017-06-07

He's clearity very good

Posted by Tirth Raval 2017-06-07

It takes so much time for start and yet sometimes not starting

Posted by mohammad umar 2017-06-07

It always says to update but it is not updated and need to improve in video quality.

Posted by Shelendr Singh 2017-06-07

I lkve me

Posted by Faliya Shruti 2017-06-07

Feature of enlisting all episodes which was present earlier was great but but after updating it's​ not there so see to this matter

Posted by Arijit Koner 2017-06-07

New update is bad

Posted by Amit Kumar 2017-06-07

Worst verison ever

Posted by RM Ramakrishna 2017-06-07

Unable to open it please do something

Posted by Tahiya Rooman 2017-06-07


Posted by Chandan Kotal 2017-06-07


Posted by Dharma raj 2017-06-07

It is the worst update I ever seen. It always struck. Previous one is most better than this

Posted by Siddhartha Singh 2017-06-07

Itz nice

Posted by 2017-06-07

Jio ur applications are really awesome.where none of the operators are given like dis where all the application are simply amazing..

Posted by 2017-06-07

The new update is not as good as previous one. First the layout is very bad and not impressive! Looks so dull and no one will have interest to use this dull layout! Second but very important is moving to catch up shows with swipe is very very painful! Team... Please check these two..

Posted by Jignesh Jariwala 2017-06-07

Original APP was so good it became famous for what it was. New App is horribly wrong, bad resolution, bad favorite list all confusing for selecting old shows. Bad very bad for viewing on TV or mirroring

Posted by syed azhar Ali 2017-06-07

Very bad

Posted by j.p. singh 2017-06-07

I have nothing to tell you except improve it.

Posted by 2017-06-07

I cnt find the yesterday's episodes.. Worst app..

Posted by NITIN CHAURASIA 2017-06-07

Ossam app

Posted by Janardan Sahu 2017-06-07

The updated version doesn't start at all. Unable to see any channel after installing the new version. I had to uninstall it.

Posted by Tawkir Ansari 2017-06-07

Love this app

Posted by Shraddha Mishra 2017-06-07


Posted by Rupa Kar 2017-06-07

It's very nice......

Posted by Mohammed Athif Maaz 2017-06-07

If we want to see today episode meance it shows yesterday episode plz fix it

Posted by random singh 2017-06-07

App is bad it's not good like previous app

Posted by javed ahmad 2017-06-07

after update it becomes useless

Posted by ch vk 2017-06-07

This version in not good but old app is amazing but they always asking update with updating version channels are not working properly

Posted by Pugazh cp 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

8 6 2017

Posted by GOUTAM RANA 2017-06-07

This aap is very good aap.i so happy but i injoy this all channel.

Posted by pritam utture 2017-06-07

Best App ever

Posted by Manish Agarwal 2017-06-07

After the new update cant watch any channel...every channel says i can only watch live tv but it is not playing

Posted by Rajendra Rajpurohit25 2017-06-07

New update are bad old is good

Posted by ENITH KUMAR 2017-06-07

Need to add some more tamil channels like vijay super,etc..

OsmPosted by Aabid Shafi 2017-06-07


Posted by manish mayank 2017-06-07

This new version is worst than previous .video is not playing smoothly... more buffering.It requires high internet speed.

Posted by SUHAIL KOORIYADAN 2017-06-07

It's not possible to carry out the programs. The old app is better

Posted by Hrishik R. Adhikari 2017-06-07

Since the last update it shows old shows and when i touch the icon to open channel it says 'you can only watch live tv on this channel' fix it .

Posted by Sonu Ahmed 2017-06-07

Best app for Indian tv cheinal

Posted by 2017-06-07

I think it is good for entertainment

Posted by Ravi Gangwal 2017-06-07

There is something wrong with this new version

Posted by 2017-06-07

Almost hand TV.....❤❤

Posted by 2017-06-07

Full entertainment free

Posted by 2017-06-07

It Is Not Live, Just Check News Channels & U Will Know That Its Only Show Recording Programs, Bekaar App Update.... uninstall.....

Posted by prabhat dixit 2017-06-07

Worst update.. Unable to watch movies.

Posted by Utpal patel 2017-06-07

Many channels are not is the worst update ever for jio tv.

Posted by Harsha HD 2017-06-07

Please design user interfaces that is comfertable to visually challenged

Posted by bpreetham. Goud.100 2017-06-07

Movie uppal

Posted by K.SATYANARAYAN Patra 2017-06-07

I like it

Posted by 2017-06-07

Due to new update we are facing new issue. Kindly update the app r solve the respective issues from users. 1) if we want to watch any  HD live channels it's going to hotstar ,but we can't access those channels through it.(ex: maa movies maa gold HD). Kindly solve this issue pls we are facing problem with this channels only 2) downloaded files are not able 2 open.

Posted by Shobha K 2017-06-07


Posted by Harshad Kalavadiya 2017-06-07


Posted by Neeraj Rawat 2017-06-07

Intertaning app.

Posted by NARENDER REDDY M 2017-06-07

It's good

Posted by 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07

It's better for entertaining

Posted by 2017-06-07

Its not good for sumsung moblis

Posted by NEEL MANI 2017-06-07

The new update does not allow me to open the app on jio sim data. It says something went wrong. Please try again.

Posted by 2017-06-07

Its not opening..jiofi user..

Posted by A.ASWATHNARAYANA SHETTY 2017-06-07

If weak net work not good work

Posted by Sonia Yadav 2017-06-07

It's really good

Posted by zabiulla Khan 786 2017-06-07

Ilove jio Tv

Posted by Subhajit Pal 2017-06-07

It's a good app for T.V. shows

Posted by Kamal Rawat 2017-06-07

Actually very good app and useful best tv app ever but old version is better and less booting.It need much good internet connection

Posted by Rohit Sondhiya 2017-06-07

I want to give 5 str for first version but for updated version I will give 1 hardly

Posted by 2017-06-07

I like this app if I had miss any seariel then I can easily watch it on my favourite app jio TV and I enjoy even it not big screen than TV but I can see na so I love this app so much or also I can watch cartoons on it

Posted by raghu nadh 2017-06-07


Posted by Debashis Biswas 2017-06-07

Best app

Posted by Jayesh Mehta 2017-06-07

After latest update even can' t log in. Very disappointed after new version.

Posted by shyamlata sharma 2017-06-07

Loving it

Posted by 2017-06-07


Posted by rajasekharnalam nalam 2017-06-07

Super app

Posted by Raa entertainment 2017-06-07


Posted by abhishek jain 2017-06-07


Posted by Shivamurthi P 2017-06-07

Use full app live TV watching feel. Thanks jio

Posted by rahul nath 2017-06-07

More channels added required

Posted by yashas pomby 2017-06-07

After update its gone too bad it is not working at all

Posted by Naval Yalgam 2017-06-07

Earlier it works flowlessly without any issue. But now all the time the channel is buffering. And infact the app is closed oftentimes. Second thing this mobile app doesn't support cast feature while most popular streaming app support this feature. Another 1 thing is this app not support for TV on the other hand jio cinema app support that feature. This is the sucking app

Posted by shaik muneer 2017-06-07

i happy

Posted by Vaghela Sanjay 2017-06-07

Open not

Posted by Shwetha Cr Shweth 2017-06-07

Very nice

Posted by RAM PRASAD 2017-06-07

downloud problem

Posted by Neelam Tirthani 2017-06-07


Posted by md sadab ali 2017-06-07

I don't know

Posted by Neel Ghorpade 2017-06-07

After update i m unable to connect to this app even when my internet is active. Plz fix it

Posted by Vallepu Raju 2017-06-07

It's consuming very high data and useless please update this to older version otherwise I will delete this

Posted by Harshel Buchha 2017-06-07

Very nice

Posted by Jay Shah 2017-06-07

This latest version not working properly as further work

Posted by 2017-06-07

It's good but slow loading

Posted by Faiyazul Azam 2017-06-07

This update is bad to worst. Previous was very good and less MB consuming. Jio is now making the people foolish

Posted by Rameshnayak Nayak 2017-06-07

Overall Jio service is good

Posted by karthi keyan N 2017-06-07

My mobile not open jio tv my mobile Xperia c sony

Posted by Annamalairajan.S Rajan 2017-06-07


Posted by Neha Agarwal 2017-06-07

Bad network and lot of buffering in jio

Posted by Thirumani Sudhakar 2017-06-07

Unable to download from play store

Posted by MSK Fardin 2017-06-07

That is the best aap......

Posted by Shobha Pradhan 2017-06-07

i love it ,,,,,

Posted by ଆଦିନାରାୟଣ ଜେନା 2017-06-07

ବହୁତ ଭଲ

Posted by Balasubramanyam Vsn 2017-06-07

Good improvements

Posted by Krishnan Jaya 2017-06-07


Posted by babu saloon 2017-06-07


Posted by 2017-06-07


Posted by Aravind yofi 2017-06-07

Love it

Posted by 2017-06-07

Good.. Can be better

Posted by SIBUDDIN Mondal 2017-06-07


How to download and install JioTV Live Sports Movies Shows on Android/PC

To enjoy Jio TV app on your mobile, you have to use Android OS version 4.1 or higher.
You can download this app from Google Play Store (in India) or get apk file from other countries. At our site, you have to follow some steps:
Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
Download pure Jio TV file here and save to your device
Open the downloaded apk file and install
Follow steps on the screen
  • Enable “Unknown sources” on your device (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
  • Download pure Jio TV file here and save to your device
  • Open the downloaded apk file and install
  • Follow steps on the screen
You can download Jio TV on Android Mobile, PC (Windows 7,8,10) and Mac.

Screenshots & Video


***Exclusively for Jio SIM users***

JioTV allows you to watch Live TV channels & past 7 days programs on any device, any time.

JioTV offers instant access to widest range of TV channels (400+ channels including 60+ HD channels spread across 10 genres and 15 languages) on your smartphones and tablets.

We have got all your favourite channels : Colors, Star TV, Star Plus, Star Sports, Star Movies Select, Life OK, Movies OK, Asianet, Suvarna, Sony Sab, Sony MAX, Sony MIX, Sony Pal, Sony ESPN, Sony Six, Zee TV, & TV, Ten Golf, Sun TV, Surya TV, Kiran TV, Gemini TV, ETV, News 18, Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, NDTV, ABP News, Star Jalsha, Star Pravah, K TV, Pogo, Nick, Cartoon Network, Toonami, MTV, Food Food, Raj TV, PTC and many more channels.

With JioTV, any time is Prime Time now. Stay connected, stay entertained!

JioTV - Smart App with smart features:

- JioTV allows you to carry your TV with you - Anywhere TV: Enjoy your TV while you travel for work or fun.

- Pause & Play Live TV Channels at your convenience: Never miss a moment of your favourite TV shows. Pause and play live TV programmes from the point you left off.

- Prime time at your convenience: Never miss a program with the 7 day Catch Up of your favourite channels. JioTV allows you to enjoy missed episodes of prime shows, telecast in past 7 days.

- Quick Content Discovery using 7 (past / future) days TV Guide, Language & Genre filters or Channel / Program based search.

- Multilingual User Interface in 10 languages: Explore app in English, Hindi and other regional languages

- Personalized TV viewing experience: Mark channel / programs as favourites or Set Reminders: Plan your TV viewing by setting a reminder on upcoming programmes.

- Choose the quality at which you want the video to be played (high, medium, low, auto)

- JioTV provides share feature. Share your favourite programmes in your social network.

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Reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries, feedback or in need of assistance. We'd be happy to serve you!

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